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  1. Safety deposit box from a bank that you know still exists at the same location in modern times.
  2. Let's say I buy a comic for $25k, log it in quickbooks, then sell it on ebay for 26k. Ebay sends me a 1099 for 25k, but my profit is only 1k. Am I able to just input 1k on my taxes, or will I face some other steps needed since the discrepancy will be 24k? I was wondering if my taxes will be flagged/audited if they see that 24k difference.
  3. I LOVE the show so far. I've always loved old tv shows, so I may be biased. I feel like this show's audience will be 30+, with not a ton of younger fans really enjoying it at first. They'll probably like it once there's more action. I hope Disney doesn't try to change anything with the show, given the mixed reviews I've seen regarding the lack of faster action. I don't think they really can change it at this point. I love the style, acting, mystery, and laughs.
  4. I will check it out! Great meeting you at C2E2. We signed up for next year, and requested the same location. Hope to be neighbors again.
  5. Sales have been great today. I may be at a record for amount of key books sold on Friday at a con. A lot of interest in precode also. Feel free to stop by booth 1506! We have the “In A Pickle“ lights above our wall.
  6. Days of Future Past is by far my favorite of the X-Men movies. The trailer is one of my favorite trailers of any movie, period. Apocalypse was pretty bad, except for Quicksilver. Quicksilver in X-Men was loads better than the MCU Quicksilver.
  7. That robbery attempt reminds me of “Twins”. When the guy tries to rob Arnold, and falls off his motorcycle.
  8. Thanks for the pictures! I see a lot of familiar faces. I had a booth at Baltimore in 2016, and had a great time. It’s still my record for most Golden Age I’ve ever sold at a con. I had sold out of all precode horror too. Took me awhile to build that stock back up.
  9. I’ve spoken with so many people that claim Funko Pops are a great investment, and they continue to purchase stacks of them. I say good luck to them. Despite my input, they refuse to believe they will decrease in value.
  10. What The—?! #2 I remember buying it new off the rack. and I still have it!
  11. I've known Matt Griffin awhile at Heritage. He's also great to work with.
  12. Yikes