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  1. Well, you probably didn't just pull a sheet of paper from the recycle pile to make yours. Of course not - I'm much too cheap to make it necessary!
  2. Oh, I'm not saying it's wrong to send it "signature required", I'm just saying I understand the buyer's point of view, it can be rough to deal with that, particularly if you didn't know that's how it would be shipped (if the listing said so, all bets are off). I'm just saying it can be a real hassle, either making sure someone is there to receive it, or picking it up at the Post Office (most of my neighbors work 20 or more miles away, which can be over an hour drive depending on traffic). Even if you are home most of the time, like me, it can be a hassle. Here's something right beside me here in my den/office, which gets put in the window beside the front door when I am expecting stuff, coming from experience.
  3. Hmmm, I gotta say I'm with the buyer on this one - it can be hard to arrange to be home with such a package when it arrives, and I say this as a stay-at-home dad who was home quite often.
  4. Bought a couple books from Randy in his most recent thread, shipped in a timely manner, good grading and packaging, everything worked out great. Recommended - although since that might mean more competition in his threads to get things, maybe I shouldn't! Thanks.
  5. A number of high grade slabbed Legion issues of Adventure Comics up for sale in this week's Heritage Sunday Auction, for those of you into that sort of thing.
  6. This would probably be an upgrade from my copy. In answer to the question, I've been following the thread, lots of nice copies out there.
  7. Nice to see this thread revived. I realized today, this year is the 60th anniversary of the Legion. Too bad there isn't a current book being published. One of my favorites over the years, and I completed my set last year, I believe. Earlier in thread I posted scans of the first 20 appearances from my collection, which I could repeat if anyone was interested. Not beautiful condition copies like these recent ones, keep in mind, but the affordable middle to lower ground of 2.0 to 6.0 at the most.
  8. As long as you ignore places like GEnie, or Compuserve, or AOL.
  9. Jimmy Olsen #28 and Superman #96 :take: per PM
  10. All the services have their problems, though. I had an Amazon package sent to me FedEx Next Day. Left California and arrived in the Virginia distribution facility, about 30 miles away, at noon the next day according to tracking. Then around 1pm, tracking changed to say it was delayed until the next day, due to "severe weather conditions." It was 45 degrees and sunny all day. I would have been less annoyed at the delay if it hadn't been completely untrue - just put "We messed up getting your package on a truck, sorry."
  11. They must have sent it Jimmy Johns delivery.