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  1. i actually commissioned it it was supposed to be a 3 month wait ended up being 5 but im happy with the results.
  2. The Good news is the venom movie will be tied to the marvel movie verse in some way and spidey will possibly show up exciting news.
  3. ? Glad i grabbed about 7 raw last month and my subbed copies got a 9.6 and a 9.2 ? about to sell a few for a 9.8 any sellers shoot me a p.m
  4. From Bleeding cool During a recent interview, Amy Pascal, the former Chairperson of Sony and producer on Spider-Man: Homecoming said that the planned Venom and Black Cat movies will exist in the same universe as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man that was introduced in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. She went on to say that Spider-Man could even make appearances in the films. She praises Kevin Feige for making the MCU films seem like chapters in an overall book and admits it’s something that Sony wants to emulate… And all of this seems to be news to Feige who is sitting right next to her.
  5. Felt the same way when i read the ashcan surprised me honestly didn't think i would like this.
  6. Just a testament to the quality of the book when you can still sell 9.8 copies for a easy $100 on a book that visits the market from time to time
  7. Enjoyed the 2nd issue glad they gave a little breakdown of how things work definitely excited to see how the 2 new characters came to be so close to the family.
  8. you'll do great bud your like me were to strict on grading.
  9. a copy of #1 just sold for $15 within the hour thats definitely not ice cold and the babyteeth Ashcan sold for $50 a few days ago.
  10. Saturday tickets at %85 sold out already already.