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  1. Greetings CGC Fam, can we add Flesh and Blood TCG to get CGC Graded? I love your Blue Slabs! Monarch set releases 5/7/21 with the Kingdoms set coming in Q3 2021. We need you CGC! I have been in to CGC Graded comics for 5 years. I am going to need a favor and get FAB TCG going on CGC! Thanks brothers!
  2. Update: I was able to purchase the 4th and 3rd (Revised) editions! I am still seeking 2 nice Unlimited cards.
  3. Greetings Boardies, I didn't see a WTB section for CGC graded cards yet and was wondering if it was okay to post here? Seeking Magic the Gathering, Shivan Dragons, Universal (2nd), Revised (3rd), and 4th Edition, in CGC Universal and Raw, grades 8+, NM, NM/MT, etc. Seeking 4 from all 3 sets as this card was my favorite growing up as a kid in the early 90s. I never pulled one as a kid, so I'm seeking them now! Thank you!
  4. Greetings Boardies, I recently received my grail, Hulk 181, in CGC Qualified 7.0 (No MVS) with White Pages. Now that it is in hand and I'm studying it and the grader's notes, it seems to me like sending it in to CCS for press and clean might be helpful. What do you think of these scans and notes? I appreciate your time and feedback. Thank you! Grader Notes: crease right top of front cover breaks color light spine stress lines to cover light wear all corners of cover marvel value stamp missing from page(s) 10 does not affect story multipl
  5. I had been flip flipping for a month on a Green Label 7.0 with White Pages, well centered, with bright colors... It just presents so well! The seller offered it to me for 2500 a month ago. I continued my search for a blue label, but with a $3k budget I just couldn't find anything presentable to me. I can't stand spine roll, grimey fingerprints, stains, chunks out of the cover and atrocious amounts of spine ticks. I came to the conclusion, for me, in today's market... The green label is for me. I decided the clipping of the MVS was a part of the hobby in 1974, so I sort of think it's cool. He r
  6. Hi Boardies, I am seeking a well-centered IH181, CGC Universal 5.0 or 6.0 with WPs. Thank you.
  7. Hi Boardies, I am after two Silver Age early Avengers, issues #15 and #17. Specifically I seeking CGC Universal copies graded 8.0 or 9.0 with White Pages and nice centering. My offer would be the current Go Collect value, plus 10% for White Pages, and shipping. Thank you for your assistance!
  8. I realized Lockheed has the same first appearance as me, 02/83. Therefore, I need an X-Men #166 in CGC 9.8! Universal or SS Claremont. With a straight/centered Wrap! Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  9. Hi Boardies, I am seeking a Wolverine Limited Series #1 in CGC Universal 9.8 with White Pages and the Wolverine CGC Label. I look for things like nice centering and bright popping cover colors. PayPal or Zelle Quickpay available. Thank you!
  10. Hi Boardies, Anyone have a raw copy or Universal 9.0; or 9.4 for sale? Don't want SS. Thank you.
  11. You are right there are some recent sales of 9.4, for example, at $675 in the most recent month. However even as recently as August, the book was cheaper and within 2-3 months as low as $450. Also, I am offering the full rate + 10% dealing directly. Even if a 9.4 is a 675 this month, after 10% fees (some sites higher), that would be $608, while I'm at $580 plus shipping. It's close enough to have a conversation if someone is a seller. Oh, and the Go Collect average includes newsstands, which are higher priced.
  12. Boardies... I have been monitoring the internet since Covid began for the optimal ASM 300... and I am STILL SEARCHING! Does anyone have a copy that meets the following description that I could pry from their hands? Direct Edition (not newsstand) CGC Universal 9.4 or 9.6 White Pages Centered BRIGHT RED Top left and bottom left corners not torn Recently slabbed in the last year or so Go Collect says the average of the last 25 auctions for a 9.4 is $525 and 9.6 is $775. I normally wouldn't offer full auction rate when dealing dire
  13. I have arrived to pry a raw unsigned copy or a CGC Universal 9.8 from one of your hands! Contact me if interested.
  14. AV #6 arrived today! Just in time before Hurricane Laura arrives 2 hours East of here! My Avengers Set: https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SetSlideshow.aspx?PeopleSetID=128332