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  1. No one can predict the future or how a book/ character will play out. I belong to the never-cerebus'ers debate, but if you think that it wouldn't make a comeback if not only based on its significant history with the indie market you're sadly mistaken. I just think it will happen first with Elfquest
  2. Eternals still selling like hotcakes. I guess its good to have Bronze this month
  3. Ahhh I have so much to learn from the master
  4. So both 682 & 515 deluxe are plain black with the cover embossed? thank you for that information
  5. Thank you Mysterio. This looks AMAZING as the predominant black cover extenuates the DCU logo. Added to my list immediately!!
  6. Multiple covers

    Get it graded. If I'm not mistaken CGC will grade the highest cover (I know they do that with double covers, not sure how they'll treat a higher cover count) but if that is correct and it is a NM copy than your chances of getting a 9.8 are actually quite high. If you do get a 9.8 on this you could get up to several hundreds for this as this random non key book demonstrates
  7. What in the hell is that black cover? Is it just a bad angle of a flash 100 holo cover or something I missed out on
  8. Looking for eBay seller

    It depends if you wanna pass by him or bye him
  9. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    I usually have my woodgod handy when I meet strippers at the bar
  10. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    Chuck Row - Making it rain since nineteen seventy fow
  11. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    Pic taken by cameraman after making the same observation
  12. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    When you're ripping off the planet and u no longer care if you're butt naked posing for a photo op for your multi million company at 65
  13. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    Thats more like as if I googled Batman and got the Joker pic instead
  14. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    Speaking of algorithm, why is it that when I google Edgar Church I get a pic of Chuck?