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  1. Hi Boardies, I am seeking a Wolverine Limited Series #1 in CGC Universal 9.8 with White Pages and the Wolverine CGC Label. I look for things like nice centering and bright popping cover colors. PayPal or Zelle Quickpay available. Thank you!
  2. Id like to raise my offer for 9.4 to 650 and 9.6 to 975.
  3. Hi Boardies, Anyone have a raw copy or Universal 9.0; or 9.4 for sale? Don't want SS. Thank you.
  4. You are right there are some recent sales of 9.4, for example, at $675 in the most recent month. However even as recently as August, the book was cheaper and within 2-3 months as low as $450. Also, I am offering the full rate + 10% dealing directly. Even if a 9.4 is a 675 this month, after 10% fees (some sites higher), that would be $608, while I'm at $580 plus shipping. It's close enough to have a conversation if someone is a seller. Oh, and the Go Collect average includes newsstands, which are higher priced.
  5. Boardies... I have been monitoring the internet since Covid began for the optimal ASM 300... and I am STILL SEARCHING! Does anyone have a copy that meets the following description that I could pry from their hands? Direct Edition (not newsstand) CGC Universal 9.4 or 9.6 White Pages Centered BRIGHT RED Top left and bottom left corners not torn Recently slabbed in the last year or so Go Collect says the average of the last 25 auctions for a 9.4 is $525 and 9.6 is $775. I normally wouldn't offer full auction rate when dealing directly with a seller, cutting out the middle men, but in this case, for the right copy, I will pay those rates PLUS 10%. 9.4 I'm a buyer at $580 plus shipping. 9.6 I'm a buyer at $850 plus shipping. I have never owned a 300, please help me make this happen! Thank you!
  6. I have arrived to pry a raw unsigned copy or a CGC Universal 9.8 from one of your hands! Contact me if interested.
  7. AV #6 arrived today! Just in time before Hurricane Laura arrives 2 hours East of here! My Avengers Set: https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SetSlideshow.aspx?PeopleSetID=128332
  8. Greetings Boardies, I am seeking an Avengers #4 in CGC Universal 5.0 or 6.0 with OW/WP+. 5.0 with OW/WP or WP offer: $1,300 6.0 with OW/WP or WP offer: $1,600 Not interested in any other grades or page quality. Thank you!
  9. WTB Venom #3 1:25 Variant Raw or CGC 9.8
  10. Precisely like yours! Thank you for sharing! I prefer them just like yours where you cannot see the beginning of the next row of 300s above the top right corner 300. I like the cover to end right at the top right 300. Nice and red in all columns! WPs! Centered! She's a beut!
  11. Greetings Boardies, I am searching for an Avengers #4 in CGC Universal 5.0 or 6.0 with OW/WP or WP. Prefer a centered wrap and a newer case. Thank you.
  12. Boardies, I am seeking the immaculate ASM 300. All of the copies I see are not appealing. ASM #300 CGC Universal 9.8 White Pages Bright Red 300s on Cover (Not Orange, or Faded in the Left Most Column) Straighter looking columns of 300s; Some are perfectly straight (Yay) while others are slanted (Yuck) Centered Wrap (No back cover on front or front cover on back) New Case (Newer the better) Does anyone have such a beauty? Shoot... even if it's not for sale, I'd love to see one like this as I know they exist! Thank you!
  13. Greetings, Seeking:V Venom #25 Greg Horn Virgin Variant in CGC Universal 9.8 Thank you.
  14. It's Thor's Day, take $5 off all three books. Also, I have acquired new bubble wrap, so the handling time can be reduced from 3 days to 1 day. I an heading to the Post Office tomorrow (Friday) in case anyone would like one of these books to head out. Thank you.