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  2. Looking forward to this but at the same time not having Snake Eyes be white kind of goes against the whole nature of who he is and what he was able to do.
  3. I've played Titanfall 2, Spider-Man, Jedi Fallen, and now have been playing Division 2. $3 for the core was worth it to try it out. Ended up getting the WONY expansion just as well. It has different levels of toughness and the higher levels are frustratingly challenging (a good thing, even though my cussing doesn't always equate to that).
  4. Some references I caught in what I read recently. Name of the High School Mark attends is Reginald VelJohnson high school, which is the actor from Family Matters and Die Hard. The principal's name? Winslow (same last name as the father from Family Matters). There was an attack at the Twin Pines mall.... which is a reference to the Back to Future movie. It's the little things you start to pick up on with re-reading. Highly recommend this series.
  5. Wife and I just finished watching this. Overall, thought it was very well done. Would very much be interested in watching a sequel to this. Thought all the characters were great. Truly hated Merrick.
  6. I have the compendiums and am currently re-reading the series in anticipation of this. Very excited to see how it comes out.
  7. Just happened to check out and saw this announcement. I thought their Treasure Trove trades were fantastic. It doesn't indicate where it would be available though.
  9. Just received some ASM books I purchased from Charlie. Books came in as described (some possibly even better). Very happy and would buy from again.
  10. Didn't want to feel left out. Purchased this when it first came out. So original owner. Tried my best to keep it in good condition. Doubt I'd get it graded, but it does still look good.
  11. Agree with this. Thought they did this very well. I tried to imagine what my head would look like. Maybe a large comic book store?
  12. Personally, I think the books are much better. Much more captivating, in my opinion. The show does okay. There are a lot of "huh? Why'd they do (didn't do) that?" moments. Still will watch the 2nd season to see where it goes and if it improves.
  13. Watched the first 5 episodes so far. Enjoying it so far. Definitely differences with the book. Happy to see a 2nd season is official. May have to re-read the books after finishing the season.