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  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear this...a real loss
  2. Be careful though, the card can scratch or scuff the inner surface of the well and that's almost as bad to look at as the rings!
  3. But you went back sooner anyway, right? *ba-dum* Please don't hurt me!
  4. Yea but more importantly, 1st Dormammu!
  5. Everything Mark Strong did in Green this day I still feel a great deal of disappointment that I'll never see him as Sinestro again.
  6. This is what I noticed on the 7.5 and not the 9.2 also.
  7. Joe, I'm late to the well-wishing but I just wanted to say that I'm so glad things are looking up and you are on your way to recovery. Take care and keep on keeping on!
  8. Ha I knew it! Of the Chicago Riggses!
  9. Big congrats to the winners! Thank you Doc X for doing this every year and providing a thread for all this debauchery (and letting me participate)! Thank you as well, skypinkblu, for your contributions & helping to reign in all the chaos. The rest of you lot, thanks for the laughs and the gifs!