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  1. Aweandlorder

    Comic Book Vending Machine

    Come get your 4.5-6.0 books here kids!
  2. Aweandlorder

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    I was sniping on the Punisher kills marvel universe 9.8 book. Got it for 90+ship plus the 15% discount
  3. Me too... Merry Xmas mom!
  4. I swear I was just about to pay for an item I just won and than thought to myself, hmm, let me check the boards and see if theres a special going on, sure enough I saw this thread! Thank you Liz!!
  5. Aweandlorder

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    #@Get Marwood & I
  6. Aweandlorder

    Print variations (*not* variants)

    There are also color variations for secret wars 8 & iron man 232
  7. Aweandlorder

    Seriously Modern

    I wonder if they're gonna release 2nd & 3rd reprints along with the entire bunch.. just to play it safe
  8. Aweandlorder

    Worst modern covers ever

    And that cover is supposed to be paying tribute to that album cover? it looks like its ridiculing it
  9. Aweandlorder

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Now see...? I have a problem with you posting this here when there are 2 other perfect threads where this book clearly belongs
  10. Aweandlorder

    Seriously Modern

    I don't get it.. Why not just release it as a TPB then
  11. And Blackhawk and Mike Grell's James Bond
  12. Aweandlorder

    Top 50 Copper Books in Overstreet

    Sometime last year these started to sell well as signed slabs, once it was known that this book sells well with stan signing it, it started selling well raw... I can think of many Stan cover comics that do well, my personal favorite was Comic Reader #179, which is actually not my favorite now anymore since he passed
  13. Aweandlorder

    Top 50 Copper Books in Overstreet

    Absolutely. It's a reflection of how the market acts today as a whole
  14. Aweandlorder

    Top 50 Copper Books in Overstreet

    Marvel Age #41 & 97