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  1. When I went back to read the early Spiderman books (I started reading Spidey at the end of the bronze age) I thought the best part of Romitas work was the Gwen/Mary Jane dynamic. As a big fan of Archie growing up it reminded me of Betty/Veronica dynamic.
  2. looks fantastic and as soon as i saw the pics i thought of year zero Pattison fits the build perfectly. Cannot wait for this next chapter in the best superhero ever created
  3. I saw this yesterday and liked it. It is a little short and kinda needed a bit more but for what it was, it was pretty good. action scenes were top notch - you can tell the John Wick influence
  4. Lee has always struck me more as a PT Barnum type of guy. There's talent there, not everyone can do that. Some are born with that spotlight and others learn how to make sure it's on them
  5. I think the better comparison would be Lee is Jobs, Ditko/Kirby are Wozniak
  6. Probably the only reason these gold books sell is for that reason
  7. Stan Lee comes across as Michael Scott but not as funny
  8. you definition of ordinary isn't the same as mine. You're Canadian. You eat gravy with fries and think mooses are cool
  9. That's 24 karat gold signature in case you were wondering