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  1. I would love to see a Jeff Smith or Dave Sims come to Heroes Con! Can someone make this happen?
  2. 1p36DSA


    page is a nice earlier piece but doesn't have any significance and doesn't have anything that stands out to make it a premium piece, nice either way but prices already assessed are pretty spot on.
  3. You should be fine, I am speaking from a comic fans point of view. I like buying comics and getting creators signatures. Will be plenty of comic buying for me just no signatures. I could care less about modern cover artists.
  4. Megacon is not what it used to be when it was independent. I wish Reed bought out instead of fan expo. No different then last year, setting up to be a cosplay con again.
  5. FF65 all the way. When there is a long standing period in-between it comes into play as well. FF65 is a double key anyways and higher to find in high grade (most people aren't going to slab that CM book unless superior condition, not worth the time or money)
  6. I like the idea of putting characters on labels that first appear in a book but aren't on the cover itself, I would be all over those types of character labels. It could add to curbside appeal. Think doctor Strange Tales 110. I don't have a copy but sure would be cool idea. Sure there are countless other examples. Iron Man 55 as mentioned above is a great one.
  7. Free shipping today only on last piece. Will leave up through tomorrow AM
  8. that's it for this thread, let me know if you have any questions!
  9. TWD #56 Page 22 Abraham tells Rosita he was pointing his gun at Rick before he even saw the zombie. He pleads with Rosita to not let him kill again Rosita comforts Abraham. Art was also published in The Walking Dead Survivors Guide under Rosita's Profile page. They transposed the image. $250.00
  10. TWD #106 Page 1 Charlie Adlard's 100 consecutive issues of TWD, Pencils & Inks Also Published in The Art of Charlie Adlard HC $200.00
  11. Lets get the RULES out of the way 1. No HOS members or those I elect not to do business with, which includes those I ignore posts from 2. First in thread means you claim the book and trumps all PM's 3. Sorry NO international Buyers 4. Payment due within 48 hours of claiming purchase via Paypal (Please inquire if you need alternative methods as I happily accept Money Order, Chase pay, or Cash App) 5. Return Policy: Sorry No returns and no time limit (If you don't like what you see.... do not claim it!) 6. Shipping is $15.00 flate rate for this thread Thanks for considering Kudos Link: