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    I'm surprised there are no offers on the 5.0 - it's been up for a little while.
  2. PGM AF15


    The AF15 bubble has burst - this thread is dead
  4. That's why I'm confident buying books from you - I won't have any unpleasant surprises
  5. new ones aren't high enough in grade - keep digging
  6. Tales of the Zombie 4 8.5/9.0 POTA 16 Copy A 8.0
  7. I will wait. The curiosity wiil keep me in suspense
  8. Quit eating grasshoppers and ants and post high grade magazines
  9. Foom is back!

    Was at my LCS yesterday and they were giving away the free copies of Foom. I have to admit that I enjoyed reading through it. It says it’s just a one shot but I hope they will publish a few during the year. Good job Marvel.
  10. Amazing Spider-Man 20 CGC 9.2 - SOLD

    The book has been sold.
  11. Waiting on CGC SS Stan Lee Awesome Con

    Let’s see a picture!!
  12. 1st in thread will trump any ongoing PM negotiations. No Probies or Hosers. Payment: Paypal only and payment is expected within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made. No returns on 3rd party graded books. Amazing Spider-Man 20 - Origin and 1st appearance of The Scorpion - one of the best early Spidey stories. Last 2 9.2 sales I could find are as follows: March 2017 on ComicLink $3800.00 and another in June 2017 for $2358.00 according to GPA. Asking $2400.00 shipped for North America. Anywhere else please PM BEFORE claiming the book. Please feel free to PM any comments or offers. (sorry for the glare on the back cover scan)
  13. Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    Check your What's App buddy!!