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  1. This is what happened with AF 15 in the summer and fall of 2017.
  2. Bought mine about 35 years ago at a local con, I think I did pretty well.
  3. I think the tick along the spine on Spidey's foot is the bottom staple.
  4. 1st in thread or PM will trump any PM conversations. Paypal only accepted. No HOSers or Probies No returns so be 100% sure before posting Please feel free to email any questions or offers. These were all purchased by me from my LCS when they came out and have been bagged and boarded for the last 40 years. I will be able to re-bag and board them on the weekend as the 40 year old bags are showing their age Most of the books are 9.2/9.4+ - a few may be lower but not many. If you need any scans of any issues please let me know. 3 RARE Canadian Variants - issues 122, 126 and 127 I do have a 141 Canadian Variant also but that is heading off to CGC. Also missing is annual 4. Asking $250.00 or best offer plus $15.00 shipping.
  5. I am getting ready to sell my MTUS from 100-150 and realized I have the Canadian variants for issues 122, 126, 127 and 141 The only problems I can see on the 141 are 2 small non colour - Canadian spelling - breaking creases on the bottom left of cover near the bottom. Hoping with a press it can hit a 9.8
  6. I have a Canadian copy that I bought at my LCS when the book came out and it does not have the Tattooz inside.
  7. Very sad news. It’s called Glioblastoma and it’s the same cancer my dad passed away from almost 3 years ago. Very deadly type of cancer with a very low survival rate. RIP Bob.
  8. 2 lots left. If you take both I will throw in 5 Spider-Man Green and 1 Green bagged copy also
  9. These have also sold: Spider-Man Chapter by the great John Byrne. Issues 1-12 and Issue 0 with the origins of The Vulture, Lizard and Sandman. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Dec 2005 Issues 1-24 plus annual 1 - complete run Freebies 5 and 6 have also been claimed