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  1. They don’t seem to offer great support. Hope he has some inserts in those. Also, say I was getting ready to tussle with that monster, I’m going straight to the feet. Clearly a sensitive spot.
  2. Not an easy one. No idea why that monster has slippers on.
  3. Lovely thread. Just stellar. Alright, now do Flash Comics, Daring Comics and Mystic Comics. :-)
  4. Many thanks. Loads of pretty books among those titles. I love that Flash run, but it felt like time to let most go. I might reassemble in a higher grade at some point. I held back a few I couldn’t live without, including my 96, which is on par with the AF32 as being miserably tough. And cool.
  5. Yeah, 36 is awfully tough. I’d go #30 in grade. The AF32 was mine too. It’s tougher than either of those GLs.
  6. Also, one thing that people might not have noticed was that the entire GL run was FN or better. That took some hunting. A few of those are pretty challenging. That #30, for instance, sooooo hard to find a decent copy of that.
  7. Yeah, I put a few runs in the auction. Negro Romance wasn’t one. Overall, things have balanced out thus far (*raps wood*). Some have over-performed, some under. GLs weaker across the board than I hoped - save for the 33. Space Adventures up tonight. That set was pretty challenging (and cool). A few of those are tough, tough, tough (5, 14, and 19 among others).... I’m not liquidating, but I did part with a pretty hefty load. Plan on refocusing parts of my collecting a bit. Cut a bit deeper than I should have in hindsight, as I have some seller’s remorse.
  8. I have something to do with that. The Miss Fury was also my book. Beautiful copy, which I got years ago from a super-stellar boardie. Someone got a winner there.
  9. Game is afoot for this auction. Go-time! Couple books I’m chasing.