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  1. Crazy price on the 17. Hoping @Jaws1965 won it to complete his run.
  2. Completed a deal for an ASM key and everything went very smoothly. Super fast payment and excellent communication throughout. Enjoy the book for as many years as I did.
  3. Ben bought a huge Wolverine lot from me - over 225 books. Super fast payment and excellent communication throughout.
  4. Godzilla is a fun series. Registry now is now up to 67 sets I hope @Jaws1965 can finish his set this week with the 17
  5. Super smooth transaction with Adam. Flawless communication and excellent payment with the time payments we set up - he finished ahead of schedule! Enjoy the books.
  6. The conversations with Bjorn and Ivan were pure genius. It was really well written and filmed. Shaping up for a great final 10 episodes.
  7. 100%. The midway finale was great. Like GOT, no one is safe from death in this series.
  8. Super easy transaction with James. He picked up an ASM key and was a pleasure to deal with.
  9. Roughly 2 hours left until the game is over - and it's a decent game so far.
  10. My old copy, which I owned for over 30 years - glad it went to a great home.
  11. The ice has been broken on 1 lot. Little more than a day left.
  12. Several people have PMed about weight to try and calculate shipping. Each lot will weigh approximately 60 pounds and will ship from 12919 The mylites and acid free boards add to the weight. (Most are in mylites)