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  1. Can you add scores for Black Rider (Atlas) 14, 15 and 16? I think they should match issue 13. They currently sit blank. Thanks.
  2. I want to upgrade my Flash Comics #1. I own a tremendous 2.0, but I’m after a 5.0-6.0. Someday.
  3. Stellar. Love these boards. Thanks for hunting this down.
  4. Fair take, completely. You and Bedrock are both wise fellers.
  5. I took the plunge. Too interesting not to least for me. Might have burnt that money, but qualities here that are intriguing.
  6. They look old, real. I have them in hand now. All are swipes, but not sure that’s surprising. But were they production for an old bootleg? Maybe. Not sure. They’re interesting, though.
  7. I didn’t avoid. I bought them. Perhaps regretfully.
  8. No sure where best to post this, but trying here. Does anyone know what these are? I bought these off eBay. The guy said he picked them up 30+ years ago from an estate sale in Northern NJ, along with other pieces from the 40s. These are original art on card stock. They’re 5-3/4 by 6-3/4 inches.Three of the backs have a stamp on them (two shown below). There was also a Batman, Joker, and Wonder Woman, which I didn’t get. Fronts: A few backs: Flash Superman The guy said another bidder reached out and said another p