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  1. That's it for now. Have one other fox book but tough decision if I will be selling or not
  2. $265.00 First Origin of Mister Miracle (Super hot character right now with Tom King's masterful series going on)
  3. Very tough in high grade, only 3 graded higher! hard to price this one $500.00
  4. $210.00 last sale $250.00 2nd thanos appearance in cameo on several panels and different pages
  5. claimed via pm (listing for prosperity sake since I had to restart thread)
  6. Lets get the RULES out of the way 1. No HOS members or those I elect not to do business with, which includes those I ignore posts from 2. First in thread means you claim the book and trumps all PM's 3. Sorry NO international Buyers 4. Payment due within 48 hours of claiming purchase via Paypal (Please inquire if you need alternative methods) 5. Return Policy: Sorry No returns and no time limit (If you don't like what you see.... do not claim it!) 6. Shipping is $15.00 flate rate for this thread Thanks for considering Kudos Link: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=6652856&fpart=1
  7. Dang nice avengers 8 pick up. Watch out for this book now that marvel bought fox, Kang has the best possibility to take over as a main villain once Thanos is done.
  8. Four Favorites 1 & 6

    Amazing pair of books. Undervalued IMO and under appreciated! Gotta love ww2 four color books, just don’t come up for sale at all