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  1. Could be wrong, but it looks like there's a inner well in the holder. The first ones didn't have a vertical line visible in the holder like this one fwiw.
  2. Yee-ukk! Probably what my lungs look like...
  3. THREAD CLOSED! Thanks to those who looked and purchased!
  4. One last bump and final price reductions on remaining books GL7 6.0 purple c1 - $185 FF 25 4.5 - $100 ASM 2 RAW 2.5-3.0 - $750 ATOM 1 3.5 - $120 2in1 ANN 2 SS 9.6 - $160 ASM 20 5.0 - $185
  5. Harvey bought a GSM 1 slab from me recently and it was a great experience all around. Easy guy to deal with and paid in a flash. Thanks for the business! Travis
  6. Just sold a crime patrol 15 and a shock suspenstories 1 to Jeremy and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. Paid right away and was a pleasure to chat with. Thanks again, bud! Travis
  7. Well now I love Michael Rooker. Yondu was awesome, I nearly cried at the end. I don't cry at many movies, maybe like 3-4 EVER. Effin' YONDU ya'll.
  8. to hearing offers or making package deals
  9. Mike is great to deal with! He bought a batman 121 from me and everything was buttery smoof! Paid right away and let me know as soon as the book arrived. Great meeting you Mike, enjoy the bat! Travis
  10. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #20 5.0 OW/W - NOW $185!! - Another slab purchased from ebay already graded. Solid looking book...presents very nicely.
  11. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #13 4.0 OW - NOW SOLD!! - Purchased already slabbed off of ebay. Tiny tape pull right above the "M" in Mysterio. Case is in excellent shape.