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  1. Fantastic, easy, smooth transaction. Item was shipped quick and was well packed. Will keep my eyes out for future opportunities to buy from again.
  2. My first Yellow Label slab thanks to a fellow board member. Upgrade over my 8.0 version.
  3. Have to say I did enjoy the comic crossovers they did. Both I and II. This looks like a different take than those, though. Looks interesting enough for me to check out.
  4. I think there are degrees to a collector. There are those who: collect an assortment of what they like to read and want to hold on to. Regardless of condition or value. Value to them is the "feel" they get from being able to read them time and time again. do similar to the above but also strives to maybe expand their collection to other areas (different genre, publisher, characters, etc.) want to get only GA, or SA, or Modern, or whatever want to collect only key comics (maybe specifically to a particular age) want to collect comics that remind them of their childhood, while looking out for opportunities to get additional books (whether to keep or sell) that interest them for whatever reason I don't think there is a clear description when there can be so many variations on how someone "collects" something. Anyone can be a collector when they are accumulating a variety of versions of a specific item (coins, comic books, statues, beanie babies, sports cards, etc.). What one does with that collection is an outcome (keep, sell, upgrade) of the decision to collect the items in the first place. My .02 cents.
  5. This is where I am very fortunate. My wife new I collected comics when we got together and when we were married. Knew it was a packaged deal. With that being said, I don't have the collection size others have. I am around 3000. Had more, but have started selling some of the stuff that I never really CARED for to begin with. I am a "run collector" but limited. Finished my web of spider-man run recently. Want to complete my GI Joe run next. I am only doing that for those titles (characters) I truly care about. Shared this link with my wife, and her first instinct was for us to find a Hulk 181.
  6. I like the Thundercats book you got @comicartfan
  7. Got a few new Spider-Man books recently from some other board members. Then I won my first auction on Heritage and got me the #1 Invincible. Excited to get that one slabbed.
  8. Here is some stuff I did in my teen years about 30 years ago. Most were drawn from actual reference material. I keep saying that I will get back to drawing, just haven't yet. But I will. Sure there will be a lot of rust. May attempt to try do things both old school (paper) and new school (digital).
  9. Was curious about people getting stuff from Kickstarter. Was going to post a new thread till I found this one. Glad I did. So far, for me, I've backed 3 comic book related kickstarters. Ron Marz, Darryl Banks Team for WW2 Harken’s Raiders Comic Kevin Eastman's DRAWING BLOOD, Vol. 1: A Graphic Novel Elders of the RuneStone (Quinn Johnson and Robert Atkins) Of the 3, I have in my hands the Drawing Blood GN (+ bonus of Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls) (see pics below). For Elders of the RuneStone, which I believe is to be 5 issues, I have received the first 3 issues digitally (as expected). Harken's Raiders Comic is planned to be delivered in March of 2019 and I am optimistic I will receive it sometime in March.
  10. I just checked my settings because I do get emails from being mentioned. Albeit a little slow in receiving the notification. Did you check your Spam folder? They may have been marked as Spam and go there instead. My current settings show as follows for receiving emails. Along with a screenshot of receiving a notification email.
  11. That is awesome. I hope one day I can be that close.
  12. My first LCS was Comic Kingdom in Detroit, MI. I remember we would always go when my cousin from PA was in town. He was big into comics and helped introduce me to them as well. Probably the first time I went was around the age of 7 or 8. Was always amazed at how many comic books there were. Looking around at all of the cool posters. Unfortunately neither the original nor the sequel (Comic Kingdom II in a suburb) are around anymore.