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  1. Batman 234 FN- $130 Crease through bc next to left edge.
  2. GL 59 VG/FN $140 Corner crease back cover and chips out of corner in pages (last half of the book), light thumb print lower left corner of cover.
  3. Shipping is NOT included in my prices. Surface shipping in a cardboard box (the books will be well protected between cardboard sleeves and will then be put into a thick cardboard box surrounded by peanuts): 1 to 3 books: $6 4 to 10 books: $7.50 Surface shipping can be very slow. I can send books out in an envelope, faster but more expensive. Fell free to contact me if you favor this option.
  4. First anywhere (PMs) wins. No HOS members or probies. I reserve the right to refuse any sales. Paypal, TransferWise or wire transfer. Be nice and don't edit I'll take it's. My feedback: Please PM me before purchasing a book if you can't make payment within 24 hours. Surface shipping can be slow lately, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks but can take up to 7 weeks as well. Please don't purchase items if you are impatient to get them. Please contact me if you don't live in Canada, Germany, the UK or the US. I do not ship packages surface to most other countries. Returns accepted 30 days. You pay return shipping if you don't like the book, I'll pay return shipping if I missed something. I think that my prices are fair (most of the times) so please keep your offers to yourself. If I decide to lower my prices I will do so in the sales thread. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING A BOOK FROM ME! Surface shipping can be long. Please do NOT purchase any books from me if you are impatient! Surface shipping only works for the US, Canada, UK and Germany. I ONLY SHIP BY AIR TO ALL OTHER COUNTRIES.
  5. FYI I just purchase a few 60s and 70s keys (nothing too big though) and they will be included in my next sales thread.
  6. I'm going to leave this open for a few more days. Thanks to all for looking and a big thank you to the buyers for their purchases. Currently digging through my boxes to start a new sales thread soon!
  7. Cheers! I have a Batman for you. I will need to check at work tomorrow if I have any variants left and will PM you then!
  8. You can pay me with TransferWise. No need to have an account, just use your credit or debit card. I'll give you a 4% discount if you use TransferWise!