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  1. Adventure, Feb 1 1935 Really nice Pecos Bill cover by Walter Baumhofer. I especially like the rattlesnake wrapped around the hat!
  2. The Shadow Magazine, Jul 15 1942 This classic cover by George Rozen was just used by Bob Dylan for his new single False Prophet.
  3. Thrilling Detective, Jan 1936 File Copy Cover by Belarski
  4. Thrilling Detective, Jan 1936 File Copy Cover by Belarski
  5. War Stories, Nov 1926 (#1) This series ran for more than 100 issues.
  6. Fight Stories, Feb 1930 Features a Sailor Steve Costigan story, "The Bulldog Breed", by Robert E. Howard. I've been chasing the Howard issues of Fight Stories and I'm up to 6 out of the 13 now. Cover by Earle K. Bergey
  7. Lone Eagle, Sep 1933 (#1) Nice comic-like section in this 1933 pulp.
  8. Blaine was Saunders' his middle name. I think he was just trying to protect his reputation. Saucys were sold under the counter.
  9. Hannes Bok, from a 1945 issue of Ten Detective Aces.
  10. That's two of the four I need right there! Great stuff, and thanks for posting!
  11. Nice catch. It looks like they had a pattern of re-using covers from blue to yellow. Here's two others I have, and in this case I strongly prefer the blue version. It's one of my favorite books.
  12. So, does this go under Romance or Western... Western Romances, Mar 1939