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  1. First wins. No HOS members or probies. I reserve the right to refuse any sales. Paypal. Be nice and don't edit I'll take it's. My feedback: Surface shipping can be slow lately, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks but can take up to 7 weeks as well. Please don't purchase items if you are impatient to get them. Please contact me if you don't live in Canada, Germany, the UK or the US. I do not ship packages surface to most other countries. Returns accepted 30 days. You pay return shipping if you don't like the book, I'll pay return shipping if I missed something. I think that my prices are fair (most of the times) so please keep your offers to yourself. If I decide to lower my prices I will do so in the sales thread. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING A BOOK FROM ME! Surface shipping can be long. Please do NOT purchase any books from me if you are impatient! Surface shipping only works for the US, Canada, UK and Germany. I ONLY SHIP BY AIR TO ALL OTHER COUNTRIES.
  2. Cheers. Things are really slow over here in Paris right now and this is the first good pile of books that I purchased this year. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to pick up more good stuff this year.
  3. This just came my way. Some nice Weird Tales, most in decent condition with the spine intact. And some others as well, don't know much about them value wise so I will have to do some digging around. I don't collect pulps but so they will all be sold at a future date. I like those Weird Tales though, nice covers and some have stories by Howard and Lovecraft, stuff that I loved to read a few decades ago.
  4. Major X 2 Noto variant $17.50 shipped surface Tiny corner crease.
  5. Still a couple, maybe three sets available. Still awaiting payment for one set, gonna give it a few more days and cancel the sale if payment is still outstanding. Gonna add a few of this weeks Marvel variants in a minute.