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  1. Also found this in a small collection I picked up (comic buyers guide Hellboy)
  2. While Filoni is probably there for the long haul I’m not sure about Favreau he’s jumped from project to project and can’t envision him staying and doing this for the long term
  3. Show is interesting but I felt they overcommitted two episodes to this same concept that could have been easily been done in one episode
  4. He confirmed that many of those figures that were purchased have been kept sealed. also he said that another difference why the marvel ones were opened was due to the build a figure he added they kept the comics because they were comic people (bag/boarded)
  5. Well I think the Star Wars action figure collector is very different than the Marvel Legends collector. So it's possible that many of the Star Wars are still sealed. I'll talk to a local star wars dealer and find out what he thinks or if he's seen them etc.
  6. I wonder if many of those are sitting around similar to the marvel legends reprints
  7. That is true. But I prefer Wizard ACE editions I love those like @greggyloved cake
  8. those Spawns have been there since last year - they are also no longer 9.8s because too many people have handled them
  9. that's a great idea for a thread "posts that didn't age well "