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  1. I was watching Wheel of Fortune and the contestant was a comic book collector. He said he had 8,000 comics (25-30 long boxes) to which Pat Sajak said something about it being an obsession. 8K seems about average to me and I think for many of you seems quite low so what is the average comic collection size?
  2. It’s just another way of me stating I agree with the op Like amen or fonzies thumbs up
  3. this clown asked me to cancel the order because he couldn't pay (July 2020) Dear jsilverjanet, I am I'll and cannot pay for this item. Please except my sincere apologies and cancel this order. Thank you Bryan. - brnor-7814 then today i see this
  4. I'm not saying that CGC isn't capable of this but unless he hand delivered the book to them, shipping may be the cause. I've had books that have experience the same type of damage during shipment of the two likely causes, I would think damage due to shipment is more possible than CGC damaging the book especially this type of damage
  5. MY RULES NO HOS OR PL MEMBERS First or variation of I'll take it) posted in thread wins or via PM wins. Timestamp deciding factor. Pending Scan will be honored I refuse to sell to those on my personal do not sell list OFFERS ENCOURAGED VIA PM PAYMENT INFO Paypal payments preferred, check/money order possible. Payment expected within 24 hours of if you need additional time, please contact me SHIPPING INFO Shipping will be at cost. ABOUT ME I've been buying/selling comics here for quite some time. Have made several 4 figure deals with established board members. Please check out my eBay feedback and Kudos BOOKS Do not know if books have been pressed - books were obtained in graded state RETURN POLICY 30 day return policy only if damaged during shipment or if I failed to disclose something regarding the book etc
  6. This is the either the 3rd or 4th I’ve found of this book Platinum