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  1. No # 10s in 9.8 and only 1 # 1 in 9.8, (which I have been unable to pry away from a fellow boardie ) Coffee King sounds perfect!! (The main character is the New Orleans Coffee King for those who haven't had the pleasure of reading this great magazine).
  2. There are 5 on the census so hopefully I can shake one loose. I do have a 9.6 if someone wants to do a cash and trade. Last GPA sale was $229.00 I will pay $250.00 for an Off White to White copy and $300.00 for a WP plus shipping.
  3. Lots of consensus that this season was rushed. They had almost 2 years to film this season so you would think that this wouldn’t be the case. They probably should have had a full season of episodes and maybe added another season. As expensive as an episode costs to film, with the numbers of viewers, I’m pretty sure HBO could have made a season nine to help slow the pace of things.
  4. Last episode it looked as if Jaime and Cersei were buried in an avalanche of rubble yet in the episode it looks as if just a few rocks fell on them as Tyrion found them practically right away. I’m glad Tyrion got to say a proper goodbye to his siblings but I didn’t like the concept of him walking in and finding their remains in 5 seconds.
  5. I haven't read all the comments since yesterday but it seems to me Dany could/should have easily torched King's Landing years ago with all 3 of her dragons
  6. I’m thinking of down grading my ASM 5 9.2 to a 9.0 in a cash and trade and am having trouble finding recent sales in 9.0 to help guide my sales thread. Last 2 sales I found were both in 2018 - one for $4100.00 on GPA and another (which was my book) sold for $4950.00 on CL. If anyone has any data I would appreciate it and apologies if this isn’t the right thread for this type of thing. A 9.2 goes for big money and 8 want to be fair with value for a 9.0
  7. If it is true that the specialized labels only come in blue, I have a bad feeling that many will try and pass them off as true blues.
  8. They are “the only band that matters”. It’s a real shame their dysfunction ripped them apart. Jones and Strummer were musical geniuses.
  9. Spec mag 2 has always been my favourite cover. Romita painted a true masterpiece. ASM 39 in my opinion is the best of all the ASM covers. As @Straw-Man stated, the colors on this cover are just beautiful.