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  1. Here is the catch to that, which I have learned through direct experience. The value that you set your book to is how much they "insure" it for. So if they destroy your book, that number is what they have to pay you, not the actual value. Now, in my case they made it right, and paid the actual value and were very fair, but I was told that this is all they were obligated to pay. I always just used the "raw" value but now I always do the value of the highest possible grade I think it could get.
  2. MFT Package Delivered to CGC: 10/18/19 Called CGC yesterday. Took the tracking number and said they were on it. Called the same guy today and told me "it's still not in our system.".......Great, you took the tracking number and said you were on it? "yeah, I can just see if it shows up in the system"..... Clearly they were on it as well as they are on unpacking boxes. Five business days and counting....this is really getting annoying. It would be nice to know my books are safe at least. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just a one off issue that I am having?
  3. Speaking of annoyed, let me track my submission here to actually use the thread as intended MFT Package Delivered to CGC: 10/18/19
  4. Uphill battle yes, but you'd be surprised how that gap can close when you don't do the right thing when dealing with customer issues. For years there was never a viable competitor, and now there is. When one puts a priority on customer satisfaction, repeat business is more likely. Like I said, I have been loyal, but every time I get annoyed I am one step closer to making the switch.
  5. All fair points, and that is why I stick with CGC. Just frustrating that they blow 4 days on unpacking a box. I can see if it were in grading where experts are needed but such a simple thing where labor costs are minimal and specialization is not required is absurd. It is definitely nearing that tipping point where it's worth getting a little less in resale if a competitor shows they care more about the customer experience for sure. If more people lean that way because of poor service I could see the value balance out between the books for sure. I think what keeps CGC books more valuable is just the fact that they have been around longer and most people want to keep collections consistent (I know that is the case with me).
  6. I would agree here that it is probably a 1 off as they do typically stay respectably close to the times. The biggest gripe I have is how long it takes them to unpack books. I have a sub right now that has been sitting there 3 business days without being unpacked. Modern fast track. Making people pay 9 bucks a book extra for 10 day service then letting the book sit for 3 or 4 days in a box and then still taking 10 days to grade is scummy IMO. Good service would be to realize the backup and credit people appropriately. I have been 100% loyal to CGC and the folks there are certainly nice, but at times like this I do wish there was a viable competitor, if for nothing else just to make them step up their game and do the right thing. The money comes in hand over fist but they can't find staff to open a box? Good grief.
  7. Is this real life? It takes them that long to open my box
  8. I've seen so many of these. I've seen sellers with over 1000 feedback pulling this scam. Absolutey disgusting human beings and I block the immediately. Most of them have too much experience to not know exactly what they are doing.
  9. Dan bought a book from me and we had an outstanding transaction. He was a pleasure to deal with, paid quickly, and is a great guy. I wouldn't hesitate to do a deal with him again! Thanks Dan!
  10. Seems to be an epic backup in the encapsulation room. My standard submission has been in there for about a week and is over the 15 days already. If you call three agents you will get three different stories. I'm not even sure they know what is up with the system still
  11. Will that go to "scheduled for fixing", then go back to "received" two weeks later?
  12. Had an awesome high dollar transaction with Jeff and everything went as smooth as can be. I would recommend working with him to anyone as he was great to do business with. Thanks Jeff!
  13. Once price reduction then off to E-bay tomorrow.