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  1. Shes up to 9500 items... Shes outperforming the DOW at this rate
  2. Or the Citibank, or the capital one... in other words... wherever there’s an account with a dime left
  3. So not really a romance book but can anyone deny how epic this cover is
  4. Happened to me this weekend as well. Thought the seller was trying to be shady but I did ended up paying him through PayPal. Wow, so now this is a thing?
  5. It really is all about the hunt for me. I’ve cut hundreds of deals throughout the years. Yeah I sell my off but I do have a aweandlorder collection that will stay here on this planet long after I’m gone. But the hunt is what gets me going. What’s gonna be the next big treasure I’ll discover. What’s the next adventure? Is it going to the boogie down at 1am to pick up a collection or is it driving 2-3 states over for a goldmine. Yes I’m crazy but that’s my thing. I’m either all in or I’m not in at all. And I enjoy every second of it
  6. Take a look at annaewhitfield This seller lists thousands and thousands of worthless items and sells almost nothing... What an atomic waste of time... I just blocked her for that reason alone
  7. And to clarify. The 2nd listing is for a qualified 9.8. The blue label 9.8 finished at 2288. There are what? 3 9.8 on the census? And only one non qualified?