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  1. Once price reduction then off to E-bay tomorrow.
  2. I thought this as well but I can't remember where I saw it. I can't remember If it was suggested by them or something recommended by other boardies at some point but I did see it somewhere.
  3. My worry is that it is a 9.8 so there is much less leeway. I'm not sure if it created a tiny rip or not. It's too hard to tell for sure. If it did 9.8 is out of the question. I am also not at all a fan of CCS's work. I would not want them pressing my book.
  4. Thanks Bob, I appreciate the advice. I know they are great about making things right. Just stinks when it is a 9.8.
  5. Hey Everyone, This is quite a fun one to come home to on a Friday night. I unpacked my CGC box looking to see my shiny new Shazam 1 9.8 and instead, here is what I found: Anyone ever deal with a similar issue and have any recommendations on who is best at CGC to contact about it? I've been dealing with tons of horribly scuffed cases, crooked labels and all that lately, but this one is quite a bit worse. Not sure how something like this gets through QC. It appears to be an encapsulation issue and not a shipping issue from what I can tell. It will be a fun long weekend wondering how they are going to rectify this situation. If anyone has any experience with this kind of issue I'd love to hear how it was resolved!
  6. I'd say 7.5 with a press. Will press well and easily get a bump from what it is at now.
  7. The unpacking time is real these days. Anyone else have things sitting there 3 days before they even mark it verified/received? I hadn't submitted in a long while, but it was kind of a shock to me.
  8. I'd worry about a press popping the second staple. Not worth the risk IMO.
  9. I remember my first and only tape pull when I first started collecting. ASM 138. The important thing is to learn from it. I keep mine as a reminder ? I'd say 4.0 as well, but a nice book!
  10. 7.5 looks right to me. Maybe an 8.0 with a clean and press.