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  1. Aweandlorder

    Has anybody ever seen this?

    Was about to say! That deffo reminded me of that Super Powers special. I was after one for awhile till someone listed a few copies 2-3 years ago on the bay
  2. Maronna mi. That's a crazy find. Congrats
  3. It's ok everyone is having fun. It's Friday everyone's having fun. I'm just sick this whole week w a cold and 101 temp so I can't join the fun
  4. @FlyingDonut heres the topic of this thread in case anyone is wondering
  5. I love ya did you read what the op wrote? my reply was to "the above hypothetical" HOS 92
  6. NONE of these examples compare to HOS92. Not even remotely close
  7. Aweandlorder

    What is happening to WD #1 value?!?!

    The comic never skyrocketed because of the show. The average WD viewer doesn't even know it's based on a comic. The show BOOSTED sales and made it the grail it is today. That will never change. Ever
  8. Aweandlorder

    Are trades and hardcover reprints "collectible?"

    This pretty much covered everything. Great post!
  9. Aweandlorder

    What's more rewarding? Spec scores or Finds in the wild

    I can only find that on eBay. No way will I ever be able to come across a rare book I wanted in the wild as easy as on eBay. May take a while but I always find it there eventually
  10. Well damn! I bought the Viz run when it came out in the 80s but never thought it had such a huge following. Also the Lum tpb 1st edition is a very rare book
  11. Aweandlorder

    The rise of Instagram sellers

    Great platform with a ton of promise. So far not so practical yet
  12. Aweandlorder

    What's more rewarding? Spec scores or Finds in the wild

    While I agree, still, at the very basic level, any person can walk to a garage sale and find a Batman Adventures 12 for a song. The probability of that happening is much higher than someone speculating on the same book and getting it right.
  13. Aweandlorder

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Cool looks a bit Rick Geary'ish
  14. Aweandlorder

    What's more rewarding? Spec scores or Finds in the wild

    Both this & @jsilverjanet post parallel my thoughts. I suspect that the majority have experienced AMAZING finds. Where the minority have experienced AMAZING spec wins. Which is why we don't hear from them here. A little bit of both gets the job done. But predicting the future is truly a skill and it does involves a few risks. The more you're at it, the better you get. Sometimes there are risks buying collections/books you have no knowledge about as well. I risked spending a grand on some anime books which came across my way. Not only did I flip them for over 3 x my investment money. But it also happened in a few short days.
  15. Aweandlorder

    What's more rewarding? Spec scores or Finds in the wild

    Not true. There are as many successful treasures found in the wild as there are successful spec wins. And going by the response in this thread only, probably more actually. I would even go the extent of saying that finding a key in the wild is probably a lot easier than investing in a smart spec. Remember, getting a spec right doesn't necessarily limit you to ONLY a 1$ bin modern book. It could be anything.