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  1. Title says it all. Looking for a 2.0 or higher copy, complete unrestored, raw or CGC please let me know what you have and asking price! Merry Christmas ya’ll
  2. wow that is an impressive Marvel spotlight 5 with white pages to boot!
  3. giant size fantastic four #4 should see a nice bump, kinda scare book for mid 70's marvel anyways, don't see many high grades go up for sale
  4. might crusaders, great books and so under appreciated! If anyone missed it, Riverdale TV show Archie looked at his Mighty Crusader books few episodes ago and name is vigilante group the Red Circle.
  5. ASM 101 is sure to heat up, had already been hot IMO
  6. WTB: early Flaming Carrot

    I would add Greed 6 to your list of books if you don't have, hard one to find in high grade and GREAT flaming carrot cover and story + first Milk & Cheese
  7. Does Anyone Know? Do CGC's New Cases Apply to Mags?

    Yes new style has inner wells, first phase didn't but had countless issues so they went back to inner wells on everything
  8. WTB: early Flaming Carrot

    great indie character, branched out years ago myself but haven't been able to track some of these grails down, best of luck!
  9. Does Anyone Know? Do CGC's New Cases Apply to Mags?

    Yes but the font and label otherwise looks updated even though page quality still stays in same place unless my eyes are playing tricks on me
  10. WTB Mouse Guard Original Art

    nothing has changed, still want and always buying
  11. Title says it all Looking to buy COPRA #1 first print & #2 2nd print. Raw or graded is fine. I am also looking for any OA by Michel Fiffe besides what is in his etsy store. Thanks all!