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  1. young adults nowadays collect likes and followers. i'd consider maybe old phones - particularly old versions of iphones? or ipods? but who knows given that alot of collecting is of the virtual nature vs tangible for today's youth.
  2. The sketch prices group is pretty active. But its mainly focused on low to mid range commissions.
  3. +1 for Inkyknuckles, Modern Mythology, Kwan and Albertmoy
  4. Here i was thinking it was a jim lee commission going for cheap.
  5. Nice page but thats a pass. Pricey and not meaningful 2 u.
  6. The guy that won several of these owns a company that focuses on creative ways to save on taxes. Im sure he will come up with creative tax treatment for these 2...
  7. Ive never heard of tony d having a bad reputation. Great artist and good guy imo. His commissions are a bit pricey for my taste now but you can get his oa at good prices if you wait for his occassional sales.
  8. IMO you should go with what you think will satisfy you. Sometimes it's a recreation, sometimes it's a commission. If you have an artist (or inker) that is still alive that has done one of your all time favorite covers that you know you will never get, either due to price, that it's nowhere to be found, or the seller will never sell, then why not consider a recreation if that's what you really want? A commission might be cool, but it may not fit the bill for what it is that you are really looking for.
  9. Detective 849 cover: Sold on june 2020 comiclink for $2400. Now $7999 obo.