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  1. Yes, it was released by Marvel through their Star brand.
  2. So you subconsciously purchased the Rom cover that didn't clearly show his hands?
  3. Not sure how optimistic it is given his proclivity for moving & selling art, but over a 50% increase in price in the span of about a month's time. Posted & sold be Chris Bachalo in December of 2019 for $700 Posted today by Mike Burkey on CAF & his website for $1500
  4. Uncredited Rob Liefeld fill in on the left panel?
  5. Obviously, he doesn't know what hero he's dealing with.
  6. I've read the issue and still think a $10K ask is overly ambitious. For those wondering:
  7. Anthony Snyder is the dealer. That Spider-Gwen is by Thony Silas.
  8. Unpublished: Jim Towe, Miles Morales, The Ultimate Spider-Man
  9. My guess was off by $35.41! My closest non-win yet! Thanks Dr. X!!!
  10. Justin Mason is an up-and-comer that has been putting out some nice work lately.