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  1. Aweandlorder

    ALL I DO IS WIN! Post your eBay wins here

    For 5 bucks do u want him to press it for ya too?? just kidding.. congrats on the great win and thank god it got in safe!
  2. Aweandlorder

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    To me these will always be iconic
  3. Aweandlorder

    Ditko's estate...

    Yup. Stan's net worth at 50 m is probably an indication that he isn't the business shark that most people claim him to be. His name/legacy coupled with his creations would suggest he'd be worth at least 7-10 times that
  4. Aweandlorder

    The decline sales of Miracleman (Esclipe)

    Absolutely. I am yet to see a Warrior 1 or a Deadline 1 in 9.8 heck I would even be happy with a 9.4 at this point
  5. Aweandlorder

    Ditko's estate...

    I remember reading somewhere that the main credit for the marvel universe belongs to Stan's wife. The rumor was that she was a big spender and if it wasn't for her excessive shopping habits Stan wouldn't have the need to create so many characters and sell so many books
  6. Aweandlorder

    The decline sales of Miracleman (Esclipe)

    The only thing that seem to have climbed recently was Warrior #1. But that obviously has V in it as well
  7. Aweandlorder

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Maybe it's kind of like Tick #13
  8. Aweandlorder

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I would always come across them in random collections even after they would be cleaned up. So I'd scoop them and list for 10-15$ and wait a couple of months till I get a bite thats the best way for me to describe this book
  9. Aweandlorder

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    What year did it come out
  10. Aweandlorder

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    That is strange. I don't know how many books there are in the series but I do remember issue 1 being a major player back in the 80s b&w boom
  11. Aweandlorder

    So while in Thailand...

    This was at Ban Mea Pu Ka temple in San Kamphaeng You guys have a beautiful country
  12. Aweandlorder

    Ditko's estate...

    Where did I say that he didn't have money to pay? you perfectly interpreted my assumption. That nobody including his siblings paid his rent, and that probably includes other bills/debt as well. Which tells me that they either weren't too close to him, or had access to his money while he was in the hospital. Yet another sign of how isolated he was from his close family On another note, if his heirs (whoever that will end up being) gets ahold of his belongings and starts liquidating them for monetary gains, you may end up seeing a flood of Ditko work/personal notated work on the market very quickly. I know that Ditko's signature for one were very hard to come by. Wonder if that will change now
  13. Aweandlorder

    CGC v CBCS v PGX

    I'm still waiting for 2016 to join the cbcs forum! cant wait!!
  14. Aweandlorder

    Ditko's estate...

    first of all am I the only one that sits here reading this thinking to myself "1.3 million? That's all???" most of my family is from NY and sadly we lost a few relatives in the past year alone and each one of them left behind estates worth at least a million. And that is only because of equity relating to their property. Steve's sad story is mainly originating from the fact that he didn't have anything. Not because he was pushed around by savvy businessmen. He did not own a house, didnt have a spouse/children. Didn't even leave a will. So sad You'd be surprised to know how many people wait until the last minute to set a will. That usually leaves relatives/family members at a very awkward position. The article said that steve owed 6 mo worth of rent. What about bills/debt? I wouldn't be surprised if his siblings would refuse to accept his "estimated" estate, if his unpaid bills accumulate to 50,000+ common sense would suggest that they should, but some people just don't have the time to dedicate to probating a will which wasn't even set forth. Again, just a sad read, and with respect to the legend, I almost wish I didn't have to read this