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  1. based on Eternals character lineup do not underestimate captain marvel 27 (first full Eros / Starfox and first cover) - He had one extremely small panel cameo in Iron Man 55 Captain Marvel 59 is seeing heat already = first Elysius
  2. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/eternals/the-eternals-character-lineup-revealed-and-theres-some-familiar-faces-and-big-surprises-a164790 sounding like this could be a franchise within marvel similar guardians of the galaxy. Can’t wait! Intersting choice on some of the characters this will be featuring.
  3. 1p36DSA


    That back ad is classic! Won’t see something like that this day in age
  4. AMC announced Rick Grimes Trilogy of movies. High budget made for AMC TV. I personally can't wait! The show is not what it used to be, Gimple is an insufficiently_thoughtful_person but look forward to how they do the movies and more spin-offs.
  5. anyone notice in new previews solicitations that Deadpool book will have Ransak the Reject and Karkas appear
  6. 1p36DSA

    Xenozoic Tales

    anyone have a recommendation or link for a trade or HC of the series which includes death rattle 8? I would love to read the series by my LCS said they haven't carried anything in years in this regards. Thx
  7. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/black_widow/marvel-studios-2020-slate-reportedly-revealed-new-details-on-the-eternals-surface-a164359 its happening folks
  8. 1p36DSA

    Albedo #1 & #2 Club

    I knew at some point someone would get that 9.8, was hovering there for a while. Book is finally catching up to TMNT and should as it is much more rare in grade.
  9. I am finding on some of these books it is hard to gauge market value. For instance what does a SIP 1 first print 9.8 go for nowadays, only like 6 or 7 ever graded that high. Same with Death rattle 8 9.8 which was shared earlier in the thread. Others like Aledbo 2 setting high records (9.4 blue sold for $7K last week). I just don't want to break the bank but also want to be competitive.
  10. Finally found myself a death rattle 8 CGC, took forever to hunt HG one down. Hunt continues for other key indie books
  11. 1p36DSA


    Sunday bump $650 delivered today only, closes tonight
  12. 1p36DSA

    Albedo #1 & #2 Club

    9.4 $7k sale, not too bad. Ghost of a book especially in high grade right now
  13. 1p36DSA


    Saturday bump, let’s reduce to $700 OBO