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  1. Does that Art Adams cover say $2,000? Seems incredibly discounted to what I’ve seen of his covers.
  2. I really love those covers, this is really nice. I haven’t seen any of the final inked ones.
  3. No Carnage, but a pair of nice Venom and Spidey pages from that arc also were up.!20105!US!-1 I picked up the other one. These don’t show up often.
  4. Thanks for sharing Glen. I signed up. I appreciate CAF of course. And have also enjoyed Comic Art Tracker, and the Comic Art Aficionados auction recaps. Most of all though I’m grateful in to have an active, old school, message board community of people sharing interests. Thanks!
  5. The descriptions in these auctions drive me bonkers. One piece I'd been tracking and planning to bid on was this John McCrea Demon page. I own a couple McCrea pages so I am used to his pencil and ink boards (he seems to pencil on one board, then light box himself to ink separate). Basically exactly as the photos show. I've looked at this listing probably 50 times, but just noticed: "This lot includes McCrea's original pencil art for this splash and a production stat of the inked art (the art was inked on a separate board which is not included in this lot)." I'm not super interested in that. Glad I saw it. It's funny how many words they spend describing the Publisher, or Artist's other work, the Character's history ("Did you know Wolverine is Popular?!"), or in this case how "DC really needs to make an R-rated Hitman movie for the same people who loved the Deadpool films." That you have to really search for meaningful information about the piece you are potentially buying. -Over:)
  6. I have the Omnibus, took a peak at that page. The only description is "X-Statix vs Avengers Jam piece"
  7. Sure. He had a couple panels that were 300-400. Just single panels. One was the mr sinister her tweeted recently. Very cool image but small. For that cover he had 3 boards: wolverine & gambit- $1500 full team- $1000 head shots and storm/cyclops question mark (1 board) $500 varios sizes but all on the smaller end. Someone bought the $500 within the first hour of the show. I like the art to represent the printed page so couldn't get over single panel or how they were split.
  8. @jay Ollie espy: It totally escaped me to ask. I'd meant to, and forgot.
  9. I went yesterday. Sorry no pics. The only art dealer/rep set up was Anthony's Comic Art. Many artists had there own work for sale, but his was the only "wall" or display. Anthonys set up is noteworthy. He has portfolio after portfolio stacked up to rummage through like comic long boxes. It makes me shudder on one hand as I watch the bending and soft corners sticking out, but on the other it's cool to give so much accessibility. I went to see if Ed Piskor had any X-Men Grand Design pages. He did not. Had some cool panel patches and he had the "cover" to one. The cover was made up of 4 different corner boxes from old x-men issues. He light boxed the actual art from Jim Lee, Paul Smith, etc, then inked over with some tweaks. They were cool, but being all separate and pricey I passed. Someone bought at least one.
  10. Thanks a ton all, and BCarter for linking that thread. Art is from the 90's, I'll remove and store side by side in a portfolio.
  11. I just received a DPS in the mail and I recalled reading here about the damage masking tape glue can have to paper over time. I'm not 100% sure this is masking tape, though it sure looks like it and shows yellowing on the back. Is there any advice or opinions on a) If it is masking tape and b) If it is, should I remove it? Assuming I can do so without damaging the art, will removing it help? Thanks!
  12. The Prydain Chrinicles was my absolute favorite book series as a kid. I've always looked for Jody Lee's paperback painting from the last book, but this version was the tattered, worn paperback I first read. Found it on a French site thanks to and made my first illustration purchase. I love the pulpy nature of it. It's a beauty to behold by a Belgium artist named Huens.
  13. A bit more recent but this image from Queen and Country by Tim Sale stops me in my tracks every time. This series was so rich in character and this image just epitomizes Tara Chace. I think it's one of Sale's best.
  14. Seems to be with Essential Sequential these days. They have some kunert vintage art from this time period, both on the site and some not listed that they post on Instagram from time to time.
  15. It would be appropriate if this HellBlazer cover ended now:)