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  1. My guess is between $450,000 - $667,000. It is a classic cover.
  3. The FF 95 cover is pretty but its late in the run. Also, not to sidetrack into a political discussion but I do wonder if a team of white people will age well.
  4. Hartsdale, NY - July 4, 2020
  5. Will be shocked if it meets the reserve. Somebody overpaid.
  6. Seems off to a slower start than usual to me :
  8. Decided to delete this thread. I don't agree with what they did but in these challenging times I dont want to unnecessarily stir a pot. There is enough negative karma out there
  9. Cancel my subscription to the resurrection delete
  10. Oh wow. Cool. Thanks for sharing that info.
  11. Is that the case ? Is HA officially expanding their offerings ?