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  1. Sadly, I don't have a copy yet of 111. I'm ready for page 113 though.
  2. I haven't visited this thread in awhile, but it has been great catching up with new collectors and older ones sharing their prized copies.
  3. I've received a ton of offers on different books through Heritage the last 30 days. I wonder if it is new series collector or fellow boardie?
  4. Challengers of the Unknown....Kirby planted the seed for the Fantastic Four.
  5. Wow. I think I have 2 of 3 of these. This cover was the exclusive from my LCS. I'll hunt them down, and save you few bucks if I can find them.
  6. Is that the Astronaut cover?
  7. I need to do the collage with my run as well. I love this series.
  8. Great copy with bright colors. Congrats!
  9. I picked up few upgrades for my run last week. If anyone needs some fillers, I'll be listing my under-copies on the boards soon.