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  1. How did you end up with an ASM??
  2. @Architecht - any update on this?
  3. The next big test - July ComicLink auction
  4. You will love my next post in a few weeks
  5. Yes that is very fair but I would say that the majority of books he signed he had nothing to do with - it's those signed books that make no sense to me. Signing ASM or FF books that he WROTE makes perfect sense to me.
  6. It probably won't add much, if any monetary value (well maybe when he dies). I have a few Stan signed books, and for me, it's more of a sentimental thing - having ASMs signed by the creator.
  7. My favourite ASM cover and this 2 part story ain't bad either.
  8. Hey buddy - good luck with the sale. I've done that too to buy some bigger books. Can't wait to see some of my old books!
  9. Here's my AF
  10. I wish I could like this post multiple times.
  11. You do know that this is in Porcupine48's sig line??? I merely meant it would be a cool DP. Please do not assume that every comment is directed at you. I for one, will not engage you anymore as I find it very stressful so please leave me alone and do not reply to my comments. I have not directed one comment at you today and you are trying to antagonize me. I want to steer clear of all of your drama.
  12. The 49 year wait will be worth it. To boot, the 11/68 date is my birthday month and year.
  13. You guys should hug it out.
  14. The cover alone makes it worth 3X the cost of a regular comic book. The story is great also. That's a cool story about you seeing it at your LCS.