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  1. This is what I may end up doing more of. Right now I share my Netflix account with 1 or 2 others. Someone is sharing YouTube TV with me. Got Amazon Prime, so I get that already. Lot of it will come down to ordering/canceling, or sharing the cost of these services across many friends/family. Which is why the # of streams at the same time is so important. I like the ability to binge a show when it comes out (Netflix / Amazon). Not looking forward to having to wait a week for new episodes on Disney+.
  2. Awesome grades. I would like to get a nicely graded #21 as well one day.
  3. Finally got my last piece of my most recent submission. Was hoping for a slightly better grade, but can't complain too much. This was a Heritage purchase that estimated it to be between a 8.0 and a 9.0. I thought a pressing might bump it up a bit. Still happy, nonetheless.
  4. I bought the first one, because A. didn't want to miss out on a possible new popular character and B. curious. Read it, sold it, and never looked at any other issues.
  5. Not sure how I feel about him handling a beloved favorite like Snake Eyes. Thoughts?
  6. Just got these back. This is the first time I've gotten books back with the Newton Rings (I believe that is what they are called based on what I've read/learned here). Would these be candidates for a return and re-slabbing?
  7. If I remember correctly issue #1 was printed on Baxter paper. The other issues were printed like you stated.
  8. 3 Moderns that was scheduled for grading on 6/12 has now shipped as expected delivery is 6/25. 1 Economy still has the Scheduled for Grading status.
  9. From a some boardies here, got the following:
  10. I don't have a problem with him HAVING the tattoo. The problem, and again it's my own personal opinion/issue, is that it isn't something that was ever flaunted out in the open on clothing or swords (at least in the early Marvel comic books). It was a special moment to see the reveal that both he and Storm Shadow had a similar tattoo on their respective wrists (of which both were/are covered).
  11. That looks great. Side note: Not sure why it is, but I feel like Snake Eyes should not have the Arashikage symbol on his outfit. This was done in the movies too. Just my own little issue.