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  1. Previous count - 209 Things were kinda slow this week - trying to get thru a regular book so I could start a different one with my daughter. Barbalien: Red Planet 1-5 Decent story, but not as good as the main Black Hammer title. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes 1-6 A clever melding of the two universes, but overall left me kinda "meh." A few things didn't sit right with me, it almost felt like the writer didn't know either one of the groups very well - but then again, the way the two were put together felt like someone with a very intimate understanding of them. So I d
  2. I also got a call this week, not sure what their criteria is for this. It's not the first time I have wondered, either. I use their wantlist feature to save me some time when looking at an auction. Just to be complete, I add everything that I don't own, whether I can reasonably expect to buy or not - so it's got Action Comics #1-whatever, and Detective 27+. Early last month, I received an email AND a phone call that they had a Detective Comics #31 available, if I was interested. "Ask is $55K." Now, the most I have ever spent on a book with them MIGHT be as high as $500, and that only on a
  3. So he had you figured, huh?
  4. In general I think of the popcorn emoji as a "this is gonna be good" sort of thing, which can be negative (when posted during a, ahem, discussion) or positive (like a great seller's sales thread). As with many things, I think it all depends on the context.
  5. Ah, I did not realize that. I started out skipping the Quality of Production question since the "best" answer for me would be all of the above, at least partially. But by your definition I guess "none of the above" would have been appropriate - given the choice between two comics with different centering, my two likely positions are "wouldn't pay more for one over the other" or "wouldn't buy THAT one at any price." But I'm not sure this was an appropriate poll for me to vote in, as I tend to buy in lower grades anyway, so most of my answers were straight "no difference" ones.
  6. Thanks for bringing this thread to the top, Ed! I picked mine up earlier this year, here on the boards:
  7. No 33 1/2 that I know of, but there are some 33 1/3. (Sorry, but as an old guy who grew up on such things, it just jumped out at me )
  8. I'm a big Legion of Super-Heroes fan, so this would probably be it (it was also the last Legion appearance I needed to complete my collection): This is a MCS scan, because I cracked it out as soon as I got it (I'm not much of one for slabbed comics. Hope that doesn't disqualify my entry!
  9. It's a pretty good story, for sure, read that last year. Don't really remember that about Cap, but possibly because that's not a bad description of how he acted at times in those early Cap/Hawkeye/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch issues of Avengers.
  10. According to his market report in the last Overstreet, he talks about having a warehouse and claims "Now I can say I've spent over $1,000,000 on comics and collectibles!" If true, I would expect his parents being involved financially in some fashion, yeah.
  11. Previous count, 182 The High Ways 1-4 Another Byrne mini-series, and a similar review to the previous one. Not the best Byrne work, by far, but still a decent read. A bit of space opera, with a twist or two along the way. Could have been longer, I think there was a lot that could have been gone into more if there was more space for it. (Matt Fraction's) Hawkeye 1-22; Annual 1 This looks bad. So, bro, I started reading this, bro, because a couple bros here suggested that a bro might like it. Seriously? Seriously? Yeah, bro, this book about a bro with a bow and arrow, and a l
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    (I read the uncut version)
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    GoodReads says I read 33 books last year, but I think there were a few I didn't enter on my profile. And that includes The Stand, which is at least 3 books long, so I think I can bump my stats a bit.
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    LikeJames Patterson novels HEY!!!
  15. At least this time around, retailers won't have to add a new distributor if they don't want to: "Under the terms of the new arrangement, Diamond Comics Distributors will order stock through Penguin Random House for distribution to Direct Market retailers. Diamond will now manage their own prices on Marvel goods for retailers who decide to order through them instead of through Penguin Random House."