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  1. Hi everybody. Been on these boards for many years (and still know a few of you) but haven't been posting lately. Well... It's time. I'm going to sell my epic Doctor Strange collection. The first plan is to sell it all at once to see if I can give a portion to some charities. I'd post in the Comics Market section but thought that the breadth and scope of the collection is worthy of a thread in Comics General. I don't know how often someone sells an entire room full of stuff based on one character. Here's a link to the auction. It's been 14 years since I began actively collecting Doctor Strange comics and merchandise, and these boards have been a daily source of information and entertainment. Thanks to everyone here I've encountered in my Dr. Strange Quest!
  2. Another piece I hate to part with... Brendan McCarthy's cover painting to Jonah Hex #56 (2010) EBAY LINK Considering offers if the auction doesn't sell. Thanks for looking!
  3. Have 3 Batman pages up I received as a gift from the artist. Hate to part with them but need the money at the moment. Would love to sell them to a board member! A steal at $500 for the lot: LINK
  4. I recently moved and I updated the Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum:
  5. I've always wanted to get a Frank Miller signature series of my 9.8 CGC Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14. It has one of my favorite Dr. Strange and Spider-Man stories in it ("The Bend Sinister!"). Due to Miller's health issues in recent years, I thought I'd never get the opportunity. Today I learned he's doing a signing at Legacy Comics in Glendale, CA on February 20th. Any chance there's a local CGC employee who can come by and witness him signing my book so I can make this happen? I will un-slab my copy and re-submit it with the signature if this can be arranged. Just asking since there wouldn't be much point in doing it otherwise. Link to the event:
  6. Looking to complete the run of Dr. Strange Canadian 75 cent covers. Looking for issues 55, 56, 62-64, 66, 70-81. Condition must be at least F+. I'd rather buy them as a lot, so let me know if you have the ones I need.