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  1. Adampasz's Kudos Dungeon

    Adam just picked up a Planet 69 from my thread and I couldn't have asked for a better payment and great to talk to. Thanks for the business, sir! Travis
  2. Universal vs. Qualified grade

    Qualified is a way of stating that the book "would be this high grade if not for a single, particular defect (staple detached, price sticker on cover, Marvel Value stamp missing, etc). A Qualified label could be a Universal but the grade would be much lower than the book appears otherwise. For example, an otherwise 9.6 Universal with a cover detached at one staple could be a 9.6 Qualified or, lets say, a 7.0-8.0 Universal maybe. I would rather a universal, all other things being equal No, same grade Universal will ALWAYS be worth more.
  3. Not to mention it does nothing to further the thing I really care about: the Thanos/IG build up. If Disney effs up IW (which I'm fairly certain they will since it became clear that the doubly awful Infinity was a big part of the influence) I don't know how I'll ever justify investing so much of my movie funds in such a let down.
  4. I feel badly for it, as I've been excited about this movie since it was announced, but I don't think I'll be giving Marvel any dough to see this one. That's based on ALL feedback I've heard thus far. I don't spend money to see a film at the theater unless I can get a little escape from today's sensationalist environment not be submerged in it to the payoff of an otherwise cookie cutter story/plot. I'm under no delusion that this will affect the film's gravitas for others in any way.
  5. Very Limited Edition Uncut Cover

    Tee hee... "Uncut."
  6. Ok ya'll one more price drop before this little honey goes back in the short box! NOW $155!!