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  1. Every year I read Dale's sale thread thinking I'm not going to find something that hits the center of the Venn diagram of "on my list"/"in my condition"/"at my price" but somehow there's almost always something. This year was no exception, and as always, buying from Dale couldn't be better. Good price, tight grading, excellent packaging, quick shipping. Thanks, Dale, and see you next year.
  2. I have tickets to Awesome Con in DC late August and Baltimore (carry over from last year for both). I would be really surprised if Awesome Con happens, an outside chance on Baltimore if vaccinations actually pick up the pace. Still Magic 8 Ball says "Outlook not so good."
  3. Last year I read the first 120 or so issues, which got me up to where I started back when I was a kid. Some really good stuff, some clunkers, but overall an enjoyable read.
  4. Oh, sure, after I figure out a way on my own to get rid of it! Oh well, at least my method also removed the sidebar on the topics page, too, so the threads cover the entire width of the display. Occasionally there'd be something to catch my eye there, but most of the time I'd rather have the extra space.
  5. Previously count - 23 Sandman #29 The TPB collection we are reading - Fables and Reflections - has a number of the one-off issues of the series, in a rather jumbled up order, which is why this one is up. As with everything Sandman, excellent reading. I'm now 2 issues (out of the 2 issues so far) ahead of my family, so don't know when I might read another. Supreme Blue Rose 1-7 Yes, back into the "S" independent titles from the early 20-teens! Really enjoyed the Alan Moore issues of Supreme back in the day, and figured I would try this Warren Ellis title. Warren El
  6. Well son-of-a-gun, you are right! I hadn't noticed as most of the threads I follow this way tend to be rather short messages.
  7. I'd like to know how you did that if you're willing to share I use uBlock Origin for adblocking, and one of the features is you can block parts of a webpage from displaying. With uBlock installed, if you right-click on some part of a webpage, the context menu has an entry, "Block element". I did that first with the sidebar, and it went away - but the big blank space was left. I then had to do the same, selecting the space and blocking it, which finally spread out the thread. I initially tried using a different extension, Stylus, which lets you create styles for given
  8. Bought a book from Bob in his big thread - the thread said "junk", but I think this was a very nice book. Quick shipping, well packed, good price, well graded, couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Thanks, Bob, hope to do this again some time!
  9. So I managed to get rid of the annoying right side bar on my own, which only leaves one annoyance on my list. Would it be possible to go back to having email notifications show the entire text of the forum post/PM rather than just the first line or so? It's particularly annoying in the threads I follow with a daily digest. Thanks.
  10. Completed my JLA collection thanks to Brantley, book went out fast, well packed, easy transaction. Thanks!
  11. So I actually know where my copies of this book are located. Can it read without being immersed in the whole Marvel Universe (which I'm not opposed to, but I haven't kept up for years so I wouldn't want to pull this out if it was)?
  12. Last count - 8 Latest additions: Deceivers 1-6 Stephen Grant gives us loads of action and spy intrigue in this series. I enjoyed it a great deal - it had more twists and turns than a road in West Virginia, as Lincoln McCord might say. Well, he probably wouldn't, he's too cool for that sort of thing. Really like the character, though, wish Grant would do a follow up series. First Law of Mad Science 1-8 + "Three Card Games" So the writers of this book had a booth at Baltimore Comic Con a few years back, the title caught my eye, so my daughter and I stopped and talked to
  13. Feeling like I need to dig out the old issues and read those, rather than the FCBD issues I have been reading.
  14. It's the most I've ever paid for a single book, but hard to pass up - once I got approval from the boss. Particularly since it's the only Justice League book I'm missing. Thanks!