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  1. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

    Bump for a 15% reduction on this last book in case anyone was on the fence.
  2. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

  3. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

  4. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

    Chilling Tales 16 classic cover CGC 4.0 C/OW $1199 OBO
  5. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

    Journey Into Fear 20 CGC 6.0 one of the best covers of run, also presents better than grade $1099 OBO Really strong colors and gloss
  6. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

    Fight Against Crime 19 CGC 6.0 C/OW looks nicer, what a cover - $999 OBO
  7. Johnny545

    Tough PCH

    $14 for shipping, books sent priority with tracking. If out of CONUS PM for shipping.  No HOS or Prob buyers. Payment = PP/MO/Check. Take it in thread wins over PM discussions. No returns for slabs. Thanks for looking. Also, I have a kudos thread.
  8. Johnny545

    LB Cole, PCH, Xela and more

    Sold via PM.