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  1. I estimate this to be around a 6.5-7.5 myself but looking for the opinions of others. The tatooz are present. If anyone is interested in purchasing it I would be open to offers.
  2. I estimate this to be around 7.0-8.0 myself but looking for the opinions of others. If anyone is interested in purchasing it I would be open to offers.
  3. Looks like the Eternals might have a run at next big thing. Hopefully they are better handled then the Inhumans.
  4. I'm a big fan of Scarecrow and am fortunate enough to have come across a copy of this book I was able to afford a couple years ago. It does unfortunately lack its centerfold. I'm curious what grade you think it might receive and how much of a boost would it get if I was able to marry a centerfold to it? And on that note if anyone know of a cheap coverless copy for sale to procure the centerfold from I suppose.
  5. This very much aligns with how I approach collecting a character. I really enjoy villains as much as the hero, I like the unique way a villain will challenge a hero physically, mentally, and emotionally. As such I tend to collect heroes by selecting a villain I am very fond of, going after all those appearances and then filling in gaps from there to approach building a run. I believe I own all Scarecrow appearances aside from World's Finest 3 at least up until 2000. As my profile picture suggests I'm quite a fan of Loki (and Thor/Norse myth in general) working on JiM 83-Thor 400 has been my main run focus, which I have a little over a half of. I probably could have it complete if I focused solely on it, aside from the 83, but I enjoy having a variety of characters to read too much so its something I work at a little at a time. I have recently begun to approach collecting Superman/Action through Brainiac appearances.
  6. Sorry to bring my grumpy opinion but Ragnarok was rather disappointing for me. It was absolutely riddled with a form of humor I do not find funny at all explained very nicely in this video. I don't hate humor, but all means the Apple store scene in Winter Solider is great, but its because its funny to us as an audience and frustrating and not humiliating to the character involved. This movie did a few things well, I thoroughly enjoyed Hela and Surtur and wish they were in a movie that respected their presence better. Tom Hiddleston did the best he could to maintain Loki's integrity but they pulled the rug out from him so often. There was a lot of great Kirby influence in the design of costumes, architecture and technology on Sakaar and this I was able to appreciate as well. Unfortunately I just kinda left feeling "well I guess I was entertained" Instead of pumped or excited. I seem to be very alone in this opinion though the two friends I saw it with agreed a bit with me.
  7. CLZ is a yearly subscription at $25 but I find it to be extremely useful and there is a cloud that you can link to that will automatically fill in creator info on a book. It has an entry field for just about any information that could possibly pertain to a comic.
  8. Yeah that was a regular, comic book based set. This is a link to the recent GotG2 movie set list. They tend to be much smaller sets. UPDATE: Turns out the Beta Ray Bill in that picture I shared was a fake photo shopped I'm hearing now.
  9. As a player of heroclix, I'm fairly certain the movie based sets have never included a character that did not appear in the movie.
  10. Seems the Heroclix set for the next Thor movie had leaked Beta Ray Bill (seen next to Heimdall) If it's true perhaps Thor 337 will see a rise?
  11. The tour van for the new Curse Words book by Charles Soule is going to be in my town of Grand Rapids this Sunday. Was wondering if anyone here has attended one and what the hot limited variants to get from this are. Also curious if any sig wittinessers will be at the event by chance, though I know this is unlikely.
  12. I've found Iron Fist to be one of the least faithful adaptations its so embarrassed of the source material its disgusting. Like all these Netflix shows there is no joy, no brightness, just dour grim fights, screwed up people committing shock gore violence. I finish an episode and feel drained and disappointed. The tone of the Netflix verse is not something I can enjoy at all, its lacks the hope and fun and fantasy that makes superhero comics so amazing to me. I should have expected it going it, I don't know why I bothered to watch this.
  13. My shop bag and boards with a 10% subscription discount as well. I figure the amount I save buying bags and boards equals out to places that offer higher sub discounts. Seems 9.8 percentages can really vary week to week. I always go through the stack for every book but sometimes I grudgingly have to settle for 8.5-9.0 teir books. They are usually pretty nice about reordering low stock books or stuff that was only pulled for me without much hassle, I only have that happen maybe once every few months. I'd agree with the 10% estimates being given.
  14. I'm assuming you mean reading reprinted collections? I can't imagine reading actual Silver/Gold outside of ones home. That being said I tend to do most of my reading at home, I find the noise and environment more distracting to the reading experience. Though having conversations about books spring up like that sounds kinda nice, especially if it leads to collections. Maybe I need to find a coffee shop not populated by young hipsters.
  15. Vexsus

    Comic Keys

    As a younger person that has gotten into collecting my advice to you is to spend time studying the market, recent ebay sales. Have a decent idea of what keys in various grades are approximately worth. Then just keep your eye out for deals, even if its not a book that excites you personally selling it and profiting can get you a book that does. Having a good idea of grading helps here too, go search high res scans of books in every grade and try to recognize what puts that book in that category. Being able to tell between a 4.5 and 6.0 can make a huge difference in finding what might be an underpriced book for a grade.