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  1. If you really want to get creative, use a 4 mil Time-Lok with custom made lucite 1/8in board from your local plastics manufacture. Cost me roughly 1.50 per board, but eliminates that pesky 70.00 plastic tomb and makes your book look like a million bucks but can be dangerous if not inserted carefully.
  2. Super great member we got here! Thank u
  3. Don't forget Norm from Fantasy World on hertle Ave I don't remember Fantasy World?? I spent my comic buying time with Dominic at Grant's Books (Hertel near Colvin) and Emil (When Queen City comics was still on Bailey). Both places were amazing for me. I moved out of town in 1983, so if this was after that, I wouldn't have known about it. Ahhhh yes, those were the days. Fantasy World on Hertle opened in about 1986 or so if memory serves
  4. Does someone have a hold of your Willie? I really wanted that one
  5. I think the last we heard is that presale tickets would go on sale early in 2017. Which means probably on a Tuesday or Wednesday coming up we'll get notice that the sale is that following Saturday. Could be next week or in a month. Thank u
  6. How soon before we find out whose lucky enough to get tickets?
  7. Taking a bath on this Took it down from 199.00 to 150.00
  8. Hooray! Price guides have been sold!
  9. Here we have a really striking copy of Mystic 8 I bought here off the boards. Cream pages with small corner crease right hand side and small back cover stain that doesn't go through the book. No restoration.I'd place it at a 7.0 conservatively Sold shipped via USPS All rules apply and returns no problemo Overstreet price guide #10 and damn near looks like it's never been opened. How 'bout SOLD shipped Finally a brand new hardcover of the latest overstreet guide SOLD shipped and never been opened [