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  1. His Savage Sword of Conan painted covers are a thing of beauty.
  2. I'm getting old. I remembered the 41 and knew the other was in the 90s. I also subbed these 2 books before I even knew what pressing was!
  3. I think @Sweet Lou 14 has the nicer copy. His right side has much better 300 than yours, which are more cut off.
  4. Look at the trend I started Did you get this book from me? ( I think you did) If yes, I had it for over 20 years before sending it to CGC and it has never been pressed.
  5. Dave stated he's looking for books that are pressing candidates. If a CPR works out, he can always sell his higher graded copies.
  6. Exactly! But my polite Canadian manners wouldn’t let me rub it in, not that Quebec has such great winters.
  7. Who did everybody use as a facilitator as I have a few books I would like him to sign.
  8. At times yes, especially with our inhospitable weather during the winter months