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  1. That’s the story Conrad had from ASM 8 with Spidey making a parachute
  2. Delayed but not forgotten .... Brexit approaches (eventually)
  4. Thank you for doing the survey. I found the final data was very informative and captured this moment in time. I give you lots of credit for running the survey on survey monkey, compiling the data, giving the board final results and still 🙂 when the board does its typical a@@-hole thing of spitting in ur eye for your efforts. God I hate so many of the people that post here.
  7. I think I remember when that Superman Ashcan sold for 90k. That must have been 2004 I think. Talk about a lousy investment.
  8. EGO. And Innuendo. Childish yes but I suppose that is human nature. ? It is kind of amusing though. Well, I’m amused ?. But I have a funny sense of humor.