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  1. Young Avengers #1 is on the move again. It goes up and sells lots of copies and it goes down and sells lots of copies. After the Kate Bishop/Hawkeye show was announced, its back up around $250. Someone dumped a bunch of these in 9.8 in the last month or two. It stunted the growth of the book temporarily. Does anyone here think any character who appeared in this book, other than Hawkeye, has potential for growth or are they never gonna be’s ? Will the Young Avengers appear in the MCU ?
  2. I like heroes, especially superheroes, but occasionally something way off the wall will just make go WOW ! Next up is the 1st appearance of Spider (not-man) Jerusalem. Transmetropolitan #1 is 6 syllables of way ahead of its time. Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, and Mark Miller were all the rage for a good 10 to 15 years from the early to mid 90s on. My favorite Ellis Stuff is The Authority, hence the moniker, and then Planetary. I have friends who prefer this book over all of his writing to date. So I’m basing the rating of this one more on the fact that there are a great number of people who aren’t just like me. 😝 The book ran for 60 issues. That’s a nice run by any modern book standard in my opinion. I have 1 Vf/NM copy. ratings raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10
  3. I remember him being all over the place in the 90s but that was 2 decades ago so maybe he just seemed big to me. As for lately, he was in Nova a few years back and Infinity Wars stuff last year. Some of the more recent stuff had great covers. I see him fitting in nicely in the current MCU...but I also said the same about Warlock and Nova. I have no idea when Warlock will become a presence.Wish I had a crystal ball 😊
  4. Darkhawk #1. Is it a Modern ? Probably not by year but he was pretty big in the early to mid 1990s. Either way, this has been a spec book for over 25 years. It reminds me of Nova #1 in that it’s underrated and is the kind of book that seems cheap forever...until it isn’t. He is a very cool character. Technically not his 1st appearance because he appears in a preview book prior to this one. I prefer actual comics with full stories but I understand each character stands on it’s own. Sometimes a picture of a head is a big deal while other times a full page picture including a character being named is just a cameo. I can’t keep up. Lol Either way, he is eventually going to make his way into one of the MCU movies and you’ll probably hate it if you don’t own a copy. I own maybe 6 or 7 of these in conditions ranging from VF to NM+. rating raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 8 out of 10
  5. Next up, Donny Cates..books. God Country #1 and Redneck #1. These books are on opposite ends of the price spectrum. While God Country was by no means his 1st work, it was the book that put him on the map. Its a fantastic read and has powerful artwork. The entire series featured cool covers. Cates words just flow. He and Jason Aaron have a way of telling a story that makes you forget you’re reading a comic. Redneck was an earlier work that actually came to market later than GC. In my opinion it has more potential because the buy in is extremely low and the series is an ongoing story. I own 1 NM copy of GC. It was impossible for me to resist selling a bunch of boooms that were bring Motee than 30 times what I paid for them. I’ve sold enough Redneck to be cost free on my remaining #1s. I have a lot of them. The story is fantastic and to me, more built to be a TV show than anything else area has written. I also think the A cover is the book to own. Ratings GC #1 raw NM = 6 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10 Redneck #1 raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10
  6. Next up, Marvel Point One featuring the 1st appearance of Sam Alexander. Now, I’m a Richard Ryder guy. Nova #1 and #4 were 2 of my favorite covers as a kid. Still, the new guy is the one that a lot of today’s newer readers will know. The Nova Corps has already had a significant, and somewhat funny, contribution in the MCU. This seems like a pretty safe bet to me. Both Novas are likely to appear in the MCU in the future. * The variants are probably the best bet on this book but I still like this a lot. * I have 1 NM copy. rating raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10
