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  1. I really enjoyed it. It was a very well done episode.
  2. I have read the book twice and figured this scene would stay faithful to the book based on what they had done in the earlier episodes. What made me uncomfortable was that I was at the gym jogging on the treadmill and the people on my left and right were able to see the scene as well.
  3. If you ever sell any, it will be a great sales thread. Beautiful books.
  4. why rush? You will keep refreshing
  5. It's a holiday weekend up here, I'm sure Robert is busy scanning and knocking a few cold ones back, books should be up shortly.
  6. I love stamp dates
  7. Sure it's a free chat board but you aren't "free" to constantly spew anti women, homophobic, anti marriage and anti gay remarks because they don't fit with your conservative lifestyle (as you have said). You should probably read your posts before you hit submit reply and see how idiotic you come off. You already have 2 strikes and the 3rd (and permanent ban ) can't come soon enough
  8. Your Savage Tales set is a true thing of beauty. Man am I jealous.
  9. I think every female boardie is cringing
  10. Who is shocked that he is divorced/single?
  11. Professor - I rarely speak about the money side of comcs - I tend to leave that to people who have more experience than I do - you should also. (I think some wise men once said common "sens" is not so common and better to be thought an *ss than type it and prove it.) But when I do talk about the financial side I tend to know what I am talking about. You only try and pump up books that you supposedly own with your brother. How many times can we hear that Hulk 1 is lagging behind AF in VALUE (it makes no sens at all), how great X-Men 1 WITH WHITE PAGES is - so great but a SLOW grower, that AF is the 3rd most important comic in world history, that a Mickey Mantle card is OMG over the top awesome and that a genius like you made a mistake of selling it too early . It makes zero "sens" to me that you can't figure out that until you stop rinse, repeat, rinse repeat, noone will care what you have to say. The sooner you can get a firm grasp on this and reality, then maybe, just maybe (but I doubt it) you will become a useful member on these boards. End of and if I earn a strike, so be it, especially if you can learn anything from this
  12. What we all don't get is how YOU don't get that we are tired of you repeating the same things over and over and over again (do you happen to have a copy of the sign that Jim Jones hung over his throne chair in Jonestown??). I'm sure I speak for many, it's no fun for us.