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  1. Work sucks. You should stay home and read comics
  2. Jordysnordy

    Iron Man 1

    I have someone interested in my almost full run of Iron Man so I wanted a few opinions on this book
  3. Both sold - thread closed!
  4. Jordysnordy

    Iron Man 1

    Book is pretty solid. Any grades would be appreciated.
  5. ASM Annual 5 CGC 9.0 12 month GPA $162.00 90 day GPA $150.00 Last sale $150.00 asking $125.00
  6. ASM Annual 2 CGC 8.0 12 month GPA $240.00 Last sale $231.00 Asking $210.00
  7. 1st I in thread will trump any ongoing PM conversations. No HOSers or Probies or anyone on my personal list No returns on CGC books. Payments accepted: Paypal, eTransfer (within Canada converted to Canadian funds) and checks - if checks are the only way - but checks must clear before any books are sent. Payment must be made within 3 days unless other arrangements have been made. Shipping: 1-3 books $15.00 for Canada and $22.00 for the USA. Anywhere else in the world please PM to discuss before claiming any books. Thanks for looking.
  8. Jordysnordy

    Conan the Barbarian #1 Club

    It's an undervalued book IMO. # 1 in 9.8 has been flat at about $5000.00 for a few years now.
  9. Jordysnordy

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Been a good week