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  1. Loboagain's Feedback Thread

    Picked up 3 slabs from Francisco and everything went very smoothly. Super fast and very secure shipping.
  2. that's a very nice looking 2.0
  3. FS: Magazines and related

    Annual 7 NM- pending back scan
  4. The reds really pop on this copy.
  5. FS: Magazines and related

    SSOC: 45 68 71 72 78 79 81 82 83 86

    I don't view it the same way regarding "the big price drop" as a big disappointment. If you bought a higher grade AF 12+ months ago you are still doing very well. CL sold a 7.5 for $87K in March. They just sold another in November for $130K - not too shabby of a "return" if you have owned a 7.5 for before March 2017. If you bought one in summer 2017 at the peak, then you will probably have to wait a bit for the price to get back to where it was. For whatever reasons the book exploded, the growth (to me anyways) was not sustainable in the short term. Long term I am still bullish on it.
  7. Amazing Spiderman 135 vs Marvel Preview 2

    This is another magazine worth picking up. It also features the origin of Dominic Fortune.
  8. Amazing Spiderman 135 vs Marvel Preview 2

    MP2 is a great mag. His origin story is very well done.
  9. Canadian Paypal classaction lawsuit

    The biggest joke is if you are in Canada and have a US account at a Canadian bank, you can not link your PP account to your US account in Canada so PP forces you to withdraw your money in CDN funds to your CDN account.
  10. Canadian Paypal classaction lawsuit

    Well worth following. Every time I withdraw USD to my CDN bank account I cringe at the raping I take.
  11. Amazing Spiderman 135 vs Marvel Preview 2

    Blasphemy from a mag guy!!
  12. Couple cool books for sale

    How are you doing buddy?
  13. HERO FOR HIRE #1 CGC 9.0

    This seems very reasonable for a 1st sale on the boards.