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  1. I’m also in Oak Park. Will do my best not to become a stalker.
  2. He lives in Chicago? I didn’t know that.
  3. Can you update the scores for Tip Top Comics 173 (tied with United Comics 21 for first Peanuts). None are listed, at present. Not a cheap book or easy to find (21 Universals in the Census). Thanks!
  4. Some of the Black Riders are dynamite. I love that set. I’ll dig a few out to show. Very under-appreciated. I’m missing a few issues, so please hold off buying them until I’m done. Thanks.
  5. Just joined this club, and I’m pretty excited. Book is raw...for now.
  6. I picked up just one book - the Shadow v3 no. 3 (#27) CGC 9.0. I think it's the first comic book appearance of Monstrodamus. I'm pretty happy with this one.
  7. This Magazine Is Haunted #16 CGC 2.0 - $650 625 Tremendous Ditko cover. Zombies under water are the worst, but this book is the best. Presents well at this grade. You can show it unabashedly to your friends.
  8. Letting go of a cool, hard-to-find, nice-presenting pre-code horror book. The rules of the road.... 1. PayPal or certified check only. 2. First unconditional claim posted in the sales thread wins the book. A post in the thread takes precedence over any PM sale that might be agreed to but not yet posted to the sales thread. 3. Shipping within the US included. Canada, UK or Australia, please inquire. I'll follow your directions, within reason, but shipping not included outside the US. 4. Insurance not included. Let's chat through what you need or want before we finalize price and you send payment. 5. Book is slabbed by CGC. You know what you're getting. No returns, as a result. 6. I'd be open to time payments, as many kind boardies have provided me with same. 7. No HOS or probation boardies. I also reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. I am a straight-shooter. I've been on the boards for several years - doing decent sized transactions without hassle. Happy to provide references, if you need. My kudos thread is referenced in my signature, if needed.
  9. Nice snag. I’d have had to jump if you didn’t.
  10. I so, so want pulps to be slabbed. So want. Like with magazines, CGC should start with certain titles then expand. Yes, some engineering might have to change, but it’s worth the effort.
  11. It drives me a bit nuts that these bigger auctions close in the middle of the week and during the middle of the day. Why can’t they close in the evening? I know there is a live event, but can’t that start later? I’ve missed out on a ton of stuff because of this and will be pinched again. I’m sure I’m not the only other person whose job is rather manic ~8-5.
  12. I love those Spicys. The ones in the last HA auction were dynamite.
  13. I’ve tracked this title pretty darn closely for 10 years, and I would be shocked it there are more than a couple hundred of several issues. For a few, I’ve only seen a handful of copies trade within that span. Many of the census numbers hover in the teens.