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  1. Cavalcades aren’t “hot” by any stretch, but they aren’t as cheap as they once were. Have bounced a bit in the last 12-18 mos.
  2. Some of his work on Flash Comics is superb. I’ve always loved this one.
  3. Posted some books on eBay this past Sunday. All no reserve: ME Ghost Rider 9 CGC 6.5 (12 in census) Space Adventures 23 CGC 7.0 (4 in census) Space Adventures 35 CGC 4.5 (8 in census; tough book) Space Adventures 40 CGC 7.0 (10 in census) Fantastic Four Annual 6 CGC 8.0 (Key -1st Annihilus and Franklin Richards) All end this coming Sunday (24th). All great books. Good luck.
  4. Possible to get a summary, after digesting and reflecting? Did you meet expectations? What 10 books over-performed? What 10 under-performed? Top 10 you’ll miss the most? And so forth. I think that’d be fun, @G.A.tor.
  5. It was either this or the New Mutants 98 CGC 9.4. Chose the former, after much teeth gnashing. ;-)
  6. Can you add “The Best Stories from Crime Does Not Pay” (1953)/Annual #nn to the Crime Does Not Pay Registry set? Many thanks.
  7. It’s certainly a key, and keys, generally, have done pretty well. And not sure the market is all that selective. Virtually every title has done well in the past decade. Growth in some better than others, of course, and many lacking meteoric rise, but there have been gains largely across the board. I’ll slither back to my DC, non-key hole.
  8. Hoping a lot of books will more than double. I’ve got quite a few listed. Only a couple days left and prices are soft, soft, soft.
  9. Cut-off for me, largely, is 5.0. For keys, I try to stay 5.0-6.5 (have dipped below a couple times). I might like 5.5, specifically, there the most. Once you hit grade, you can jump quite a bit in price, depending on the book. 5.5s are great value for bigger books. I like to put together runs and look for higher grade stuff (7.5 and up) for “regular” parts of a run. Generally, however, 5.0 is my floor.
  10. It’s a great title. Love me some Black Rider. A few of those covers have almost Schomburg-like scenes.