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  1. Justice League Darkseid War by Paul Pelletier. (Missing one page 😟) 🍻
  2. Love this thread. Cool to see everyone’s sequential originals! I didn’t realize how many sequential pages I had in my collection until now. Adam Warlock 10 page story by Ibrahim Moustafa Cheers!
  3. Sold multiple copies of Marvel Boy #1 at $25+ In last few days. $75 offer for the variant... Not aware of any announcement. Anyone know where the bump is coming from? cheers! 🍻
  4. Some recent / RCCC pickups. Thanks for looking 🍻 Stumptown Vol 3 cover Justin Greenwood Powers of X # 1 Silva and Benedetto Moon knight annual # 1 Ibrahim Moustafa Guardians of the Galaxy # 5 Geoff Shaw Batman Beyond # 12 cover prelim Dave Johnson Foolkiller # 4 cover prelim Dave Johnson Marvel Legacy # 1 Esad Ribic Happy collecting, cheers! 🍻
  5. New this week: Annihilation Conquest: Starlord #1 cover by Nic Klein. Marvel Comic Presents Moon Knight #4 page 7/8 by Juan Ferreyra. Cheers! 🍻
  6. A sincere congratulations on acquiring page 12! 🍻🍻. Amazing you were able to pry it away from the original owner. Spectacular 1st appearance page, I own the intro page 13 that follows. Cheers Varanis! 🍻
  7. Nice bump. Have not seen the modern OA thread in a while. 🍻 Here are a few 2019 pickups: Immortal Hulk 10 Immortal Hulk 14 Immortal Hulk 14 Venom 9 Venom 11 Doctor Fate 3 Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1 Happy hunting, cheers! 🍻
  8. Anyone know what the interior books are yet? 🍻
  9. This^ ...and the HM 1 2nd print is selling over $100. Seems pretty rare...🍻