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  1. You forgot the choke job where they couldn't beat the Mavericks with one star. LeBron was basically non-existent in that series. Heck, that series alone shouls prevent him from being best ever,
  2. Not really. Some people’s work schedule make it impossible to get to a post office to fill out Declaration forms. In other cases, sending 50 pounds of compendiums or comics to England is not practical no matter how much we love them. Thanks to the Ham, Elves and everyone else who made this one of the most smooth running ones yet!
  3. This makes me really happy. Shadow Images is one of the most generous people on the boards behind the scenes. I was so happy to see him get #1 and a bonus as well!
  4. The best part was that, though never said, I knew the active members that night were not picking the Supergirl sketch so I could get it. I was so excited because I never had a sketch before. That was my first introduction to what good people there are on here. The tense part was not knowing what the list people had!
  5. Its hard to believe how fast thid is going! Does anyone ( @slym2none ) remember the one that went to like 2 in the morning years ago? There were lots of members commenting to the very end. It was by far my favorite memory on the boards.
  6. A repeat customer! I must have did ok last time, lol! When you send me your address can you remind me of favorite characters and interests again? I will taylor it the best I can!
  7. Right? And it always seems to be someone with a Top-10!
  8. What a shame that the guy with the #3 pick missed out on some fantastic choices. Ultimately thats on him though..
  9. Haha, now Webhead suddenly doesnt know what he wants! Lol
  10. Awesome! When I saw Webhead post that, I thought I messed up and had you guys waiting on me. It was hard to pass up those Black Cats but I needed those ASM’s for my run. They look great!