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  1. So I've got a pgx sig series book signed by stan lee. From what I read here, that can get either a cgc blue or green label if re-graded. Is this correct? Not sure what determines the label color though. Does the submitter decide if he wants the "full" cgc grade with a qualified green label , vs a blue label with points detracted for "writing on cover"? Or is that up to the cgc grader to decide based on whatever criteria? Thanks for any info you guys can provide!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the info guys!!
  3. So I just bought a copy of GI Joe 1 (1982 series) on ebay. I've never owned this book before and it seems a little off to me. The pages are like thicker paper stock as is the cover? Definitely looks & feels different than any other marvel 80s book I've owned. Is that normal for this issue? I'm trying to make sure this isn't a reprint or anything. Also, I see normal proce box and diamond price box copies of this book going for about the same amount. I always thought the 80s diamond price books were reprints (like the early marvel star wars books). But maybe I'm wrong here. Thanks for any info anyone can give!
  4. Awesome, I'll definitely look into that
  5. Ever come across any gems at those farm auctions?? I've never had luck with auctions like that. The few times I've found comics they're always bid up way too high by one or two hunters like myself. Still fun going though.
  6. So I'm going to be doing some travelling and am curious to get some member opinions on some of the best comic shops that our country has to offer. I only collect silver & bronze, so a large stock of back issues is a must. That is my main criteria since I don't collect anything modern. Out west is probably too far for me, but anything midwest, south, northeast is fair game. Any suggestions of places to check out?
  7. Update...sold. no longer available. Thanks *PRICE DROP* Rules Payment via PayPal only (sorry no trades) Ship to North America only. Shipping is included. First claim wins No probies or HOSers. No returns since graded I normally sell most of my books via good ol Ebay, but the fees on high dollar books like this blow. I don't have a Kudos thread yet, but here's a link to my Ebay profile (19 yrs of 100% positive feedback selling mostly comics!). https://www.ebay.com/usr/mr.bosco I've also got a buddy who's a longtime member on these boards that can vouch for me of needed 😁 Anyway, the book is a CGC FF1 1.5 with ow/w pages. Presents well for the grade, no writing, no missing chunks, no big tears, no tape, etc. May be a good candidate for a press and clean? $5,000 shipped. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  8. Yep makes sense. No serious flaws like tape/writing/detached/missing chunks/etc on mine. So hopefully I'll get more in the range I'm looking for. Thanks!
  9. My question is this... do label notes play into GPA as a caveat at all? I'm assuming this is a no. I'm about to sell an FF1 blue label 1.5 which was trending a little over $5k i believe. Ive been holding out to get $5500. But I just saw a blue label 1.5 with extra staples go on Ebay for $4500. I'm guessing this may hurt my upcoming sale some, as a lot of buyers go off of recent completed sales as an indication of how much to pay. I just wonder how much something like extra staples affects something like that for other "clean" books of same grade?
  10. Never been to C2E2, but I'm probably going this year. The biggest con I've been to is Baltimore and quite honestly it was a little meh. I'll say that I could care less about guests, cosplay, etc. I only go for one reason: to buy comics. I've had a lot of luck with smaller cons in my home state (Ohio) and gotten a ton of filler for runs and smaller bronze/silver keys as well. I was disappointed with the number of actual comic vendors, the amount of stock, and the prices at Baltimore's con last uear. Anyone who has been to both, am I in for a similar experience in Chicago? My fear is that it's more of a pop culture con and will be filled with more toy/memoribilia/etc vendors vs actual comic vendors. I know that buying online usually results in better prices, but there's something special about being there in person and digging through long boxes. Call me old school. Ive got some mostly non-key silver and bronze DD, Hulk, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense and WBN runs to finish off. I'll probably go regardless since I've got a free place to stay, but I'd like an unbiased review of the con so I can set my expectations going in!
  11. First off, I am 99.9% sure this is trimmed, and 100% sure it has a couple spots of small color touch on the front cover. So I know it will come back with a purple label of some sort. That being said, I rarely get raw comics graded (I usually just buy already graded), so I'm not too good at grade guessing. This one looks pretty nice to me, but there is that small chunk out of the bottom of the spine, some pen writing on back cover, and a few small stains and whatnot. What kind of grade do you guys see this one getting?
  12. Hi, I have an FF12 that has a qualified green label saying "staples replaced". I did a quick board search and it looks like everyone on here always says replaced staples count as restoration? But I have proof that CGC graded it as qualified. Did CGC's stance change over time? Or is it one of those things that varies for some reason I'm not thinking of? Thanks!