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  1. I saw this on Reddit and had to share it here. In the end, the most shocking death in The Walking Dead...was The Walking Dead.
  2. It's insane to think the book is ending. Maybe spin-offs in a year or two?
  3. Amazing copy. Looks right off the spinner rack.
  4. I managed to win the Showcase 18 9.0 on Heritage this week. It officially put my registry set score over 100k, which I could not fathom happening when I started the set years ago.
  5. Congrats on the PQ. The snow white pages in my 5.5 copy plus the bright greens are what make it a central book to my collection.
  6. Set: Rick and Morty Issue 33 - Variant Cover - 0338906010 Issue 36 - Variant Cover - 0346509017 Issue 35 - The Brain Trust Edition - 1598651014 Issue 37 - Variant Cover - 1271594006
  7. Sadly, I don't have a copy yet of 111. I'm ready for page 113 though.
  8. I haven't visited this thread in awhile, but it has been great catching up with new collectors and older ones sharing their prized copies.
  9. I've received a ton of offers on different books through Heritage the last 30 days. I wonder if it is new series collector or fellow boardie?
  10. Challengers of the Unknown....Kirby planted the seed for the Fantastic Four.