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  1. I was a little disappointed as there so much hype for a cameo or something like Mandalorian 2 season finale. However, it was definitely a good closing for Wanda herself. The main questions that I have is...
  2. Definitely enjoyed the first episode. Which is usual of most of the CW/DC shows. However, I feel they missed the opportunity to use this title for the show...
  3. pictures probably don't do it justice, congrats!!!
  4. I have not bought a storage unit for mine yet as I currently use a portfolio but I searched and found this one on Amazon. Similar to the IKEA one but seems to be not as wide for about $97.00:
  5. Picked up Marvel Team-Up #14 & Miles Morales Spider-Man #1 from Summer thread and both books were packaged securely with fast shipping and in great condition! Kudos for the books and would definitely purchase again. Thank you!!!
  6. With things always changing with COVID-19 regulations, who know what will happen come the end October. Right now Maryland is on the high-end of the spectrum when it comes to rising cases. Hopkins calculates the rate differently than the Maryland Department of Health. New York and Connecticut: 1.1% New Jersey: 1.6% Delaware: 4.4% Maryland: 5.8% Currently, they have required anyone over the age of 2 that face mask are mandatory. In addition, Baltimore Mayor ordered city restaurants to suspend indoor dining. This may not go well for indoor attractions unfortunate
  7. Hello @Murray C I actually have Jim Aparo page myself that I purchased on auction. I am a big fan of his work, so I couldn't pass it up. Since you are inquiring about prices for Jim Aparo pieces, I purchased the title page art for Batman #560 for about $900. Given that this was an auction, I would say this is on the low end of the price range for a title splash piece. If you research online art auctions like Heritage Auctions, ComicLink or, you can see the prince range for his incredible art. I hope this helps and good luck!
  8. DJ Martini - eBay The following are up for auction for my Fourth of July eBay auction ending July 12th!!! Check out my other Buy It Now or Best Offer listings, as all offers are considered. All listings include a considered amount donated to charity organizations!!!
  9. An interview with Joe from I believe last year: Joe Sinnott Interview
  10. This is a a sad day I met Joe at a couple of comic conventions and was always polite, As a Marine and him being part of the Seabees, he was also great to talk military stories with. And of course his work was outstanding. Thank you Joe and Rest in Peace.
  11. Rich, if Batman Sword of Azrael #1 CGC 8.0 s/s Denny O'Neil, Joe Quesada & Kevin Nowlan is still available
  12. 100% agree on using Global Shipping and glad it worked out for you. International shipping is crazy as of late due to the pandemic. I had a customer win and item and then cancel due the shipping costs being a lot higher than usual overseas. So you might see customers cancel orders for international items, just be aware. Global shipping does help protect the seller with issues in international shipping and yes, once it's at Kentucky for shipping, it's out of your hands and eBay takes the hit. It's definitely helped with sometimes shady international customers.