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  1. Hi Bob, which shows do you grade A? I want to come over to a show again this year, Theo.
  2. I am well travelled, love coming to the US been to many cities, but you do know that across most of the world the USA has a similar (in my opinion wrong) image. Dangerous at nights, gun crazy, black people not safe from police, corrupt politically. Media plays a part on all this negativity
  3. Looking for a nice centred comic, no cream pages. Ready to buy or if you want to downgrade I have a AV4 cgc 7.5 to trade plus cash/books.
  4. Hi! This book used to be mine it’s the first time in collecting I’ve spotted one of my books on the market. Such a great looking book. Much better than it’s given grade. Enjoy
  5. If a customer is nicer to you are you more likely to be swayed on a dropping on a price or do you take emotion out of it? And what’s the most shocked you have been when dealing with a customer? Say looking at someone thinking why is he talking to me about my FF 1 then he just pulls out a wedge of cash.
  6. I believe you really can do it by flipping up. It took me years but I got my copy. I remember buying Hulk 180, ASM 300 the $100-$150 books and making 50% the graduating to Hulk 181, ASM 129 buying raw or harshly graded and flipping them for profit. I got my AF 15 from trading in the keys I acquired without putting in a cent. :). Takes time, patience and luck.
  7. One of the nicest and honest board members I have dealt with. Shipped a ST 110 to me in the UK, well packaged, a pleasure to deal with.
  8. Hi all, looking for a high grade, raw or slabbed Star Trek cover which would be suitable for a Patrick Stewart signing. Thanks!!
  9. action figure variant as per pm! Thanks