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  1. So I made a purchase and the guy contacted me an hour later and said he can’t send it because he left the area because of the Corona. He says he has tried to refund me but it wont let him and Ebay phone lines are closed. It shows he cancelled order and only gives me option of that I received refund. Credit Card hasn’t shown a refund after a week. Anyone experience this? He says he wont be back for months but left other listings up.
  2. Wow...... that is not even close to why it’s called Novel. Yes, Dean Koontz (not Koots), did write a novel about a disease from Wuhan. It was called the Wuhan-400 in the book and basically killed everyone. I read it 25 years ago. Not the same as this but still a little crazy. A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified. The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is not the same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold. - CDC
  3. I despise that when you submit a best offer you are locked in for 24 hours if the seller doesn’t respond. There should be an option to cancel an offer that hasn’t been accepted at any time. I have an offer I submitted 22 hours ago and found the item cheaper since then but can’t buy it because I know the guy is waiting until the last minute to accept it hoping someone else hits his buy it now. I offered 95% of asking. Either accept or don’t!
  4. The best part was that the cast from Tokyo Drift are in this one. Han and Sean were good characters. Oh, and of course Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez
  5. When the movie was over, I said it would have been cooler if they had Vader, Luke, and the rest as ghosts all at once instead of voices. To think they actually had the footage and didn't use it is crazy....
  6. I am still deciding if I like this movie or not which in itself is kind of a bad thing. I was ok with the scene because Han wasn’t a force ghost and only in his head. If he would have been a ghost that would have been too much I think.
  7. Wait, didn’t you pick my box the last two years straight? Wheres my love?
  8. Me too! Lol First year I ever missed. I will still watch it because its so much fun.
  9. Thats crazy. I sent a priority large package on Thursday from CA to the middle of nowhere VA that was supposed to arrive today. It got there two days early on Saturday at noon. Hopefully yours is not in a bin somewhere
  10. I rewatched Gynesis tonight. Even though I disliked it the first time because they invalidated the first two movies, I actually enjoyed it this time around. If I had to choose a new horrible timeline, I would choose this one over part 6. At least Sarah, Kyle and Pops are all together.
  11. I rewatched the first four terminator movies this week. The first two are still incredible after all of these years. I didn’t hate part 3 as much as I did when it came out. Salvation didn’t really hold my attention this time around. There could be some good discussions on this movie and the prior ones if people would just discuss it without name calling or implying agendas on either side. i would say a large majority of movies and tv shows use current issues and steer things toward their beliefs. Its just the way it is unfortunately. You can see it in comics, books, and other forms that I just want to escape into but they wont allow it...
  12. Its not super obvious other than a line or two. We are just dissecting possible motivations of the writing. Other than one major thing that makes or breaks it for some people, it is actually a pretty good movie.