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  1. @Rick2you2 Yeah, it happens. I sent a package out to Georgia two weeks ago. Should have taken 2 days to get there. It ended up taking 7 days to make the 6-7 hour trip. It took 3 days alone to travel 45 minutes from my office to Orlando. So fingers crossed that it's just a case of slow service by USPS. *Update - Tracking has kicked in!
  2. So I heard back (after a mutual friend reached out to Paolo) and was told the piece went out the day after the shipping label was created, which would have been April 9th. Asked to keep an eye out for it, because local outgoing tracking is spotty (Maspeth, NY). I would think that even if it didn't get scanned in leaving NY, at some point along the line (shipping to FL) it would have been, but you never know. So fingers crossed that it shows up here sometime soon. Without tracking, I really have no idea. This is the piece I'm waiting for, a commission by Jim Towe:
  3. I've never had any issues in the past with Paolo. He's always been good with communication and getting pieces shipped in a timely manner . . . maybe I was due. I commissioned a piece from one of his artists January 18th. He posted the completed piece to one of the Cadence Instagram accounts on March 26th. By April 8th, I hadn't heard or received anything on when the piece would ship. I emailed Paolo and inquired that day and got an immediate response that it would be shipping out soon along with the tracking number. No complaints. So here's the rub. The package has been in pre-shipment since April 8th on the USPS website. So I emailed yesterday morning, April 16th, to find out if it had actually shipped out or not. If it hasn't that's fine, I would just like to know, so both the package and myself aren't in limbo. As of this writing, no response. And I would usually wait a few more days to hear something before making a post about it, but he committed what I consider to be the cardinal sin for any dealer yesterday: he posted on his social media accounts throughout the day. Posting on social media, whether from your phone or computer, but failing to answer a customer's email is just a huge "No No" to me.
  4. I've gotten a few pieces off the boards, sold a few as well. This is probably my favorite. Originally done as a commission, this piece was later published in the 2011 FCBD edition of The Stuff of Legend.
  5. Conan joins my "Iron" Throne theme:
  6. Have you contacted his art rep? You can find his contact information here, on the front page of his CAF Gallery:
  7. Bottom one with the "TH 2015" signature is Tom Hodges.
  8. Just over 8 days remaining. Here's the published covers for both pieces:
  9. Here's the Simone Bianchi Avengers #38 Cover:
  10. Not sure what the final hammer will be on it, but I've got a great Green Arrow cover currently consigned over at ComicLink: Green Arrow #15 Cover by Aaron Lopresti