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  1. Yea but more importantly, 1st Dormammu!
  2. Everything Mark Strong did in Green this day I still feel a great deal of disappointment that I'll never see him as Sinestro again.
  3. This is what I noticed on the 7.5 and not the 9.2 also.
  4. Joe, I'm late to the well-wishing but I just wanted to say that I'm so glad things are looking up and you are on your way to recovery. Take care and keep on keeping on!
  5. Ha I knew it! Of the Chicago Riggses!
  6. Big congrats to the winners! Thank you Doc X for doing this every year and providing a thread for all this debauchery (and letting me participate)! Thank you as well, skypinkblu, for your contributions & helping to reign in all the chaos. The rest of you lot, thanks for the laughs and the gifs!
  7. Whoa, whoa I can only react, wipe drool from chin & save to my sensual eating folder so fast...
  8. Ok, ok, here we go big money big money big money big money .....861.33