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  1. Imo dont chase an artist that doesnt respond. If they arent responsive to a "hey i have money for u!" email, imagine how responsive theyll be to a "wheres my art?" email.
  2. or don't borrow for highly discretionary purchases.
  3. monthly drops of quality material is pretty frequent imo.
  4. i used to commission adelso corona to ink over my brett booth pinups / commissions. the ink work got enough of brett's attention that they started working together on some valiant books. now they are working on an xmen project together.
  5. great page, marquee character and book, amazing artist. i'd imagine that given how hot the 90s market is, you will do much better than you expect in auction and will probably do better than the comps point to.
  6. Such a great collection deserved a better show and tell venue.
  7. eewwnuk


    The art looks like ale garza
  8. Fellas just enjoy the free content. Bills shows are entertaining and provide good info.
  9. Talented artist. 1k is a bit rich but thats how todays overstimulated art market is.
  10. For 2021 whatever i can get in and out of with no trouble im down for. So local cons. But only if the guest list is worthwhile.
  11. young adults nowadays collect likes and followers. i'd consider maybe old phones - particularly old versions of iphones? or ipods? but who knows given that alot of collecting is of the virtual nature vs tangible for today's youth.
  12. The sketch prices group is pretty active. But its mainly focused on low to mid range commissions.