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  1. I loved it because this is the first time we have ever seen an unrestrained Rambo. In the past he has done what needs to be done. In this one, it is pure rage driving him and it can be seen in the way he will shoot someone that is already dead as an example. Seriously though, it was a lot more depressing than I expected. It’s not a Rambo will save the day and everything will be fine movie. I was still angry at the Cartel 6 hours later, especially knowing that what they showed in the movie happens all the time.
  2. No, I would have to look. I remember posting every page in spoilers for those that wanted to see. It should be somewhere in there unless it was deleted
  3. When Kraven’s travels ended, I posted every picture of the book in the thread. Except for that one stupid picture that someone added that made me It never really had that many entries. Let me know if you want it though.
  4. I have the book! I would never throw it away. Kav, you started the book so if at anytime you want it back, I will send it to you. You deserve to have it. As far as Kraven, he was originally mine before he became famous and began his travels so I would like to keep him. He is like a member of the family now! Lol
  5. Kraven wanted to say hello and let you all know he is doing well in retirement. He is just going out for his morning hunt before meeting up with a few ladies later!
  6. Why do people keep saying Rambo VI over and over? VI means 6 and there is no VI. I am excited about this movie but I think they may kill him off at the end which sucks. I think he is going to do the same thing in the next Creed movie.
  7. Figures..... in 3 episodes they rush and throw out all of the character development that took years to create but take the time to meticulously recreate a scene no one cares about at that moment.
  8. The thing that disgusts me about vaping is that a certain segment of users figure that since it isnt a cig, they can do it wherever they want, regardless if other people are around. The funny part is when they are sneaking a hit as if people cant hear and smell it while doing it.
  9. Peter Mayhew passed away on April 30th....
  10. You forgot the choke job where they couldn't beat the Mavericks with one star. LeBron was basically non-existent in that series. Heck, that series alone shouls prevent him from being best ever,
  11. Not really. Some people’s work schedule make it impossible to get to a post office to fill out Declaration forms. In other cases, sending 50 pounds of compendiums or comics to England is not practical no matter how much we love them. Thanks to the Ham, Elves and everyone else who made this one of the most smooth running ones yet!