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  1. Hey guys! I have some pieces I am looking to sell. Let me know if anyone has any questions. I will also field any offers via PM. David Finch Interior Half Splash Batman The Dark Knight #2 page 16 $900 Dario Dario Brizuela Beware the Batman #2 Cover $300 Francis Manapul Batman Commission done at Special Edition NYC 2014 $600 Will be adding more later as I dont have images yet on CAF. Shipping is included coming from NJ Will Accept Paypal and Venmo Thanks N
  2. So i have been out of the game for a few years and was hoping you guys could help me out with the value of some of my pieces. Sorry of this is out of line to be asking but hopefully you can give me a good idea on some of my stuff Here are the pieces i am looking to possibly move if the prices are right Francis Manapul Batman Commision David Finch Interior page, Batman The Dark Knight #2 Half Splash Any info would be extremely helpful especially on the Finch Page N
  3. Selling some of my Keys! Hello! I haevnt been on here in a long time, this is my first post on the new version. I have a few key books I am looking to move.. Worlds Finest #71 CGC 4.0 DC Comics Presents #47 CGC 9.4 Here is what i am thinking for each item: Avengers #4 - $800 (SOLD) Superman #76 - $800 (SOLD) Worlds Finest #71 - $800 Captain America #100 - $125 (SOLD) Giant Sized X-Men #1 - $850 (SOLD) DC Comics Presents #47 - $125 1-3 Slabs shipped $20 I accept Paypal and Venmo only. I apologize if I missed something needed please let me know if you need more info and I will always welcome any offers. I have sold a few things here but it was a while ago.. here is my kudos forum in the old site: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=85&Number=8866568&Searchpage=1&Main=309662&Words=%26quot%3BRmfn33+kudos%26quot%3B&topic=0&Search=true#Post8866568 Thanks Neall
  4. Extended Cut 11/15/2016 Digital! December blu ray release
  5. I saw it last night.. it was a fun movie.. 7/10 for me as well. You should not go in expecting godfather 2 its just a fun August popcorn flick with great characters.. yes story was a bit whatever but it was fine and they nailed the characters which i think is important.
  6. Keeping in mind they gave him Harley's prop bat for his daughter, so he kinda has to say nice things, right? http://www.ew.com/article/2016/01/31/suicide-squad-harley-quinn-bat-kevin-smith-daughter It would be easy to assume so. But as much as Kevin Smith is associated with DC, he came down hard on Batman v Superman from his initial viewing. So I would like to assume he will speak his mind if he doesn't care for the film. I think his criticism of BvS had more to do with him trying to position himself for a shot at directing a future DC movie (since he's been linked to numerous Batman scripts, and his buddy Ben is the current B-Man) You could be right, since working for the studios can be very political to stay in their good graces. But hearing Smith's rants about various things to speak his mind, there is that other side of the coin where he wants his voice to be heard. IDK in his podcasts at least earlier he had repeaditly said he would never direct a superhero movie as it would be "too big"for him.. i honestly believe what he says usually about movies.. hes just a big geek.
  7. Pretty awesome video comparing shots of classic 70s and 80s movies http://www.hitfix.com/harpy/side-by-side-comparisons-of-stranger-things-and-its-movie-inspirations Warning it has major spoilers in it. I finished last night and it has become one of my favorite seasons of tv of all time. just 8 really solid if not perfect episodes. I know im partial because i grew up with all that but it was just awesome
  8. I watched the first 2+ hours on my commute to work this morning. I ended right at the "Martha" Scene. Just a disclaimer I really liked the theatrical cut so take that as you will. This movie is definitely better. It doesn't leave to assumptions anymore really. Again didnt finish it but it was a better overall movie now.
  9. from everything i have read it seems really fun! i loved BVS and appreciate the darker story but i also appreciate where this is heading as well. That scene with Bruce and Barry sound amazing along withe the scene with all of them and Gordon... Im pumped
  10. from the comments the editor has made it seems like hes always been an agent of hydra and we will start too see pieces of the puzzle next issue....
  11. Im not familiar what happened with Feige? Kevin Feige disbands Marvel's CREATIVE COMMITTEE Interesting.. thanks for posting!