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  1. Marvel Comics #1000 was filled with these great one page stories, many of which offered clues to future story lines along the Marvel Comics line. This was one of my favorites and I was glad to add the original art by Dustin Weaver to my collection. Not only does it celebrate one of the greatest X-Men crossovers of all time, "The Age of Apocalypse", but it also features one of the first looks at the original Horsemen of Apocalypse, who will have a larger role in the current "X of Swords" taking place in the X books.
  2. Ian Churchill's take on my "Iron" Throne theme featuring Domino:
  3. @ignimbrite, since these are all done on sketch covers, you'd probably have better luck asking in the Signature Room forum:
  4. Thanks. Edited for clarity. I had a couple early David Marquez mono-prints from his "All New X-Men" run, but ended up selling them. They just weren't for me. I do recognize that they are another option in the hobby though and are a way for younger collectors to afford art. I think if the art depicts a singular moment in comics, I would consider it. If the image was iconic and the price is right, I probably would give it some thought as well. If I had seen this piece by Dauterman before it sold, I definitely would have give it some consideration for the $300 asking price:
  5. Billed as Jorge's first interior page of Punchline. Anyone thinking it's worth the $700 asking price?
  6. Two more additions to my "Iron" Throne theme. Cosmic Ghost Rider by Ron Lim: Wolvie of the X-Babies by Yale Stewart:
  7. @Fred Chamberlain could probably tell you
  8. Thanks, @alxjhnsn & @cgcsketcherz. It's based on this piece that David Williams originally came up with me for Ant-Man.
  9. Three latest additions to my "Iron" Throne theme. The Wasp by Michael Dooney Rogue by Brett Booth Emma Frost by Adam Archer
  10. No idea. I was told he was setting up to sell his own personal art as a collector and the art of those he represents as a dealer. If he wasn't supposed to, more than likely, he didn't know. You know what they say though, better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  11. One of our mutual friends did this, Dave. Oh, and congratulations!
  12. I came across a seller a couple of years ago that had this page listed on eBay. From what I understand it had sat in the case of a comic or book store that was closing for a few years. They had no idea who the artist or inker was so I messaged them and informed them. For whatever reason, they didn't adjust their listing and after the page didn't sell, they offered it to me at a bargain of a price. Brian Stelfreeze and Karl Story's contribution to X-Men Annual 1.
  13. New additions to my "Iron" Throne theme have rolled in recently. Howard the Duck claims the "Iron" Throne by Tim Shinn: Colossus claims the "Iron" Throne by Brian Vander: Blink (& "Mr. Creed") claim the "Iron" Throne by Paul Pelletier:
  14. My thoughts as well, but I think once all of this settles down, we'll see that piece pop up again and sell for much more than it went in the eBay auction.