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  1. Stan lee signature fails

    Or Shinji Tōdō ...Google that Spider-man!!!
  2. 50 print run??? I can't name many variants with that print run....the only one I have & can name of the top of my head is the CALEXIT #1 SDCC 2017 Virgin Smith Variant. Anyone know any other 50 or less print runs? (don't want to get too off topic though). Whoever gets receives the book for their offer, I will be jealous of you
  3. Official Tick Appreciation Thread

    Holy Season 1 part 2 is tomorrow!!! At least I'm ready....
  4. Not going to lie, but this made my day! But I give credit to Nagus for at least responding to it and making an effort. Maybe ariomalv will respond now that someone has replied. Here's to "better late than never"

    omg, why have I not been following this thread...thanks!
  6. Looking for Thor 411, 412 NM

    I thought it was too
  7. Why haven't back cover signatures caught on.

    I think the reason back cover signatures have not caught on is due to the fact that a lot of books don't have good space on the back cover for a signature. Most modern books have ads or whatnot that take up the back cover, so there is either no room or space for a good signature. Plus, no reason for the cover artist, writer, editor or inker to sign an ad on the back cover, right? The other reason is that the front cover has the art and names of the people ideal to sign the book. Also for display purposes, the incapsulated book is usually shown with either the front or back showing and for the most part the front cover is the most appealing to see, as it has the name, title, writer, author, etc. showing the specifics of the book. Also, the incapsulated information shows larger and better on the front. Now, in the example of specialized book, such as the Aspen covers, they actually may be room that signature would be better, as to not interrupt the great art piece on the front. I have seen this done a few times for incapsulated books because the owner does not want to interrupt the art. At the end of the day though, it is still the owner's preference. If the back would be better, go for it!
  8. Hey GarBear, Great post and information. I am big a fan of Yusagi Yojimbo and have a Albedo #4 myself. The character is great and looking forward to the series! As for the books, I think they will always be hard to find in high grades, since I believe most people did know the value of the book when it first came out. Hopefully you fill in your missing issues, especially #2! As for Stan Sakai, he is a great person and humble about his career. His creation is one of the best and I hope all goes well with him and the tv series. I just hope it lasts for a long time to come. I think it has been a long time coming for a tv series. That's my thoughts for now!
  9. I fully agree with darkstar - great statement! WWBN 32 will always be a key but in low numbers, even if a tv show or movie is made. Walkind Dead #1 will always more popular due to the tv show, impact on movie/tv shows and of course it being a modern book. I'd rather have a WWBN 32 just because Moon Knight is one of my favorite characters, and I even dressed as him for Halloween once!
  10. Stan Lee officially announced for Awesome-Con 2018! (if he doesn't cancel between now and the con )
  11. J. Scott Campbell, Keith Giffen, Jim Starlin, Fabian Nicieza, Clay Mann added to AWESOME CON!!!
  12. Rich's 2 for 1 Signature Series sale

    Umm, yes!!! All about Cable...and it also brought me back to when I first bought/played with my Deadpool action figure lol) This Spring/Summer, movie theaters are going to empty out my pockets