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  1. Thinking about it and trying to be objective (which is hard because I dislike any actor who tries to push a political agenda even Chris Evans) it's kinda silly to think Brie Larson is not a good actress. They don't just give oscars away you know for decent performances but hey, everyone has their opinions and they are just that. Her character IS former military and was in the Kree military and it's a stereotype but military individuals are typically pretty rigid so in that regard she maybe plays the character as it should be. To a certain degree that is how Chris Evans plays Cap and only towards the end starts to lighten up. I actually liked her more the second go around in Avengers and they used her just enough to make her relevant without taking away from the main 6. As to Captain Marvel being the linchpin and being able to keep Marvel successful to this degree, well I just don't see anyone capable of that. You just don't just replace RDJ and move on. He had IT, he just did and some people do and some people don't. You could see it when he came out at SDDC or any of those events. People went bonkers when he was around. The movies will still do good but is any of the leftover actors capable of doing what RDJ did with Avengers and the possibility of $2 and 3 Billion movies? I really don't see it happening but if it does good for them and I am sure it will be an entertaining ride if so. Not much a bold prediction without Avengers hype to grab onto neither BP 2 or CM 2 will make over $1 Billion worldwide. I just don't see it happening but we'll see.
  2. This whole conversation and the conclusion from some people just blows my mind. People say they like Black Widow and Scarlet Witch and didn't like Captain Marvel or her movie and the response is basically "they are sidekicks and you hate women" That's really what you are going for here when someone just doesn't agree that a movie is good? racist feminist? haha ok A few people here took the blue pill, that is for sure
  3. I don't view anyone as a sidekick in Avengers but as a team just like in GoTG. Everyone in the MCU at some point in time was important to the storyline. I find it incredibly arrogant for people to constantly push a fallacy that if you did not like BP, well then it is because you hate black people and if you didn't like CM then well, that's because you hate women.Do people go around saying if you hate Thor Dark World well that is because you hate white men? No. because it's a silly argument and not based on any sort of factual evidence. No, I didn't like either because they were just ok movies in my opinion. If you liked them, grats. We're they wildly successful? Sure. That doesn't make them good movies (*cough" The Last Jedi). All three movies in my opinion road the coattails of other movies/brands so that is why they were successful and a lot of help from a media agenda to push them. Time will tell how these Marvel movies do w/o RDJ and Evans. I personally think it will take a nosedive but they will still be viable. The days of them breaking records are over I think. The whole situation reminds of the Amy Schumer defense of her awful 2017 Netflix special after she go caught stealing other comedian's jokes. So many people hated it and what was her response? Those people just hate women. No Amy, your special sucked and you are not funny no matter how many time you say the V word and think you are being shocking. I choose to look at Endgame as a culmination of all the movies which are one big story and it was great even BP and CM in that regard as they are important to the overall story. Everyone played their part and that is what makes it so good.
  4. Completely disagree with this. Captain America and Iron Man have had a central role in Marvel since the 1960's and have most certainly been A-listers since then. I also said I think Avengers doesn't work without them, I didn't say anything about Marvel not being able to move on without them. I would certainly include Thor among the A-listers but Black Panther and Captain Marvel? No, don't make me laugh. Just because they have a movie doesn't make them A-listers. Both super heroes have been failing and succeeding in comics for years but you know who has been steady selling? Cap and IM, true A-listers. Both Black Panther and Captain Marvel huge success imo came from how close they were to an Avengers movie and a possible tie-in. I'd bet the next of each we'll see more Ant-man numbers which isn't bad but they just aren't on the level of Avengers without the Avengers movie storyline going forward. And no, now that RDJ and Evans are done with Avengers even if they keep the series going on I doubt we see anything close to this again. MCU will be fine but it won't be breaking any records soon I think as you don't lose 2/3 main guys and don't expect to lose a step. I could be wrong and hope there is plenty of other good movies slated but i don't see anything being this epic again and certainly not with BP and CM trying to take the helm. People just seem to think you take the comics throw in a bunch of heroes and you are good. it doesn't work that way. It took them over 10 years to develop this storyline. Can they do that again? Maybe. But not as the Avengers especially without Cap and IM.
  5. So much wrong in this episode I don't know where to begin but it will be interesting how they take on Cersi now without an army. I guess there are a lot of the north still that decided not to fight but what motivation do they have to fight now for the Iron Throne? While cool scene I will say it was ridiculous for Arya of all people to kill the NK not to mention how did she even get to him? it should have been John. She had no history of battling the NK at all as far as I can remember she never even met him before.
  6. What an awesome movie and perfect way to end the Avengers. I didn't like that Tony died but it made sense especially when Cap once commented "You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you". Thor, IM and Cap versus Thanos was awesome even though it was Fat Thor. Epic fight and just showed how strong Thanos was even without the stones. I was hoping to see Hulk versus Thanos but seeing SW against him kicking his butt was just as good. I'm glad they focused on the original 6 with Ant-man especially focusing on him and Hawkeye as they both missed out on Infinity War. SO HAPPY that it wasn't a Captain Marvel saves the universe and they really minimized her but she had key points in the story. I always thought it ridiculous that her with the power of 1 stone could go toe to toe with Thanos with all 6 stones so glad they didn't go that route but she still did ok against him. As Thor has always been my favorite Avenger even growing up it kinda sucked seeing him go downhill but thinking about it, Thor has lost more than anyone really. His mother, father, brother , best friends and Asgard with most of it's population all destroyed. How could he not just give up after that? It's totally understandable. I'm super excited that it looks like he'll be in GoTG now. Makes for a lot of great humor. AS far as Cap and the shield goes. I think people are putting way to much thought into that. He lived his life with Peggy the way he should have. Wonder if he ever told her he mugged down with her niece OR if she ever actually was born? Thor took his hammer out of his past timeline as well. Just one of those things. I didn't think Sam was the right person to get it though. He has no powers and I have no interest in watching the Falcon and SW series but oh well it was a nice gesture I guess. I think the MCU going forward will still do good but nothing like this and Avengers again. Without IM and Cap it just doesn't work. It's like taking Superman and Batman out of JL. Just doesn't work and I don't see the newer characters having that star power to do this again. Certainly not Brie Larson. You can see in all the interviews the other actors just did not like her at ALL.
