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  6. No one cares? Say it ain't so?!? Its John Forte...who did many, many wonderful Atlas Horror & Mystery Stories Book is from 1950; Forte died in 1965 To quote the Ramones 'Adios Amigos"
  7. although I promised an answer today (48 hours) as no one hazards even a guess, I am giving it one more day to reveal This is my 2nd favorite of the entire series of my mystery Comic-meets-the-real-book world' postings as the artist is so great, known my most, and most folks will 'see it' once they find out who ericjmz
  8. Actually, by a VERY recent coincidence I am glad you wrote. Specifically I am NOT a Gnome Press collector (I think I own 2 Gnome Heinlein 's at that's it)...but have recently contemplated buying this series (although truth be told I wouldn't want the non-Howard, except I think the collection is worth more with it, then individually buying and choosing NOT to get it...I could be wrong regardless I have a few very specific pricing questions from what I see as the lay-of-the-land out there is there a way we can talk privately? ericjmz
  10. 10/6 Artist #8 Hello again; here's the 2nd of my 'Back-2-Back(s)' We last left off with mystery Book artist # 7 = Wally Wood, and imho, the easiest call of the series, as Wood is almost as distinctive as Steve Ditko Here's Artist #8 - and it won't be easy! As always, guesses-ad infinitum allowed and long as you haven't 'looked-it-up' or know the answer from your personal collections All answers/guesses, right or wrong, will be acknowledged No correct guesses in 48 hours & I will reveal...but Prove me Wrong...step up and stake your claim to the sharpest eye in comicdom! eric PS: the blue-light dagger is a mere artifact, ignore it
  11. I will TRY to remember; but that sort of remembrance as simple as it might seem to you, is not my strong point But I strongly suggest you merely use the 'Follow this seller' option on eBay Its a great thing; I do it myself when in my 'buyer' frame-of-mind I get requests like yours from my eBay customers & potential customers a lot...there IS No 'Follow this Buyer' eBay option best wishes eric (or on ebay 'ericjmz')
  12. I do the next to list (in the comix category...not most of what I list) will be Red Raider...perhaps the best of that short 'series' as it so happens I sold EVERY (I mean 100%!) of my dozen comic/comix listings at eh NY Comicon yesterday; that why I needed to end that many of my eBay listings :-(
  13.   "Grey Morrow! ?" ...nope :-(   "Kinda looks like Wally Wood." ..kinda is! :-) (with apologies to Stan Lee) you sir, win a 'No-prise' Here below is a pic of the interior flap, with the Wood credit. This book is from 1957, and represents Wood still in his classic (albeit post-EC) period. The book is the last of a 7 book series, and unfortunately the worst, as it is NOT Howard.