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  1. I honestly don't think anyone at the comic division understands who, what, how their core longtime characters and readers have existed in such a bigoted, racism, misogynistic, etc society / world for so long. They are hiring writers and artists to promote this social agenda of theirs to the point sales are way down. And how do they respond? Lets call more of our avid buyers these above words yeah that'll sell more books! How can a marketing team not be fired and never employed again with that line of thinking is beyond me. The customer is always right.
  2. sick cover! It looks like it was drawn/ signed by Prom.
  3. When a Bengal Tiger stalks its prey rarely does the prey see it before the stike. Alexandia safe zone has lots of trees, grass, houses and high wall. That tiger could have stayed hidden in a number of ways before it attacked. Do you really think the tiger would announce its location with a giant growl as it started to run? Its not cartoon time predators don't do heads up things like that.
  4. Solid season finale. The beginning battle already has taken a toll on Rick's group as well as his trust factor. Negan shows just how cunning a leader he really is. I like the Dwight message left to Daryl. All out war is here!
  5. The simplest answer usually is the correct one. So in my opinion I think the sales are suffering is because of a lack of alignment. Go see Thor in latest Avengers / Thor movies - go pick up a current Thor title its not him its Lady Thor. Go see Hulk in Avengers / Hulk / Thor movies - go pick up a current Hulk title its not him its totally awesome hulk. Go see Captain America in Avenger / Captain America movies - go pick up a Cap current title its not really him, its Sam Wilson, well he's kinda there but always was a Hydra agent. Go see Wolverine in the latest X-men / Logan movies - go pick up a current Wolverine title its not him its X-23, he's dead but there is a old man Logan around that is kinda him from another universe. IP's I agree are the darlings and as far as I see things Marvel has their heads up you know where because nothing you see on or in the MCU even remotely tie into current books. Plus what they did to the X-men last few years I'm out Marvel. Like the authority said I'm out.....hello Indies
  6. All the cards or should I say Dominoes on the table there!
  7. There was a dream sequence in one of the episodes 4 or 5 can't remember the number but its Cheryl turning around and her brother Jason is a zombie with the bullet hole in the head coming for her then she wakes up. Foreshadowing perhaps?
  8. I liked the amusement park WD style exploration. I'm a bit confused why Rosita thinks she can basically do anything when she failed the first time hardcore and people died because of it. I'm enjoying these episodes but her attitude this season really is grinding my gears.
  9. The Wolverine inside the shell AOU was a Skrull and the AOU Wolverine traded places while the real Wolverine did cave carvings and took lots of naps.