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  1. Actually you can vote for your own entries.
  2. Imo too many categories make it clunky and more of a chore to look through and try and vote. I would think that the goal would be to engage users to participate in submitting and voting. Seems like the submission part worked - just now need them to vote as well.
  3. we do it every year in the caf lowry / best of the best competition. just because someone spent the most amount of $ doesn't mean that it will appeal to everyone.
  4. i enjoyed seeing so many entries. really only struggled in narrowing things down in the 'covers' section which was very strong (as it usually is). thanks all for hosting and making the entry process very easy
  5. The wealthy always trying to get around taxes
  6. Looking through his insta feed, that dude is LIVING.
  7. i think the all-in cost is a fair way of doing it. as to whether its $350 or $500 its all the same as i'm sure we frugal fanatics will find pockets of inexpensive great art over the course of 2020.
  8. Thanks for hosting. This is a great / fun idea.
  9. Think his art is overrated / overpriced. Good luck
  10. they arent posting them on caf if they are buying them..
  11. Think it depends on what you view to be the source of chatter for pieces. There's so many venues for discussion now that im sure plenty of people are still talking about these in demand pieces - just probably not where they used to talk.
  12. I dont think the issue with alex ross has to do with popularity or demand. Its more of an asking price issue with his work.