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  1. Same here. I have 200 or so that were delivered 3/18/21 not marked received yet. They seem to move well once they mark them and it appears that someone is working Saturdays. At least based on notifications I've received on earlier shipments.
  2. 25 COMICS MODERN Received 03/15/21 Scheduled for grading 04/01/21 Grading/QC 4/5/21 Graded/shipped 4/6/21
  3. If that helps, I'd like to know too. I have another shipment going next week.
  4. Mine were marked received a couple of days ago and my fast track value books are scheduled for grading. Three months sounds more accurate than 47 business days because of when the clock starts but it’s all good. Still rather use CGC than any other company. Luckily, mosT books are on the way up and not the down. Good luck with your books 👍🏻
  5. I'm not sure why they're separated the way the are by CGC. It is the same number of comics I sent but the invoice looks slightly different. Ahh, who cares. These were delivered and signed for on 2/23/21 1. 3/15/21 3 COMICS FAST TRACK VALUE Scheduled for Grading 2. 3/15/21 25 COMICS MODERN Received
  6. 164 comics of varying types. I’ll break it down as they go. Delivered 2/23/21 received 3/15/21
  7. Spoke with a very helpful person at CGC yesterday. I sent in over 180 comics that were delivered on 2/23/21. She advised me that the books currently being received were from the week of 2/15/21. She said my books should be marked received sometime next week. Comforting to have some idea even if it’s not a specific time.
  8. I’m going to see my accountant in a few weeks. I hope he has answers to these questions. There have been years that were good and years I’ve lost my tail in comics transactions. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to count the costs outside of a ledger and times where I’ve pulled more than a $1000 in cash for these types of purchases. Having the same bank account for 30 years should help. I have years of purchases on statements from Midtown and other shops. I have roughly 3000 separate purchases, many were collections, on eBay the last 20 years. I’m wondering if there is a way to p
  9. I do have the same bank for the last 30 years and I only pull cash for purchases like these comics. Hopefully that helps. I see my accountant in April and I do have an LLC that has nothing to do with my hobby. May have to incorporate these books into the business. Something to look forward to hahahaha
  10. That's funny. Can't imagine giving my social security number to an individual I don't know. Also don't know how you could make sure it wasn't a number a person just made up out of thin air. I handle a lot of installment contracts on a daily basis. We have privacy notices and other info we have to have signed whenever a customer makes a purchase of we pull credit. So will comic shops now hand you a 1099 when you sell to them ? At times, I've had collections with as many as 20,000 comics in them. Nowhere near that now but its hard to imagine proving what was paid for each book. Maybe
  11. This will certainly change the hobby for better or for worse. I spent $2500, $1500, and $1100 cash on 3 small collections this month. How do I account for that expense ? The last guy I bought from didn't even have access to the the internet at home. Found him through a friend. Said he didn't have a bank account. I prefer to pay with paypal but none of these guys had it. All were older. So what's the best way to cover yourself in this instance ?
  12. Delivered a 150 plus books on 2/25/21...Still not received.