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  1. I have been searching far and wide for a fully painted Gabrielle Dell’Otto, specifically from his Marvel debut, Secret War. This modern classic introduced us to not just Gabrielle Dell’Otto’s art, but also Daisy Johnson the superhero and Agent of Shield - Quake. Mission accomplished. Cheers🍻
  2. Lots of new pieces added to the CAF page. CAF Gallery 🍻 New Gary Frank Doomsday Clock, Tradd Moore cover to Secret Warriors 4, Riley Rossmo cover to Illuminati 1, and the first appearance of Punchline. 🤡 Thanks for looking, Cheers! 🍻
  3. Some new modern interior page pick ups for the collection. Stay well and safe everyone. Cheers! 🍻 Thor #4 - Sneaky Sif sends Mjolnir away by Nic Klein Ant-man #2 - 1st Macrothrax appearance by Dylan Burnett Hell Arisen # 3 - 1st full appearance of Punchline by Javier Fernandez. bottom left panel is an instant classic. Thanks for looking, Cheers! 🍻
  4. last pickups of 2019. 2x Annihilation Scourge Silver Surfer pages by Rising star Paul Davidson. Onward to 2020. Cheers! 🍻
  5. Justice League Darkseid War by Paul Pelletier. (Missing one page 😟) 🍻
  6. Love this thread. Cool to see everyone’s sequential originals! I didn’t realize how many sequential pages I had in my collection until now. Adam Warlock 10 page story by Ibrahim Moustafa Cheers!
  7. Sold multiple copies of Marvel Boy #1 at $25+ In last few days. $75 offer for the variant... Not aware of any announcement. Anyone know where the bump is coming from? cheers! 🍻
  8. Some recent / RCCC pickups. Thanks for looking 🍻 Stumptown Vol 3 cover Justin Greenwood Powers of X # 1 Silva and Benedetto Moon knight annual # 1 Ibrahim Moustafa Guardians of the Galaxy # 5 Geoff Shaw Batman Beyond # 12 cover prelim Dave Johnson Foolkiller # 4 cover prelim Dave Johnson Marvel Legacy # 1 Esad Ribic Happy collecting, cheers! 🍻
  9. New this week: Annihilation Conquest: Starlord #1 cover by Nic Klein. Marvel Comic Presents Moon Knight #4 page 7/8 by Juan Ferreyra. Cheers! 🍻