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  1. Here, at Awe & Lorder USA Inc, we care about your brand, and understand the difficulties you face promoting it in today's struggling market We carefully monitored social behavior and how it impacts a property through clever (and deceiving) marketing. Oh heck, you can call it a scam if youd like We targeted the comic book market as our tastemaker of choice. Why use comic books as tools to promote your brand? In todays hot market, its easy to speculate on such a fun hobby as comics. Through decades of successful film making and top charting TV shows, comic book speculation has become a benchmark in making or breaking a brand. Yes, believe it or not, comic books are extremely popular nowadays, and the good news is - you dont have to be very talented when creating a successful comic book, since people dont actually read them anymore! All youll really need to do is write a silly story, use your brand as the topic of the story since thats the thing we will promote, then simply print a few copies. Actually, you dont even need to print too many, say.. 250 copies will suffice. Shouldnt cost you more than 2-3 grand. We will then offer your comic on ebay through a few reputable sellers on our team. Weve created a few packages that could help elevate the visibility of your product: Package A for $x,000 send us your comic book and we'll distribute it to the market through eBay. We will then purchase an ample amount of the product and manipulate its prices upwardly causing it to spike and naturally become a "hot item" We dont need to to purchase a whole lot of said book, since all it takes is a few solid $100 fake purchases to create a hot topic around the blogosphere Package B For $x0,000, we will do the same as above, and also contact a few "major players" in the field, ie, popular apps, popular fb pages and credible websites who discuss books that are heating up daily Package C For $x5,000, we will do the same as above, and also contact our uncle who owns a licensing company in Hollywood who will essentially "purchase" your intellectual property, and "potentially" option it for a future film, making your book become scorching hot and a no brainer for the young comic book speculator This system has been tested and worked successfully on several recent projects. It rebranded comic books, TV shows, and (believe it or not) even politicians. Dont believe us? just read what our clients say: "Wow! Awe & Lorder USA completely revamped my cartoon show. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting past shows with publicists, advertisers, merchandising, and they made my show more popular with a fraction of that budget! Wick & Morpheus "I give it up to Awe & Lorder USA, they took our character and made her a giant among giants in no time!" PC comics "I never imagined that a political figure would become a hot topic in nerdsville, but IT WORKED!" Evil's Due This advertisement is brought to you by Awe & Lorder, fighter of truth justice and the Awemerican way!
  2. And as a result the book is selling for a grand OK, I believe it now
  3. Was dead rabbit a politician? was that book selling for close to a grand? was DC involved? was dead rabbit promoting diversity & equallity?
  4. AAAAND divide all groups to advocate separatism... Helter Skelter baby!!!!
  5. Damn... now that took a lot of effort... I mean for all we know, he may even just reproduced the cover.. since he's making a mockery out of everything including the ones who buy it from him
  6. Off his fb page: Mark finished this to offer up at the East Coast Comic Con, but it sold on the way to the show. Girls and monsters move fast. All hail Wally Wood.
  7. CGC should lock threads and reboot them more often as a tribute to Marvel
  8. Here's the day you've all been waiting for: ACTUAL politics affecting our hobby
  9. Yes he did. Listing said "replica" edition and added something in the context of "enjoy owning a copy that looks exactly like the original" I wonder how people would react if the listing was worded slightly different. Kinda like: "counterfeit copy of IH181. Make money today selling these copies to people who would believe it's an authentic copy!"
  10. Elfquest has such a hardcore cult following. I've been selling elfquest trades/hc for the past few years now and can't keep up with stock. There's a huge fan base out there which is just not organized properly in the right venue. A movie can bring this series to the attention of an even bigger audience. I honestly think that this could be of a Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Twilight success level
  11. Very interesting to me that 2 DC related books (I'll let you figure which is the other one) are selling for ridiculous amounts of money (and I mean RIDICULOUS) on such a short time with no real story or key significance
  12. Not the facsimile edition. It's easy to distinguish the facsimile from the original. There are quite a few "replica" editions online which are made with identifiable giveaways (blank inside cover, different page quality etc) this one is an attempt to counterfeit the exact book, with similar content, page material, and texture. There is no difference between distributing this fake IH181 let's say, and a fake $100 bill
  13. A counterfeit IH 181...