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  1. Words fall short of expressing my sorrow. My condolences and deepest prayers for friends and family.
  2. xxx? pg-13? xxx is over-rated. agree even with the bringing back of Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) it doesn't look that appealing.....
  3. [font:Comic Sans MS] Junk, Never thought about someone actually bringing that kind of cash but yet I have sold used cars for not quite that much and it has always been a cash transaction I will inquire about it for sure and thanks again. Andy, Thanks for the good wishes and yeah Im not really complaining about the number of course wishing it could be more but realize it is what it is.the 30-35 is just my slbbed books going off of 90 day gpa data. In a way its buy the slabs get the raws for free sort of. Darth, Thanks for the good wishes and being realistic piecemealing it out could net a slightly better return maybe but the 30-35 as I said is the 90 day gpa on my slabs and there are most of the value in maybe 10-12 books there in the 500+ but then I would be left with the raws and while some are upwards of 100 bucks some are in the buck bin. Most of what I have bought have been off the boards, Heritage, CLink, Metropolis with some random Ebay and Facebook thrown in but my Raws are in haphazard collecting I would pick something then shift to something else. I did go through the site you linked to as most times when I called the agent they had to call underwriting with my issues and their own online application was no different I had to answer some yes questions about my health now they would take my money but not sure if they would actually issue a policy once all was said and done. I have plans to actually call and talk to an agent typically when checking prior if they would write me they wanted huge monthly amounts that didnt make financial sense and they wouldnt pay if something happened in less than 2 years. aman619, Thanks for the advice I appreciate it and will keep it in mind going forward BronzedJbone, I dont like the sound of that it does seem like cash would be the way to go. boatfund, Something that would be worth something to him someday down the road and something that could be used as a rememberence of me not just a vanilla piece of paper.[/font]
  4. not thinking but having to do so I only have a handfull of high dollar books an OO Hulk 9.4 180, 9.4 181, 9.6 182 Tec 44 8.0 BA 12 9.6 GL 1 3.5, DD1 2.5, FF 48 6.0 bunch of couple hundred dollar books the slabs are around 201 total A lot of the rest are varied but I just dont have the energy to deal with selling them individually hence the reason I am willing to accept losing money I was never in it for profit or flipping when I sold it was to buy more books I bought all this starting with 0 books when I arrived here if I am lucky enough to move into my home and see my son start school next year then there is hope but the reasoning is for my son would buying a mega key like a AF 15 be worthwhile for him as an investment in his future......does that make sense?
  5. rapid: hmmm I did not realize that.... Red84 Thank You kindly the home is a done deal sign the papers in 18 days the health well that is no longer under my control.....
  6. [font:Comic Sans MS]Due to health reasons going downhill and the purchase of our 1st home I have decided to sell my funny books that I have collected in the last few years WOW have i only been here 3 1/2 years.... as medical bills and such are mounting. I have talked to a couple people and have an offer basically on the table from a local guy for 25k receiving a business check. Yes I know I am losing money My slabs using GPA 90 day average go between 30 and 35k plus 25-30 boxes of raws which change value depending on who's in a movie . All that time I spent getting that run of Hulk and all other books Sharon for such great GA books, Peter for such a beautiful Tec 44 Colin for the truly beautiful OO Hulk 180,181,182 boatfund for reminding me our govt is always watching, jhutton2 for turning me back onto DC horror, storypapers for a dime novel and a great book on them also, jimjum12 for my Preacher, Barth for getting me into the BA 12, nearmint for my 1st Pedigreed Book, Valiant for foreign variants, Hector for many buys Rupp for the same, edowens71 for my 1st big buy, Swick, Andy for great advice and everyone else I have made buys from talked to or got advice from... If not listed you are not left out just not near my thought process this late at night no slight of honor intended... My question is the deal is being brokered and I have mutual friends with the broker but don't know the buyer. If I accept being a business check is there any way I could get screwed on this? Would a cashiers check be safer? Also since I can't purchase life insurance would you recommend an investment with the sum or a top grade major key that wouldnt go down in value for my son? [/font]
  7. I flagged it also though easy to see he just sold an AF 15 prior to a shill bidder.......
  8. Did you report to Ebay? That's some serious coin there......although love how he will make a deal if you contact him directly
  9. if it was you should be more afraid at that kind of pricing 20 bones.......crack hoes be making mo money than that
  10. They should be wanting to do something a bad check over $500 is typically a felony and if you know where the merchandise is the odds are if he sold them to a huge seller that he took some form of ID before kicking up that kind of scratch. I would be going back to the Police with as much information as I could gather