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  1. I had something similar happen. Twice. Had a big book take almost 3 weeks to go from Chicago to Florida. All kinds of goofy tracking updates along the way. I just sent books to Joey and tracking never updated, but he received them safe and sound. The post office is a hot mess right now, and it’s sad and alarming to see. I’ve done a lot of comic shopping in the last 15 years. Never seen anything like this, not close. Regardless the side of the political aisle you’re on, this should make your ears perk up.
  2. Possible to fix the scores for Black Rider #13 and #18? #13 should be scored more akin to #12 and #18 should be scored akin to #17, IMO. At present, I think those issues have the "minimum." Many thanks. Scores Updated. Thank you
  3. Figured someone would see that a 7.0 sold for $720 on Heritage tonight and come scoop this up. But not yet. ;-)