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  1. 100k that you could only spend on jim lee commissions.
  2. how much do splashy Jim Lee Batman or Wolverine pieces sell for?
  3. can we start a sub thread on the investment value of sketch covers?
  4. just buy a northface used messenger bag on ebay. i see a bunch ranging from $20 - $60. just make sure the dimensions are big enough to carry whatever size portfolio you usually take. i bought one used and have been carrying it around cons for 4+ years.
  5. Jorge molina, art adams, mark brooks, ben harvey, stelfreeze, vitti, bonetti are amongst the best commission artists. Fellas who are good at show but may be a headache if you let them walk out the weekend with your cash are jae l, lashley, pantanela, tex, liefeld.
  6. In the events section? I dont see anything on byrne there.
  7. The ever shrinking paper size for commissions with their ever increasing prices. The legion of internet fans who defend their artists even when they are in the wrong. The social media users that swipe pics from your caf for likes on their twitter or instagram without giving you credit. The buyers that refuse to pay for proper shipping and the sellers that refuse to ship properly. The artists that are active on social media but refuse to answer your messages.
  8. no payment upfront on this one. he does have my art board. or did? who knows. either way, with no cash upfront, i'm not stressed on it.
  9. I really enjoy these. keep them coming!
  10. I too am on his list. for a single figure much much less than 15k. he also acknowledges it when I see him at a con. I have little faith that it will ever get done.
  11. poor customer service by sellers, reps, artists.
  12. Beautiful cover worthy commissions. All sound like great hassle free memorable experiences. While the price is high, i'm not sure you can argue the value isnt there.
  13. Jim Aparo. He and Norm Breyfogle ran the Batman / Detective books during the late 80's and early 90's. Given how different their styles were and how dynamic Norm was, as a kid I used to get upset whenever i had to trade over to the Aparo drawn bat books. Now I wish I had more of Jim's artwork.