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  1. Both OA covers include NM/Mint copies of their respective issues Lukas does a lot of his work digitally so these are relatively rare. He did touch ups to final product as you can see below. Issue #4 Cover $350.00 OBO Issue #5 Variant Cover $400.00 OBO Buy both save 10% Consider trades for CGC comics or other art, feel free to show me what you have
  2. Lets get the RULES out of the way 1. No HOS members or those I elect not to do business with, which includes those I ignore posts from 2. First in thread means you claim the book and trumps all PM's 3. Sorry NO international Buyers 4. Payment due within 48 hours of claiming purchase via Paypal (Please inquire if you need alternative methods or would like to do time payments) 5. Return Policy: Sorry No returns and no time limit (If you don't like what you see.... do not claim it!) 6. Shipping is buyers responsibility (actual cost fully insured USPS Priority) Thanks for considering Kudos Link: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=6652856&fpart=1
  3. Thanks but well aware of working with them directly;) looking for previously sold stuff that is out in the marketplace, I pretty much clean them out of related Mouse or CPG stuff respectively when the are ready to sell.
  4. leaving up for 24 hrs then going back into vault for a few years
  5. last bump for Micronauts 1! If purchased before EOB today free shipping $150 delivered
  6. There is a sandman 4 9.8 on my comic shop priced very reasonable. I have a 9.8 SS drinkenberg but would need more then they are asking for their blue