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  1. I put in a bid on the Heroes Initiative auction the day this piece was listed. It doesn’t get much better than one of the greatest rivalries in comics and quality X-Men pieces are just hard to find these days. I was really drawn to it because it was one of the few “double vision” pieces where I felt the artists completely achieved that goal. Surprisingly my bid held and I didn’t get “SNIKT’D!!!” at the end. Wolverine vs Sabretooth by Dave Johnson & Jeff Johnson.
  2. @Unstoppablejayd did you see this? One of the few I've seen offered up lately
  3. 11x17, pencil on Bristol. $200 shipped in the US. Payment through PayPal. PM or use to claim in thread. CGC members in good standing only, please.
  4. My concern with including the pen-and-ink original with some of these NFT sales, besides the potential for the physical OA marketplace to be driven up even further, is that if these nouveau digital art buyers, who have been into crypto long before Bitcoin and the like became popular, only care about the digital product, how many of those physical pieces could just disappear because the digital buyer views them as disposable? Jason at one point brought up that NFT could serve as the CGC for comic art. I really didn't buy into that comparison. Maybe it's the years spent in this forum, but
  5. Mike is a fantastic artist and an all around great person to speak to. He did this Iron Fist commission for me not long after he started his run on the book. It was only supposed to be a penciled piece, but when I went to pick it up from Mike at MegaCon in 2017, he said he enjoyed working on the piece so much that he hoped I didn't mind that he inked it. Two years later when he returned to the show, he was my first stop to finish up the Wolverine jam piece I had been working on.
  6. David Hitchcock's take on my "Iron" Throne commission: And a second by Jim Muniz:
  7. Published Super Friends #44, pg. 12 Artists: Romeo Tanghal (Penciller) , Vince Colletta (Inker)
  8. Okay, some of you guys need to spill where you're finding these pieces! I just went through and added one of my own, but there were several pieces listed that caused me to pause and think to myself "I can't believe so and so got that piece for under $600!!!" Some great finds being listed.
  9. Published What If? #16, Vol. 2, pg. 24: What If Wolverine Battled Conan the Barbarian? Artists: Gary Kwapisz (Penciller) , Ian Aiken (Inker)
  10. It's the most wonderful time of the year (for an Ed McGuinness commission)!
  11. With everything going on recently with USPS, do you still find it to be the most reliable shipping method for art? Any alternatives you prefer these days?
  12. Marvel Comics #1000 was filled with these great one page stories, many of which offered clues to future story lines along the Marvel Comics line. This was one of my favorites and I was glad to add the original art by Dustin Weaver to my collection. Not only does it celebrate one of the greatest X-Men crossovers of all time, "The Age of Apocalypse", but it also features one of the first looks at the original Horsemen of Apocalypse, who will have a larger role in the current "X of Swords" taking place in the X books.
  13. Ian Churchill's take on my "Iron" Throne theme featuring Domino:
  14. @ignimbrite, since these are all done on sketch covers, you'd probably have better luck asking in the Signature Room forum:
  15. Thanks. Edited for clarity. I had a couple early David Marquez mono-prints from his "All New X-Men" run, but ended up selling them. They just weren't for me. I do recognize that they are another option in the hobby though and are a way for younger collectors to afford art. I think if the art depicts a singular moment in comics, I would consider it. If the image was iconic and the price is right, I probably would give it some thought as well. If I had seen this piece by Dauterman before it sold, I definitely would have give it some consideration for the $300 asking price: https:/