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  2. Agree with the above. When the auctioneer said that I thought to myself : "This hobby sure attracts some real Losers"
  3. These prices are crazy. This Bitcoin economy sure is wild.
  4. Auction started at 1 PM EST Bat 1 is still a few lots away
  5. Yes. I agree. It only causes confusion.
  6. It's the picture in the article. Somebody thought it offered value to show it.
  7. Haha my friend. I just posted this 10 minutes ago. OAN has a story on it in a loop I have been watching all morning :)
  10. Yes. Group 5 is essential to the pyramid. Trophy pieces will do very well when a bitcoin is at $1,000,000. Why not buy some real tangible assets.
  11. Speaking of Turkeys, bitcoin at 33k right now. Simply amazing.
  12. The distinction between a "tracking bid" and a "real bid" is a bit semantic.
  13. Your thought process seems flawed. I put all my tracking bids at roughly 50%- 65% of what I think the final FMV hammer will be. If one other person does the same than the price will escalate very quickly. I do not consider myself a shill bidder or a thrill bidder.
  14. No Spider-Man on the cover but it does have brrrrrrr going for it