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  1. Is that tanning/staining on the bottom spine of the back cover? Hard to tell from the pictures
  2. 39 on the 9th. My # 1 ASM cover. Homerun by Romita on this 1st ASM cover
  3. Market is officially insane - Godzilla # 1 is somehow a 1K book Movie hype? There have been 50 Godzilla movies but who knows?
  4. Thanks. It’s been a real challenge and tbh looking pretty bleak but patience and hope springs eternal.
  5. I have always loved 31. It has so much going for it. The beginning of one of the best Spidey arcs ever, 1st Gwen , Harry and Professor Warren. For a long, long time this book has been under appreciated and valued as an ASM key. It has finally shown signs of life the last few years.