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  1. Got some great items ending tonight, please check it out!!!
  2. Books up for auction & best offer in my eBay site! Please bid with confidence and feel free to ask any questions on here or via Ebay. If you are part of the CGC community and put in an offer, please let me know, as I will honor a better deal than those that are not. Thanks and happy bidding!!!
  3. Items up for Auction listings end tonight! Happy bidding!!!
  4. Books up for auction & best offer in my eBay site! DJMartini_Store eBay link Since eBay didn't put out a discount coupon for the 4th of July, this is my appreciation to you all, so please check out my items! If you are part of the CGC community and put in an offer, please let me know, as I will honor a better deal than those that are not. A list of a few books: -Teen Titans #12 (1st app of Batman Who Laughs) -Batman #1 (1:100 sketch variant) -Kamandi #1 (signed by Mike Royer) -The Might Thor! #1 (signed by Larry Lieber) -Spider-Man #12 (rare Spider-Gwen & Miles Morales variant cover) -Knight Rider #nn (signed by William Daniels, voice of K.I.T.T.) -New Avengers #11 (1st appearance of Ronin) -The Weather Man #1 (Heroes Convention variant) -Locke & Key: Omega #1 (signed by Joe Hill & Rodriguez) & more!!! Thanks and happy bidding!
  5. I understand you don't want to see the image if you don't want to, that's your choice. This is why the book was shipped in a black bag to cover the image. I understand not having it shown in public and it being your choice if you want to see it. If you slab a nude image, it should be for your eyes only. However, since this is porn cover, by your definition, do you associate BOOM! Studios with porn? Do you still read their books or any book/magazine company that are associated with porn? Do you like that they are associated with porn? I understand this may be CGC's logic but there are other comic covers (as some have already posted) that display porn images was well. I find it hard to understand where the line is and that any image with penetration is their limit when there many covers are slabbed with nudity and porn images as well. Like someone has posted earlier, money is money, and I think they are leaving money on the table for books like this.
  6. Yeah, the whole "no penetration" rule is a bummer. The art on these covers are stunning, from an art perspective. Found out during Heroes Con that neither CGC or it's competitors would slab these books. It's a shame, as there art is art! I understand if they don't want to slab real nude pics of people but as a fan of all forms of art, it is just that, art by a great artist. I think penetration in art is still really taboo, especially if you look at other media sites that won't let even art with nudity be displayed. Maybe we can get a petition going to have these books slabbed!!!
  7. So this just happened and I am highly disappointed. I really enjoyed this show. I enjoyed it more than the comic (surprisingly). Th writing and acting were some of the best of a SyFy show and comic adaptation. I hope Netflix or Amazon can pick this up (I doubt Hulu will, since Disney owns most of the stock now).
  8. 1. The pic is not great, and I don't anybody can really tell or give a good opinion with a bad pic. 2.@forbiddenwon , I think this is the wrong place for your pic of these books, as trying to get grade from this pic doesn't work. You would need a up close pic of the all sides and corners of whatever book you want the community to give a grade on. 3. In my opinion, the books have a good lot of signatures. I like the blanks with a hefty load of sigs (as many as you can get). You can definitely see the signatures better on blanks than on art covers. I think signatures on art covers ruins the art, unless they are kind enough to sign on empty space.
  9. I will have to submit the most recent issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 I'm not a fan of the big arc stuff, especially nowadays, but this was a great modern single issue story, that gave all the feels. Great story & art. A must read. (great thread btw)
  10. Millers signature might be noted on the back of the Label, since I'm sure there wasn't enough space to list all the signatures on the front Label. Also, since there is a comma after the annotation of Jim Shooter's signature and not an ampersand,I believe the annotations continue onto the back of the label.
  11. jsgonz0 Message I got from this user: "Sorry this is a mistake my son dont know what he was doing." Well, I guess your son shouldn't be on Ebay since the user bid 12 times during my auction
  12. I understand this theory for the future. What if we just see another set of individual movies leading to a formation of another team? What if we get Spider-Man (movie), Kate Bishop (Hawkeye streaming), Speed & Wiccan (Wanda/Vision streaming) lead the way to "The Champions/Young Avengers" or Namor, Hulk, Doctor Strange movies leading to "Defenders" ? Also, what if there is never another Avengers movie? With Eternals being produced, maybe we will see more space teams and/or movies. Possibly move stories away from Earth/America and see Captain Britain, Namor, Nova, etc.
  13. I am hoping that at least Namor gets brought into Phase 4 & this leads to "The Defenders" (I mean, look how good Aquaman was for DC)
  14. I think the biggest question is, would you be okay if it downgraded to a 9.6? If so, then definitely go for it (I enjoy multiple sigs on a book, especially when it completes the list of the book's contributors). If you are not okay if it downgrades, then I would hold off. However, there are definitely some handlers that can do their best to keep it at a 9.8, so I advice talking to them. Lastly, if you do get it done, I think you should give us an updated pic with the complete sigs and a congratulations would be in order! Good luck!
  15. Agree, Mycomishop is pretty good, no complains. Also ships and packages really well.