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  1. Albedo #1 & #2 Club

  2. MEGACON Orlando May 24-27, 2018

    Can we submit any of these through our own account and CGC or is it a 3rd party which is really a 4th party
  3. Albedo #1 & #2 Club

    great book, but just cause its rare doesn't make it valuable. It will fetch some nice coin for someone who just has to have it though. To each his own.
  4. Still looking, didn't think it would be that hard to find a copper book in high grade.
  5. I would challenge that, Please show some panels with the Eternals from Red Raven 1 or Captain America 1, or any other book. Don't go by Wiki or what is listed out there, read the books and judge for yourself. Retcons don't matter much anyways
  6. ETERNALS #1? Buy or sell? Will it last?

    Its a total farce and the person is an @ss, I hate people wasting space on ebay with stuff that isn't intended to sell and it isn't good for the comic hobby in general.
  7. ETERNALS #1? Buy or sell? Will it last?

    he / she is a total person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed playing the system, why would anything think this is cool?
  8. that's not the best of odds, if I don't fair better than that I will be one pissed off customer and will be done with them for sure.
  9. Will try to make it worth someone's while since it isn't a highly priced book.
  10. Take new avengers 8 and deadly class 1 @ 15% off with free shipping and bonus book
  11. that is cool! My best error was a Signature series with signer notes and it was on a blue universal label. Kept it for years until I sent a batch in get new cases and they reslabbed in yellow.