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  1. Giving this a price drop in celebration of the long weekend. Now $4,795.
  2. Are you Canadian? Want to buy a big ticket item, but don't want to get tombstoned with Customs charges? This is the thread for you. Also, I welcome anyone else with the cash money. trumps any pms. Shipping is Free in Canada and the USA. I am open to shipping to other places, but please consult me first so I can get you a shipping quote and ensure proper tracking and delivery is available for an item as valuable as this. Payment will be by Paypal in US Dollars. No probation or Hos members Possibly the hottest book on the planet. Incredible Hulk #181 Cgc 8.5 CR/OW On 8/15/2018 GPA has a recorded sale of $5100 for a Hulk #181 Cgc 8.0 Wp. An 8.5 just sold here on the boards for $4995. This Copy right here? $4895! NOW $4,795!
  3. Walking Dead #100 Lucille Variant. I once heard someone describe this as the Actio...Forget it. $1600 for this one.
  4. If you're a Campbell Collector, this is one of the heavyweights. I once heard someone call this the "Action Comics #1 of Modern Variants". I also saw that same person try to eat Soup with their bare hands, so.... $3400!
  5. Thor #10, one of the old Venomized Variants. Venom is like Frank's Redhot Sauce. Marvel puts that junk on everything. $400 for this spicy book.
  6. Here is Venom #1 with one of the massive McFarlane variants. $3,000 is the price tag.
  7. Next up is arguably Adam Hughes' fines moment. Supergirl and the Legion of Super-heroes #23 - 9.8 Asking $1050 for this one