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  1. still disagree about Big John! Any of his Silver Surfer or prime Avengers pages will hit the jackpot!
  2. I disagree! Buscema is definitly a major artist and the prices don't seem soft to me. The Avengers page is not in any case an A level one, the Conan cover is inked by Chan etc.
  3. Hello Folks! Great pages for sale! Master of Kung-Fu #20 penciled by Paul Gulacy and inked by Al Milgrom Marvel Two-in-One #2 penciled by Gil Kane and inked by Joe Sinnott. Thanks, Jerry
  4. just bought it today! Your story is maybe the most beautiful!
  5. 2017 was a very big year for me as a collector! I reduced my collection and was lucky enough to buy this materpieces:
  6. Great Lee! But we need your pre auction estimates on the Green Berets sunday, the Taliaferro Donald Duck...
  7. Hello Folks! 2 Kirby pages for sale! Machine Man #5 final page SOLD Thor #149 gone Thanks!
  8. Full action Master of Kung-Fu #20 p14 signed by Gulacy $1650 paypal thanks!