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  1. there is so many wonderful books in this thread. lots of stuff that truly is hard to find. great stuff
  2. You know the card forum is putting the rest of us and especially the Comics General crowd to shame time to start a Friday thread
  3. This to me is why I love copper collections the most while gold and silver have the greatest value, copper yields the oddest results many times I run across titles I’ve never seen or heard it’s revisiting a time that I was too busy buying the big two and getting an opportunity to discover the other world that was going on at that time modern is ok but the selections during the copper era are all over the place @F For Fakeknows what I’m talking about
  4. over the years, you mentioned this before and it always paints the picture, that the buyer's claim were illegitimate. You should revise the story to at least admit that the buyers claim was somewhat valid. and while the buyer complained, he didn't ask for his money back did he. He chalked it up to a learning experience and moved on. Yet the story gets told over and over, that your boxes were great but only one person complained.
  5. @Ryan. please post here when you get the info - not that i would buy a mystery box (at least not anymore)
  6. it appears they've reset their grading a bit to be not as tight. I think several people started to call and complain. Hopefully it's move back to where it was before
  7. I've never called to complain but after that and 6/14 I had to. Nothing came of it, hopefully they figured out what the problem is. Disclaimer - I can easily hit 25/25 if I send brand new copies of books that just came out. These are essentially unread copies (copper to modern), some pressed that should have a 50/50 shot to hit 9.8. I've hit on average about 60-75% like this for grades between 9.4-9.8. The last prescreens that I had these horrible scores were shipped first week of march. I currently have 3 prescreen subs at CGC and one regular modern. I will say on a regular mod
  8. December and April is a long time. I hit 3/25 on my last prescreen