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  1. Got this back from a DesertWind Comics / Celestial Comics. Art is by artist/ inker Sal Buscema.
  2. Got my books back from CGC. Art by Kevin Altieri, storyboard artist and animation director of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and other cartoons, from his visit at East Coast Comic Con in NJ. Sigs were free on the other two books. He worked on the production of BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM so I had him sign the comic.
  3. Got my comic back from CGC. Art by animation director and storyboard artist Kevin Altieri, from numerous cartoons including Batman: The Animated Series.
  4. RICH HENN is accepting but I'm not sure if the mail-in date passed. You can do a quick search for info
  5. Due to his passing, Rich Buckler has been removed from the guest list. RIP. They've Added: - MAGGIE GEHA - TERRY MICHOS - DAVID HARRIS
  6. They've Added: - MARKY RAMONE Does anyone know if anyone is taking submissions for this show?
  7. Cancellations: - GEORGE PEREZ due to health: http://www.newsarama.com/34319-george-perez-gives-update-following-heart-attack-con-cancellation.html THEY'VE ADDED: - STEVE ENGLEHART - JOSE LUIS GARCIA LOPEZ - JOE RUBINSTEIN - BILLY TUCCI - BOB ALMOND - SCOTT HANNA - TOM LYLE -TOM RANEY - DAVID WENZEL - JOE ST. PIERRE CELEBS: - SEAN GUNN - CHRIS SULLIVAN - JESSICA HENWICK
  8. They've Added: - LEE MERIWETHER (Catwoman on the 60s BATMAN TV show) - BRIANA HILDEBRAND (Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the DEADPOOL film) - CM PUNK
  9. They've Added: - STAN BERKOWITZ (writer of cartoon shows Spider-man, Batman, Batman Beyond, Justice League and more) - They've also added an exhibitor list: https://boroughcon.com/2017/05/ok-ok-heres-the-exhibitors-list-so-far/
  10. My haul from East Coast Comic Con Geoff Darrow - BIG GUY AND RUSTY Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Batman bust