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  1. the authority

    Best modern covers ever

    These covers stand out. These colors truly reflect the chaos and crazy that is Harley Quinn.
  2. the authority

    Need Help with What If? Punisher cover

    One man’s trash, another man’s treasure.
  3. the authority

    Need Help with What If? Punisher cover

    No idea. There are no completed sales for it on eBay. Someone has it advertised for sale as “rare” but provides no details as to what would make it so. I do like the costume and it’s a no brained as to how Peter might have taken this path in another life. This why Spider-man vs the Punisher is the perfect matchup. Similar, though far apart at the same time, reasons for becoming a hero...or villain but very different outcomes.
  4. My thinking is that it reflects how nuts Harley Quinn is quite well. The bat 🦇 being smashed on the headlight works. It is super corny and over the top but the vibrant colors and chaos seem to truly capture the mess that is Harley’s brain. I ordered a few the second I saw it. Completely agree about Chew. 👍
  5. So I just posted this pic on the great covers thread but thought it might belong here too. This book comes out 2/6/19. It is selling quickly, albeit at discounted prices, on eBay. Love the colors. DC is killing it with their B covers...Harley Quinn #58
  6. the authority

    Best modern covers ever

    With all of the attention on Harley Quinn #57, I had to take a look to see what the fuss was all about. I ran across #58. I’m a sucker for loud colors and Jokercycles.
  7. the authority

    What was the best story of 2018 ?

    Just finished Magic Order. Mark Millar is a pretty remarkable guy. I’m rarely disappointed with his books and this one is no different than the others. Top notch story . 👍
  8. the authority

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    That is occasionally true. Unfortunately, we can’t protect everyone from everything. Bad experiences usually result in wisdom gained but there are almost always growing pains in the learning. I’ve worked in the car business for around 30 years. One bad salesman can damage a dealership’s reputation for a considerable amount of time but the vast majority in the business are decent people. Still, the bulk of people I come in contact have reservations about salespeople. In order to be successful and get repeat business, you have to be honest, courteous, and build your own good reputation. We earn people’s trust. These sites are the same. A guy might get you once but with the amount of people here and elsewhere willing to call them out, the spotlight shines brightly on the scoundrels. Thanks to social media, we aren’t stuck in a loop. We can and will survive them. We’ll also meet many great people along the way. All we can do is offer our opinions and point out the facts to try to help people along the way. 👍
  9. the authority

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I prefer CGC over all other comic sites. That said, there are good and bad people on every site. All sites have one thing in common. A mix of experienced and inexperienced collectors making their best guesses at what will be the best bets for future value. I’ve been educated in a big way that me loving a book doesn’t mean it’s a good purchase in everyone else’s eyes. These days, I prefer Image over Marvel or DC for current stories. Based on sales and resale values, I’m in the minority. When I first came to these boards, I let anyone who would listen know which books I thought were worth buying. I missed as many as I hit and maybe more. I can’t say for sure. Now I’ve lowered my enthusiasm on newer books and mostly mention good reads that originated 2 to 5 years ago. It isn’t that I’m not buying new books, I am, but I’m trying my best not to mislead anyone by comparing my love of a story and art to great spec. Marvel and DC stuff is easier spec. Its more formulaic. A character hitting the big screen is going to have a major impact. Even more so if they have a nice fan following. Somwone told me a long time ago that smart people will every once in a while say something stupid. Conversely, big dummies can occasionally say something useful. Pay attention to all of them and weed out the BS that shows if people are consistently trying to move their product and not share their best bets. I say the more people talking comics, the better. Doesn’t matter if it’s 10 sites or 100 of them. 40 years ago, I didn’t have 5 people to share my joy of reading comics with and today, well, I’m guessing I can find at least 5,000 or so. 😝
  10. the authority

    Southern Bastards from Image

    While this would be a wonderful show in the mold of Walking Tall and Justified, the book is great. Starting with Saga, Nowhere Men, East of West, Rat Queens, God Country, and others. This is one of the higher end books that well represents the surge of the Image storyteller period and what a brilliant run of stories it was. The DC Vertigo had a run of great stories like this too. While 1st appearances and art have always driven the secondary market, there are times where the story rules. Thanks for the update. 👍
  11. the authority

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Okay. One more to read 👍
  12. the authority

    Best modern covers ever

  13. the authority

    Best modern covers ever

  14. the authority

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I have a big stack of Nailbiter #1s too. Haven’t read Weatherman. Is this the Weatherman from Stormwatch or something else ?
  15. the authority

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Southern Bastards is a really great story. To me, it is about as well written as a non-superhero comic can be written. It feels like the guys making the book truly “get” the south. If you read the Southern Bastards thread, you’ll find that many of us loved it. The problem is, it comes out on a very irregular basis and people have very short attention spans. Lose them for a month, you might lose a good portion of your readers. Lose them for 6 months ? You’ll have only the hardcore readers. Almost all of the speculators are gone. With all that said, your post probably would have for better in the pre speculation thread...and you aren’t alone. I’ve purchased over 20 each of the A cover and the DCBS cover in the last year. TV show or not, this book is special. 👍