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  1. I’ve tracked this title pretty darn closely for 10 years, and I would be shocked it there are more than a couple hundred of several issues. For a few, I’ve only seen a handful of copies trade within that span. Many of the census numbers hover in the teens.
  2. Those are nasty. Just incredible. I ended up parting with my #5. Someone else really wanted it.
  3. Space Adventures 59 CGC 7.0 - Off-White Pages - $115 Two in the census - both 7.0s, so tied for highest, I guess. Not an easy book in decent shape, like the 47 above.
  4. Space Adventures 47 CGC 5.0 - Off-White Pages - $55 I was working on a run of this title for a while. This was the last issue I needed. Not easy to find something that isn't a beater. Can say that from firsthand experience, chasing. Three in the census.
  5. Space Adventures 4 CGC 6.5 - Off-White to White Pages - $375 Tough book, only 10 in the census (highest graded is an 8.5). Back cover, per request
  6. Prize Comics 60 CGC 4.0 - Off-White Pages - $135 Presents well but has some water exposure on upper and lower end of spine (visible from back). Nice book.
  7. Don Winslow of the Navy CGC 6.5 - Off-White to White - $125 Love this cover and belongs in the "best underwater cover" thread in the GA forum. I thought this would grade much higher. Very nice for the grade.
  8. Blue Beetle 4 CGC 7.0 (1965) - Off-White to White Pages - $55
  9. Air Pirates 2 CGC 9.6 - Off-White to White Page - $260 Disney parody banned from sales. Last issue and tougher than the first, IMO.
  10. Air Pirates 1 CGC 8.5 - Off-White to White Pages - $185 Disney parody that I'm sure enraged Disney execs in 1971. Mickey has bags of "dope" affixed to his plane on the cover.