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  1. Just saw this in a FB group. Green label is a book I just searched up on eBay.
  2. No it wasn't opened. CGC, CL and HA all use Fed Ex to ship up here and they do the brokerage (and duty if applicable) so CBSA shouldn't get near the boxes.
  3. My luck I'm in Canada so I need to lay out the return shipping costs ( I assume CGC will cover them once I email them the receipt of Canada Post costs)
  4. It could very well be a one off but they should at least have some tape or other packing material to make sure the books are secure in the bubble wrap, especially with SCS happening. Maybe I do need to send more than 2 books in at a time
  5. It wasn't opened by customs and no shards anywhere in the box (that's why I said in my original post that it must have been sent out from CGC already cracked/broken). Main point of my post is to hopefully make CGC aware that some sort of tape is required to insure secure packaging as everyone knows these cases are pretty fragile so hopefully they can correct this and avoid future problems like this.
  6. The box was a little dinged up but not to the extent that a holder should have been damaged. There was extra room in the box they used so more bubble wrap was in order to prevent the books from banging around in the box while in transit. I just very surprised that there was no tape holding any of the bubble wrap together - it was just folder over and held together by the elastic - not very secure.
  7. I called them this morning and have to send it back to be re-holdered. There are about 10 things to do to submit it so I hope I don't mess anything up - more complicated now compared to subbing them
  8. After a few months of waiting I was excited to receive my 2 books back from CGC. Upon opening the box, I was very surprised to see very shoddy packing. The 2 books were in bubble wrap but with tape to secure the bubble wrap on either book - just an elastic "holding" it all together. Only 1 of the 2 books was in a plastic bag. Not surprisingly, one book has a cracked corner with a chunk out of it. The chunk wasn't even in the box so I have to assume it was shipped out like this and somehow missed in QC. I had the book sold and now have to go through the time and aggravation of having to return it to CGC and wait a bit longer. CL does a very good job packing book. Each book is in a bubble mailer and surrounded by popcorn. I think CGC should learn a lesson and follow suite.
  9. +1 I loved the Jawa scenes. Makes me wonder which other original trilogy characters will show up.
  10. Fresh today from CGC beautiful low number ASM book with crisp white pages. 12 month average is $472.00 and last sale was for $480.00 Asking $400.00 shipped to the US and Canada. ROW PM before claiming the book. I can make scans in the morning if anyone isn't happy with the pictures.
  11. 1st in thread or PM will trump any ongoing PM conversations. NO HOSers or Probies. PayPal, Etransfer (in Canada in CDN equivalent) and checks are accepted. Check must clear before the book is shipped. No return CGC Graded books. Please feel free to PM any questions and check out my Kudos thread for references.