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  1. The Quick and the Dead by Vincent Starrett ARKHAM HOUSE, 1965, 2047 COPIES SIGNED BY VINCENT STARRETT I just finished reading Starrett's The Quick and the Dead last night so I thought I'd post it here. It's a very nice collection of 10 stories, 2 of which had appeared in Weird Tales, and 4 from his 1924 collection Coffins for Two. I noticed that the opening sequence of the story Coffins for Two is extremely similar to the opening of Arthur Machen's The Inmost Light. A quick Wikipedia search reveals "Starrett was a major enthusiast of Welsh writer Arthur Machen and was ins
  2. I listed a large lot of 63 Rangeland Romances for sale in the Sales Forum. Instant pulp romance collection for someone!
  3. Price reduced to $750. Who needs an instant pulp romance collection?
  4. 1928 issues of Weird Tales are readily available, except for this particular issue. That tells me that they exist, but they are locked up in collections. Lovecraft has always been heavily collected, so that's no real surprise. Yeah, I bid pretty strongly on that Heritage copy too, but fell a little short. I was trying to upgrade.
  5. First I'll take it wins it. Payment by Venmo, Paypal, Check, Money Order No returns on this lot, sorry. Shipping will be $20 via USPS Media Mail ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a huge sampling of Rangeland Romances pulps, 63 issues in all, ranging from 1937 to 1954. Condition ranges from Fair to VG, with most being about Good. The spines, as you can see from the picture, are generally very nice. Most of the condition issues stem from staining and edge brittleness, and a few issue have pencil scribble. Still, this is a gr
  6. I don't know, but a quick search reveals that Harry was born in 1922 on Long Island, and Chris was married in 1920, had 6 sons, and lived in NJ. So it's possible they're father and son.
  7. Weird Tales October 1925 Cover by Andrew Brosnatch 1st appearance of Jules de Grandin, Seabury Quinn's occult detective who appeared in over 90 stories in Weird Tales between 1925 and 1951.
  8. Amazing Stories February 1927 Cover by Frank R. Paul Classic dinosaur and submarine cover for The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  9. All America Sports Magazine August 1934 Cover by Chris Schaare Ty Cobb cover Schaare used the famous photo of Ty Cobb stealing third base in 1910 as reference for this 1934 cover.
  10. Spicy Detective Stories September 1934 Cover by Harry Lemon Parkhurst Another great Spicy cover by the underrated Parkhurst.
  11. Astounding Stories February 1934 Cover by Howard V. Brown Wonderful 1930s depiction of astronaut suits!
  12. I had heard that a new TV show, but honestly I wasn't sure how "real" it was. I thought it might just be someone who had the rights making a press release and trying to find backers. But now I see there's very recent news that George Clooney is attached to produce and potentially STAR in the new series. Whoa!
  13. Yes, something like 4,000+ appearances going back to the 1880s. Heritage recently sold his very first appearance in a detective dime novel from back then.