  7. That's rich coming from the poster that actually said "girl power"
  8. It doesn't matter it it is at best a mediocre movie. You must respect the wamen and say you loved it. Haters.
  9. You need to understand you are arguing with a bunch of male feminists right now. You know the guys that go to women's marches and try to show women they understand their plights to try and get lucky? Those are the guys and they argue like women too. Reading these here and there it reminds of how Bill Burr describes how women argue. If they are right, they argue the point and they stay on point and make sure you do as well. But if they are wrong they go rogue, they go crazy in a last ditch hail mary to try and get you angry and call them an obscene name. That's what nearly all of them have done here. Case in point the "spaghetti western" discussion. It's all about insulting you because you didn't know what that genre of films was and then using that to invalidate your points. It's a classic women's tactic in a relationship when they are wrong. Why would you have a lot of knowledge about a genre you are not interested in but to them they jumped on it to make you seem stupid. Don't fall for that trap, look it up in google and just let them punch themselves out trying to get you to admit something you have no knowledge of. I have a lot of younger friends in their 30's that have no clue what a "spaghetti western" is. Those movies were over 50 years ago, why should they? Many of them haven't seen such classics as Gone with the Wind, Giant either so should I call them stupid? That's a ridiculous way to argue. You are most likely arguing with the kids that struck out playing kickball in elementary school and this is their stage to show people they have a brain. That's really it so don't take it personal, you've already won.
  10. Loved this movie. Don't mess with the Black Kaiser! Soundtrack by Deadmau5 is pretty sick too.
  11. Really enjoyed the series as I have never read the comic but now I want to read that too. Might have to go with the TPB though as prices are skyrocketing
  12. I see we've reached to the calling someone stupid part of the discussion. I find being called out by someone with 21,000 posts on one website as dimwitted as VERY funny though but you forget, I've read your posts and it's fairly easy to see you are overmatched here. Your only saving grace is your determination and the fact that you clearly live on this site and therefore hope that I will give up on this particular topic. You would be correct because I have no desire to mix words with someone who so clearly owns the website and can tell others to BEGONE! That alone if nothing else sums up your mental state to me. Maybe it's all those bugs you all eat in Thailand, who knows. I will help you though as you seem very confused on this matter so in the immortal works of Inigo Montoya "Let me explain...No, there is too much.Let me sum up" Discrimination to achieve diversity is bad and that is what in my view Brie seems to have been promoting. I don't agree with that, period, in any industry. I'm not trying to convince you otherwise and quite frankly I do not care about you. If that isn't what she meant then great but words have consequences and I have decided not to support her now. I'll wait for Avengers Endgame. I only responded because I always find it amusing when someone acts like he owns a website because their post count it high. This is a laughable person to me but you be you bro, don't let anyone crush your dreams! I'm rooting for you to hit 30k, you can make it! I'll skip the movie and reading any more comments on this matter but go have fun at the movie showing superstar. Tell everyone in your row about your massive post count
  13. ROFL wrong and thanks for proving my point. People who work in the Gay Bondage Porne Industry that are actually Gay into Bondage and the Porno Industry should be hired based on their knowledge and qualifications of the the subject not if they are white, black , asian, female or male. If you were hiring someone that was black and female who had no qualifications over a gay white male solely on color and gender that is discrimination. Of course the basketball analogy is the same thing as it points out how ridiculous it is for someone to want someone to be hired based on color or gender and not on qualifications and that is the entire point. What Brie basically said is I don't care what a white man thinks about anything. Well, good for you then I guess this white guy won't be seeing your movie and that is on her but hey, she can be a bigot as much as she wants but doesn't mean I need to support her. It is funny watching her try to backtrack her comments now because she knows she really stepped into it It's hard to hit me on the way out when I never walked in to begin with.
  14. He spelled it right the second time but you are correct it is not racism but it sure is discrimination. Affirmative action IS discrimination disguised as seeking equality. When someone less qualified is given a job over someone because of race or gender that is by definition discrimination. When a black person gets into Harvard over an asian person (still a minority) with less college entrance scores that is discrimination acting like equality for diversity sake. That's wrong and so is what she is suggesting. I was not born 7 feet tall. Should I claim that the NBA should be equal and allow me to play as a 5'8" white guy who isn't as good because it is mainly blacks in the league? No. I for one will skip the film. It's already getting rave review from critics and I'm pretty sure it's the BP effect all over. An average imo movie at best given great reviews because of it's diversity. The fact that a lot of them poo poo on all other marvel movies while propping thee two movies up says it all to me. If she is going to play the political game two can play that and I'll sit home.
  15. LOL sure there is and I'm puzzled how you completely missed my point. If it was a movie about an Asian super hero called the Yellow Tiger that was from a fictional country that was technologically advanced and one cousin had it far worse than another and came back for revenge Hollywood wouldn't care. It's Hollywood being PC and it's so painfully obvious. It shouldn't matter what race a super hero is but it certainly does to Hollywood.