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  1. Looks like the oldest book with the most amount of graded is Showcase 22 with almost 1K. This a great analysis of slabs.
  2. DjMartini

    What book do you regret getting slabbed?

    That stinks! Sorry for you grade loss. The book itself looks amazing for being graded at ".5" (or at least the cover looks pristine for its age). I guess the lesson learned is to check older books for completeness and all pages. For being slabbed and not a book you will be reading (I assume), it is a very decorative piece to own with the two witnessed sigs. Definitely more valuable than the grade gives it credit for.
  3. DjMartini

    Dark Horse to publish my comic: House of Fear!

    Congrats!!! Also cool to see people living out their dreams and their bliss!
  4. FYI and just to finish the grammar part of this thread. . . !
  5. Umm, he could have at least tried to spell "Stan Lee". Instead it looks like "Stan Tees"
  6. So I wanted to give my head-ups opinion of this movie, since I just saw it at a early showing today. I will try to stay away from spoiling the movie and try to stay "spoiler-free". Okay, so to start, I have to give this movie 2 thumbs up and a 9.5/10! The animation is well done, voice acting is superb and the story has very good flow, especially with the origin stories of each character. However, I am a little biased as I am a huge fan of Miles Morales and the creation of a mixed race character (especially being part Latino). As for the rest of the cast/Spider-people, the movie builds on their strengths to incorporate each Spider-person appropriately. The main spider characters take front stage and the secondary characters have their good moments. As for the story, the movie takes stories from the "Ultimate" line of Spider-Man comics, and the Spider-Verse event, but definitely makes the movie story its own and does not try to replicate from any event stories from the comics. The comic book feel/animation of the movie is definitely a great strength. The animation is top notch and lets the movie use the animation as a strength in its almost realistic yet purposely cartoonish feel. With the animation, the plot is able to be incorporated in a way that live action could not. The animation also helps with the comedic part of the -script which, is some situations would not be as good in live action. As for the bad, there really isn't much wrong with the movie. There is a touch of romance, that doesn't let the movie stray and is a little touching. With the key elements being Hero vs Villain, and making a huge emphasis on family (blood & spider related), there isn't much room for a love story as well, but that's okay. The story has it's fun moments, sad moments, surprise moments and little big of a sappy moments. The music and score of the movie is spot on, as well. If you haven't listened Post Malone & Swae Lee's song for the movie, I would take a listen before you see the movie. As it was with Black Panther, there is a strong emphasis on Rap/Hip Hop music for the soundtrack. Thankfully, the music is used in a good way and not to distract you from relating to the character(s). If you don't like Rap/Hip Hop, I don't think that the type of music used will distract you from the movie. All in all, I was surprisingly happy with this movie, even with the previews and trailers making it look very good. I hope there is a sequel that takes other stars from the movie into their own spotlights, especially the women. As this movie I hope will attract a lot of younger & minority viewers to the big screen, I hope that the next movie will attract young girls & woman to the big screen and give them the idols they deserve from the Super Hero genre. Lastly, the Stan Lee cameo is great and subtle just like the live action movies. There is a nice quote/dedication to "Mr. Marvel" himself. I hope this enjoy this review of the movie & please go see this movie in theaters if you want to enjoy a good Marvel flick. Adios! (btw the reason I give it a 9.5/10 and not a straight 10 is due to missing a couple minutes of the movie from the movie theater crashing the movie a half hour into it ).
  7. DjMartini

    Celebrity Signed Books

    I'd like to thank @Rich_Henn for getting this completed. Superman Forever #1 signed by (most of the actors that have played Superman): Henry Cavill, Tom Welling, Dean Cain & Brandon Routh.
  8. I'm just really glad it's not called "Avengers: Annihilation"
  9. Finally some answers and a great 1st trailer! I guess title of this thread should change to "Avengers: EndGame" now?
  10. ***I am putting up a list of CGC SS series on my Ebay store. *** The link is: Ebay Store Link: djmartini_store The following books are up for sale: If you find something that interests you and you have a specific offer please let me know as soon as possible. Offers are for forum members only, so please PM me. If you have any questions, please let me know as well. Thank you.
  11. I think the direct edition (spiderman logo), newsstand and the 75 cents Canadian price variant are the only different cover variations.
  12. DjMartini

    I'm cheating on comics...with vinyl records.

    A listing for those that want to know the rest of the most valuable vinyls ever... Most Valuable Vinyls