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  1. Yeah, I kind of like that Return of Captain Future cover...
  2. Ship of Ishtar to Ship of Ishtar
  3. Manape the Mighty and its sequel, The Mind Master, the craziest stories about a mad scientist swapping human brains with apes you'll ever read!
  4. Pouring molten steel to pouring molten steel. Those foundries sure are dangerous!
  5. I didn't see this one yet. It Rhymes With Lust, #nn 1950 I no longer own this copy, but it's a beauty. When I had it slabbed it was the single highest graded copy at 8.0. There has since been a second 8.0 copy added to the census. Here are my scans before and after slabbing.
  6. I don't think I've posted these before. This is the complete set of the scarce Soldiers of Fortune pulp published by Clayton in late 1931 and early 1932. I started collecting these a few years ago and was only able to find a decent copy of the 1st issue (Claytons are scarce in general, and downright rare in grade), but when an older pulp collector who was a veteran and collector of militaria asked if he could buy it I agreed to sell it to him. I thought I had given up on the title. But then just a short time later I found a complete high grade set. That's how it goes! And since then I've upgraded one of those, and found a few other nice copies to add to the pile. (If anyone is interested, I have very nice extra copies of 3 of the 4 issues available for sale. PM me.) It's a cool little series that covers all kinds of historical fiction eras. Some of the issues have stories by DC Comics founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson! Other notable writers who contributed are Victor Rousseau and Arthur J. Burks.
  7. Tommy gun to Tommy gun
  8. Buccaneers to Pirates
  9. Spicy Adventure Stories, Aug 1936 Cover by H.J. Ward
  10. Saucy Movie Tales, Jan 1936 Cover by Norman Saunders