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  1. All 9.8 graded created equal?

    That's a matter of preference, but I will say that I would MUCH rather the Venom remark since it alludes to his development afterwards. Just my humble opinion. SS is a hard thing to value sometimes...alot depends upon sig placement and quality of the remark.
  2. All 9.8 graded created equal?

    I think you're better off saving the 100 bucks...hell that's another cool book!
  3. All 9.8 graded created equal?

    Nah I think you're ok...I sure as heck wouldn't pay 80 more for white! edit-sorry, I accidentally put "would" at first!
  4. All 9.8 graded created equal?

    If white brings any premium over ow/w on these it would be very minimal, unless there was one guy out there with a run of ASM with all white pages then he might be willing to pay a little bit more for those if was missing them. Otherwise, not much difference to the avg. buyer.
  5. All 9.8 graded created equal?

    Boy oh boy, they are SO NOT all created equal! White will always bring a premium (how much depends on the book in question). Off White/White is next and Off White is last (of the 3). Some collectors won't accept anything less than white in a 9.8 some are ok with ow/w. Silver age and older DCs with white pages bring quite a premium. I guess it's relative to the book is what I'm getting at here!
  6. That's a good one (shoulda kept my copy). Some others I would consider would be TMNT 1, HOS 92, IH 181, FF 48 (Some of my faves that I think have room to grow) in the best grades with the best pq you can afford.. Or hell, if you can live with only one power book an ASM 1 seems like a pretty good bet!
  7. I think the "guarantee" of the resto check comes part and parcel with the grading/slabbing. If the book didn't end up in a slab after their evaluation they couldn't say nobody restored it afterward, I guess.
  8. Awesome trailer! I'm really excited about this...hopefully it'll be as good as DD season 1
  9. 1981 Marvel Comics commercial

    Awesome! Cool vid, thanks for sharing!
  10. fmaz's feedback thread

    Had a very pleasant transaction with fmaz. He just picked up a raw ASM 100 from me and the deal went smooth as glass! Easy guy to deal with and easy to catch on the pm. Thanks again, sir! -Travis
  11. mysterio's kudos thread

    Art was kind enough to recently buy my Dr Strange 169 and Planet 71. He's a really nice guy to deal with and talk to...couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thanks a TON! -Travis
  12. Closing this one down...thanks to all who purchased or just had a lookey-loo!
  13. What a butcher job...I don't care if those edges had leprosy, I wouldn't have TOUCHED them. Ain't no more Kirby sigs (well real ones at least) being inked. Hey, maybe the edges just fell off