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  1. Final Bump and then headed elsewhere...
  2. Tuesday Bump... price drop to $2250 Shipped.
  3. Sunday Bump... price drop to $2400 Shipped.
  4. Batman 155 CGC 9.0 Now, 10/9: $2000 Shipped
  5. Normal Rules Apply Payment: PayPal, Money Order or Check Shipping: Included on CGC’s Returns: No returns PM for negotiation, first in thread takes it! I’ve upgraded to a 9.4 and letting my 9.0 go. Book: Batman 155 CGC 9.0, last sale $2700. Price: $2500 Shipped! Now: $2000 Shipped!
  6. The Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.4 $10050 Shipped Will trade for High Grade silver Age Bats, FF48,49,50, TTA93, SS1 or SS4!
  7. Normal Rules Apply -Payment made through PayPal. -Shipping included for CGC books, outside please PM for shipping cost. -Shipping is $6 CONUS for 1-5 raw books, $9 for 6+ books -PM for negotiations, first in thread wins. -No Returns on CGC Books.