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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Ill send him a note!
  2. yes, have seen his sales. he does a lot of guessing game on his non ebay pieces so will wait for what he has to hit the 'bay.
  3. Looking for a Kelley Jones Batman - either a pinup or commission on a 11x17. Shoot me a PM if you have one or know of how to find one.
  4. Is there a wire option? Thought it was only check.
  5. he's probably busy fielding the perez convention sketch requests
  6. Yes, for art collectors its particularly weak. Only hope is that dc will be there and they tend to announce some big talent closer to show day.
  7. only fitting that Johnson would be the artist.
  8. style is too derivative of finch down to the wonky anatomy. nice paintings though.
  9. we want every last detail possible! the internet loves a good scandal!
  10. ah. I see. the OP updated via the OP being updated. Congrats pal, I'm glad it was returned safe and sound!
  11. you can find him on the 'gram under king_collectables