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  1. Looks to be sealed ok from what I can tell. Guess I won't worry about it then.
  2. Never seen this before, just bought a 2.0 ff4 and there looks to be dust/dirt smudges on the inner well by the spine? Should I be concerned with tampering?
  3. Prob lower grade but solid, presents well. Some staining back cover and last page (not on other pages). Small tear around the "t" in fantastic on front cover.
  4. Decent shape, some wear upper right corner. Maybe around mid grade?
  5. Overall pretty nice I think, kinda soiled, but structurally sound
  6. Overall a nice looking book, but has a few small dings that I'm afraid might prevent it from being high grade. Curious to get some opinions. Wondering if this may benefit from a press, but not sure if it would even be worth it or not.
  7. Looking to buy a lower grade Xmen 1, somewhere in the 1.5 to 2.0 range. Preferably graded but will consider raw. Must be complete and unrestored. Also no tape on cover. Thanks! Edit: Found outside the board! No longer needed
  8. Thanks guys,stain is just bc, doesn't go to interior pages at all. Didn't realize the stain would detract that much! Oh well, got this pretty cheap at a show about 7-8 years ago, so mid grade I can live with.
  9. Pence copy, pretty nice overall, some tanning on right front cover and a stain of some sort middle-ish back cover
  10. General wear. Some moisture stains on bottom staple and back cover
  11. No major flaws, just overall general wear
  12. I was thinking around a 2.0, so sounds about right. Thanks guys