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  1. Amazing book. There was a b&w variant of this as well as a preview version if not mistaken
  2. So soooo many come to mind. A recent one (for me) is Dylan Dog Case Files. This is an Italian book which was very popular in the 80s over there. The book has such an amazing flow. Really one of the best reads for me Another one, which is an all time favorite is Silent Invasion
  3. Aweandlorder

    I was wrong. Modern variants vs. Key Issues

    One could use that as an example about different eras. Not just keys vs variants. For example it always baffled me that someone would pay 10k+ for a WD 1 9.9 when you could get a mid grade X-Men 1 for that money.
  4. When I was little my family used to spend a lot of time in Australia and I bought a lot of Aussie Marvel/DC books. They were basically compiling a few comics in one book and had a random cover for each one. There were sooo many times that they would print a cover of a story that never appeared in the interior and I would be soooo disappointed. The most memorable one was a book that had Supes & Sgt Rock on the cover (cover used from DCP #10) and the interior had nothing but Sgt Rock reprints
  5. Aweandlorder

    Why is Honey Badger a big deal??

    Honey Badgers are just crazyyyyyy
  6. Aweandlorder

    4 Modern Characters Buy/Spec, Sell, or Hold

    As much as I think that Spider-Gwen is a childish name, once again, based on its core fan base demographics I think its a mistake for Marvel to change it to something else. Especially since at this point she already has such a dedicated following. Why rebrand a brand that works already??
  7. Aweandlorder

    4 Modern Characters Buy/Spec, Sell, or Hold

    Spider gwen is really the only one that has a large fan base outside of the movie spec realm. I would even argue that she has her own fan base outside the comic realm at this point. In almost 3 years, that fan base has just expanded. As well as her merch line. She doesn't really need a high budget movie. An animated series would be more suited for that character considering the demographics.