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  1. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Bump for 10% off the startling 34.
  2. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Startling 38 sold per PM.
  3. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Per request, interior of Startling 38 no interior tanning, good PQ.
  4. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Someone asked for a better pic of Subby spine, its nice:
  5. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Startling 38 underrated and tough $289 SOLD
  6. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Startling Comics 34 FN- $459 OBO a CGC 5.0 on ebay priced at $550 a clink right now I assume will go for $400-500, at $329 already.
  7. Submariner and Startling (Schomburg)

    Subby 18 Classic Scomburg cover $599 SOLD Top corner is a finger smudge not a stain, light spots at bottom are paper loss not stains. Book would should improve well with a press/clean. No interior cover tanning and ow pages.
  8. $6 for shipping, books sent priority with tracking. If out of CONUS PM for shipping. No HOS or Prob buyers. Payment = PP/MO/Check. Take it in thread wins over PM discussions. Returns within 7 days of receipt ok. Buyer pays return shipping. Thanks for looking. Also, I have a kudos thread.
  9. Most valuble PCH Book.

    I think Journey Into Mystery 1 (Spokane) would go bonkers...owned by a wise and knowledgeable man ...oh to get a glimpse.
  10. Random Zip, Atlas, Kinstler

    Thanks William.
  11. Random Zip, Atlas, Kinstler

    Adventure Comics 38 - no back cover, FC obviously in rough shape (but what a great cover) - tough to price how about $139.
  12. Random Zip, Atlas, Kinstler

    Found another Adventures Into Weird worlds 22 VG- (Everett cover) - asking $139 Last sale I see is a 4.0 with Lt/Ow pages on clink for $230 so I think this is a good price.