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  1. DJ Martini - eBay The following are up for auction for my Fourth of July eBay auction ending July 12th!!! Check out my other Buy It Now or Best Offer listings, as all offers are considered. All listings include a considered amount donated to charity organizations!!!
  2. An interview with Joe from I believe last year: Joe Sinnott Interview
  3. This is a a sad day I met Joe at a couple of comic conventions and was always polite, As a Marine and him being part of the Seabees, he was also great to talk military stories with. And of course his work was outstanding. Thank you Joe and Rest in Peace.
  4. Rich, if Batman Sword of Azrael #1 CGC 8.0 s/s Denny O'Neil, Joe Quesada & Kevin Nowlan is still available
  5. 100% agree on using Global Shipping and glad it worked out for you. International shipping is crazy as of late due to the pandemic. I had a customer win and item and then cancel due the shipping costs being a lot higher than usual overseas. So you might see customers cancel orders for international items, just be aware. Global shipping does help protect the seller with issues in international shipping and yes, once it's at Kentucky for shipping, it's out of your hands and eBay takes the hit. It's definitely helped with sometimes shady international customers.
  6. I believe this to be true, as an artist on the side. You can't really donate your own work on, and have it tax free. I think it would only apply if you are a collector. The below is a link to help clarify: Donating Artwork This is probably why Jim, and hopefully most artists, are only donating a certain percentage, as the other percentage is kept for their time and overhead costs. He's a great person and I really admire his ethics and art, so i say pay the man!
  7. I do agree that everyone is entitled to their own preference and it's up to the individual what they want signed....however, I do cringe as well when I see a First appearance of Spidey, Cap, Thor, etc. signed by an actor or actress Also, the artists that draw life like characters are pretty awesome and definitely worth a good signature to accompany the art. Great stuff everyone!
  8. So looks like this is official, the passing of a Legend. Was hoping to get one more chance to see him. He was definitely a fun and caring guy to meet and talk to!
  9. 1. My opinion of Liefeld's twitter post = (not that it matters) 2. That's awesome and it should be graded and noted "signed by Spider-Man" if it were to be slabbed 3. I remember my first comic signed at Menlo Park Mall (I'm a Jersey kid) and it was by Jim Calafiore back in '98. CGC wasn't around yet but I still have the book as a keepsake.
  10. I do feel like this is a missed opportunity by DC with the celebration and honoring of years for certain characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc. As stated, CGC probably hasn't begun or hasn't reached a deal with DC yet. I think a label that also honors the celebrated years would be worth getting as an alternative to just the artwork labels. DC has been behind Marvel in certain aspects so it may be that DC is waiting to see how the payout is for Marvel or other companies that have negotiated label artwork
  11. Oh man, that is a great idea. There are so many villains from so many movies and tv shows, it would take a great convention or a good amount of time to complete. Definitely worth thinking about, thanks!!!
  12. Finally received this back from CGC after getting it signed with not one, not two, not three but FOUR actors who have portrayed the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy, Val Kilmer & Micheal Keaton). Thanks to @Rich_Henn & @Kevlar for hooking this up for me. Greatest CGC grail to date!
  13. I know this thread is a bit old but I thought it would be the best place to put this. I finally picked my first Jim Aparo OA from and couldn't be happier. I grew up with Aparo's art and have always admired it from reading Batman books (Knightfall, etc). When I saw this piece up for auction I knew this was the one for me. I had read the "Road to No Man's Land" from start to finish and this is the closest thing to a cover I can probably afford. I remember Bruce Wayne having to go to Washington D.C. court and vouching for the City of Gotham to get aid and how much the city meant to him. I remember this thinking to myself, this is how important the character of Bruce Wayne is to the Batman legacy and what a way for his character to be involved in a great story line. Mr. Aparo not only drew Batman how I imagined him to be but also his secret identity of Bruce Wayne. After receiving the piece I came to find out that the title letter for "Road to No Man's Land" was actual set up to be called "Declaration of War". The title is an additional piece added on top of the original art. This is verified by the print stating "Replace w/ Road to NML logo from SOTB". I will always treasure Jim Aparo's art and legacy with this fine OA and I hope that many have the chance to acquire a fantastic art piece from a fantastic artist.