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  1. Almost...I'm afraid it'll have to wait till my liver cries "uncle."
  2. Mystafo

    The Resurrection no more

    Better back up those files!
  3. Loving the thread, sir. Selling all my carp and not being able to buy new carp suuuuuks. GLWTS!
  4. Mystafo

    The Resurrection no more

    Riiichaaaard!?!? Speaking of names, did I miss the Jerkfro to Jeffro regression?
  5. Mystafo

    Double back cover

    Hell yeah, Devil's Canyon! Look harder, there MUST be something less valuable you can maybe?
  6. Ok, everybody can relax and wind down those skull calculators....the right number fumbler is finally heeeeeeere! $1075.37
  7. Mystafo

    Double back cover

    Hey, Ovrclck is a cool name regardless of whatever covers or guts may come! Now is the full name Multi Ovrclk or Bclk Ovrclck?
  8. Mystafo

    Inside pages of book seems loose from cover

    How do the staples / staple holes look? Are the holes enlarged or otherwise torn? The pages will shift like this when there is some slack there. This can be caused by scs (shaken comic syndrome) if the book is forcibly jostled in the slab during shipping or a fall, etc. This can put a great amount of stress at the juncture of the staple / cover / interior pages. Lol, just read Bob's thorough reply in the other thread....pretty much said the same. I didn't copy, Bob promise!
  10. Mystafo

    Some kind of a new record for Marvel Super-Heroes #13

    I agree that time will tell and that the movie's success will be a factor, whether or not I agree with the book's sustainability. I appreciate your position even if we don't agree.
  11. Mystafo

    Some kind of a new record for Marvel Super-Heroes #13

    Not really basing it on the movie, I personally didn't think the movie was great and I know I won't like the CM movie. The movie is just one factor in what I believe will be the longevity of the key book's value. The CM movie might be just as good, but I can't see it drawing the same attention as BP. I don't see it bringing in the new interest that BP did, even if Marvel is making her the be all end all. Wonder Woman isn't really the same thing either as the character has been a pop culture staple for many years even before the big, new movie. But let's take into account the characters full existence...from origin to today. Carried titles or not, who is the more recognizable name/character? I don't personally know any comic collectors who gave a flying flip about Carol Danvers until the late 90's. I had friends running around pretending to be BP.
  12. Mystafo

    Some kind of a new record for Marvel Super-Heroes #13

    Granted, on the scarcity in high grade issue...however there is nothing important or innovative enough about the character (Carol, or Ms./Capt Marvel), IMO, to keep the book at such levels once the movie comes and goes. Not in the way FF 52 has. Weather BP was at the popularity level of Spidey and Hulk at the time isn't really debatable, but how can the 1st appearance of a woman who was to become the titular hero (much later) compare in long term value (across all grades) to the 1st appearance of the 1st black superhero who was the hero from the get-go? Not a "she'll be something in 9 years down the road." So yes, MUCH more important. Not the 1st Captain Marvel, not the 1st female superhero, not 1st minority superhero, took forever to become a superhero...who were we talking about, again?
  13. Mystafo


    Dis bugger...Argh! BLOCKED!
  14. Mystafo

    Some kind of a new record for Marvel Super-Heroes #13

    FF 52 isn't the best example, either. I think BP, while still below Spidey and the Hulk, is still a MUCH more important character than Carol. The success of the film was the icing on the cake (albeit, some very dense icing). She wasn't the first ANYTHING.
  15. Mystafo

    Some kind of a new record for Marvel Super-Heroes #13

    Also, what do the past sales tell us? AF 1 and Hulk 1 didn't all of a sudden explode in value. Maybe more some years than others but they've worked there way up in value steadily and at a comparatively modest pace.