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  1. Here's another pulp I picked up at PulpFest back in August. It's Everybody's combined with Romance from Jul 1929. The last issue of Everybody's was Mar 1929, and it combined with Romance starting in Apr 1929. The experiment failed and the combined title was canceled in Jan 1930. This kind of romance pulp if different from the vast majority of other romance pulps that came later. These stories are adventure historical fiction with a touch of romance, like most adventure films of the time. And most of the stories are written by men. Notice that DC Comics founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is in this issue.
  2. I got a new home for my copy of The Outsider and Others. I love the matching star motif on the cover.
  3. There really are. Here's two original Paul Stahr paintings for Argosy that I saw at a show last year. If they hadn't already sold right before the show, I would have bought them.
  4. Before switching to the more familiar and wildly successful shudder pulp covers, Dime Mystery (Book) Magazine had these really cool book themed covers. Covers of #1-4 by Delos Palmer, #5 by Rafael DeSoto, #6-9 by Walter Baumhofer
  5. It is a real nice copy, I'm really thrilled to get it. It is pretty scarce...only 1,268 copies printed back in 1939. Most later Arkham books had print runs of 2,000 to 4,000.
  6. Dust of the Gods is fantastic, one of the best Northwest Smith stories. Enjoy!
  7. My postman just delivered The Outsider and Others by H.P. Lovecraft, the first Arkham House book. That's a huge step towards completing the early Arkhams.