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  1. Thanks. Luckily I didn’t personally meet @Myowncollector after my accident otherwise my other foot would be stuck high up his
  2. Yup this book is common as dirt. I started listing the ones I have at home already but in no way am I going through my boxes to get more anytime soon. I honestly thought this won’t last long but seems like it’s still selling. Hey I ain’t complaining
  3. I’ve injured my foot last week so can’t walk much. Bummer I won’t be going to the storage unit lifting boxes to take out those 100-200 copies of the spider man fcbd 😰
  4. There are also some nice amazing heroes covers from the time just too lazy to find them
  5. I think theres been more thought put into this McFartlane drawing than the dam mona lisa
  6. A couple of other not so well known McSpidey covers from the copper era
  7. I cleaned out a amazon seller out of all his uf4s 3-4 years ago or so after confirming with him they were all 1st prints for 5/each. Must’ve been 20 copies at least. All thanks to @authority that discussed it here first
  8. I have tons of inventory. Tons! So I’m not a really good example. I have boatloads of books like power pack 1, dazzler Error 1, x-men 4, alpha flight 1... most will grade 9.8... but I also have twice as much high 9s bronze & silver that need to be graded. Also 2-3 longs of high value keys... as you can see, I’d have to spend a tremendous amount of money in grading all of those and they will ALL benefit me financially when graded. Often times what will happen is, I will have some of those spec books turn hot overnight and then I’ll HAVE TO sell them raw because I didn’t grade them yet. That’s ok, as long as I made a nice profit I won’t mind. You can’t win with 100s percent of profit all the time.. sometimes you gonna win little too... but we all have our spec books that we submit in the hopes of a huge return over character/series development, and those almost always turn profitable in the long run. The name of the game for me is invest smart and ALWAYS very little in comparison to my return, BECAUSE I can
  9. I dont have one method of slabbing... Its usually demand and owning the market... or a combination of the 2... But I wont submit a book that had one or 2 sales in the past year at the price that I want it to sell.. If its a unique book then it better not have any existence online and a few sales in the past year at my target price.. As far as the wait game.. Thats ok quite frankly im never in a rush and thats why I never ever sell a book at at least 3 times the amount i invested on it. This works 95% of the time on all my inventory, not just slabs. So the question is, if i have a raw book that i can list raw and make 3 times (at least) the amount, or a book Im gonna spend the time submitting and hoping will come as I expect it to, to make 3 times the amount, AND, if I have sht ton of inventory, guess what Ill do.... I really wont send the books I "possibly" have to wait on to be slabbed. Ill likely have them sit in a special box until I see the need to slab them. Ive got nothing but time believe me... Fresh example that comes to mind; 2 years ago I bought a near complete set of Savage Sword Of Conan Dark Horse TPB for $100. Today marks the day that I sold the very last one of them on Amazon. It was a very simple flip bcs it involved an overall 5 min time of listing them all but took a loooooong time to "flip"... But what the heck do I care, I made a clean 500% profit out of it and I sold tons of other stuff in the interim.
  10. It’s really tricky with slabs. On the one hand you take a book that you won’t be able to get 20 bucks for raw... say Alpha Flight 1... you then get it back 9.8... common sense tell ya right there and then you can flip it for 50$ easy... but wait... now they’re going for 100-120... so if youre just looking to make a nice profit out of a 20$ investment, sell it for 50$ profit and forget the book ever existed... you’ll flip it in minutes within listing but if you wanna get THE MOST out of it than yes I agree, you will sit on it for a very long long time
  11. Yup I got em for 5/each a few mo the back so was on the “flip em quick” bandwagon. Oh well.. Can’t win them all