  7. I’m sure 12 hour work days aren’t healthy...but back to some comics. Next up, Dark Horse Comics #8...and Comics Greatest World X #1 with a Frank Miller cover. The #8 is the 1st appearance of X. With the recent news of Dark Horse having something to do with Netflix, something or many somethings, are bound to break out at some point. Netflix seems to have a thing for gritty, even brutal, ground level characters. This probably has something to do with budgets but they are also easier to relate to that say a god or an alien. Both of these books are extremely inexpensive. I added the Miller book because he’s had a lot of success in the movie department...and it’s just a really good looking cover. I have many of both of both of these books. All very high grade. Ratings #8 raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 8 out of 10 there are only 8 9.8 on the census. Probably a combination of reasons including lack of familiarity and popularity and the fact that about 1 out of 3 submissions have graded 9.8. X #1 raw NM = 2 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 2 out of 10...but I’m saying there’s a chance 😊
  8. It’s the only one I find for the most part. Its my favorite. I just need to pull the trigger and buy a set
  9. I think so. I also think #60 because there is something special about the contrast of a black and white Moon Knight cover 👍
  10. Next up are the last 6 issues of Marc Spector Mook Knight #65 through #60. Stephen Platt was the artist. I’ve never seen an artist draw less books and have a more lasting impact than him. Streamline might be close but not that close unless I’m missing some books by Platt. So much power and movement ( or stillness ) in those covers. I sold mine thinking I’d be able to buy them cheap later. I’ve never seen the cheap. So I have 0 issues and I don’t expect these to get cheap anymore. In fact, if there is a Moon Knight movie, I expect across the board increases on his title books and his early appearances. Raring all ( only 4 pictured ) raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10
  11. Next up, my 2 biggest misses. Enormous #1 and Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #1. Okay, on one hand, I made money on Enormous and probably busted even on Todd. Still, they definitely were not big longterm winners...from a spec standpoint. I have a short box full of Enormous and my kids will probably inherit them 😝 I sold 2 NYCC Enormous books that my buddy picked up for me which paid for every Enormous book I purchased. It did NOT pay for the cover to issue #3 that I still have. I’m in on that one all by myself. I have at least 3 full sets of Todd and some extras on #1. I’d be hard pressed to sell those even if they made a comeback...which they won’t... I got to know the writers of both books and I like both of them a lot. Very nice guys who are doing things that work for them. I never begrudge a guy for trying to get himself and/or his family ahead in life. This is my hobby but their livelihoods. I know Ken have done some kind of work with the Punisher show on Netflix...which was cool. Tim moves on to Vault and the last I heard, he was doing well. Very thankful to have met them both. Now back to the spec. Enormous tanked so badly that I felt bad for even starting the thread on these boards. It made me hesitant to start any thread without a LOT of forethought. Looking back, I still love both books. The art was amazing and never laughed as hard as I did reading Todd #4. That doesn’t equate to good spec. They both had possible TV deals and both failed to happen. That’s life. So I own over 130 of these books ( full series and variants ) combined. Rating for both raw NM = 2 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 3 out of 10 Oh yeah, someone sold Enormous #1 for $1.50 on eBay recently...I’ll pay double that all day, everyday 😝
  12. We’ve hit on an X book or a dozen. Let’s talk about XForce #116. This features the 1st appearances of Zeitgeist, U Go Girl, Doop, and more. These heroes ? Would go on to become the X-Statix 😝 The run was goofy mixed modern sensibilities with a silver age 🤔 look. I thought I’d hate it. The art is normally my thing but somehow it all came together and made for a fun read. It has a fairly inexpensive buy in and any of these characters could be players in the future. I have multiple copies in NM. I always buy this when I see them at shops. Rating Raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10
  13. Next up, Solar Man of the Atom #3 featuring the 1st appearance of Toyo Harada, Valiant’s resident super bad guy. Others may see him differently but I view him as a cross between, Tony Stark in wealth, Jean Grey mixed with Professor X’s type of abilities, with a vision of the future that is somewhere between Magneto and Thanos. Lol I'm overdoing it a little bit you get the idea. If the Valiant U comes to the big screen, he makes the most since as the antagonist of the shows. I own 1 NM copy of this book. I feel like it’s a good idea to buy more of them. raw NM = 7 out of 10 CGC 9.8 = 7 out of 10