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  1. @cbaileypacker got the modern spec game down to a science. Kudos to you
  2. The Punisher Garth Ennis run looks kinda like Christian Bale a little bit
  3. OK lets try this... Do you know any comic book characters that look like celebrities or other people you know? I know that some are drawn after singers/celebrities, IE Lobo/Gene Simmons or Longshot/Limhal But seriously... Doesn't this dude right here look like Jerry Seinfeld??
  4. A couple of months ago I sold a Sonor drum kit that I had in our studio. I knew that originally we spent over 2 grands on it. But I also knew I had to clear it out of the space it was currently in. I listed it on marketplace and had a few calls. A few people showed interest. But the first guy that came in offered me a price that I was fine with - 450$ i knew he was getting a steal, just the accessories it came with alone were worth more than that. That dude was so happy he actually told me “You have a good heart selling it to me for so cheap” (not true hehe). The reason why I’m telling you this story is because we all come across amazing deals and each seller has a task which was assigned to him/her when selling their books. a few years ago when I had more time (and less money) in my hands I would’ve broke that drum kit apart and list it part for part on eBay/craigslist/fb and have fun with it. Not today somewhere, in a drum community board, that same buyer is probably sparking controversy by telling boardies this story and they’re probably sayin the same thing many people say here “wait, you mean a music studio owner sold you that drum kit for how much??! How is that even possible??”
  5. Yup! Good find for a fiver! Id say if its in NM it still can generate a $100 if signed. Definitely not a common book
  6. Can I get Mark Zaid’s autograph on a book? Any book... Just pick one
  7. I always thought this book has potential as a signed book. Not so much unsigned
  8. Nice finish here @ 165