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  1. "What's the difference between a 9.9 & a 10"? The kind of day the graders are having.
  2. Looks like a dot of water may have fallen there and the color came off while in contact with another book or surface.
  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! What a treasure to start out with!
  4. Intentionally clipped coupons and Marvel Value Stamps usually get a green label as opposed to pieces torn off with time / due to wear which still fall under blue.
  5. Display issues aside, I'm lovin' that RG & 5150, though!
  6. Man, Don Cheadle looks like he's wasting away to nothing! Eat something, for christsake, bro!
  7. Yes, it does look very slight though...doesn't look like any transfer to the paper from the outside at least.
  8. Usually the day after I mail them. They usually hang up on me after asking when I mailed them.
  9. Man, is this book doing crazy things or what?!?! Never thought my 7.5 wp would be my most valuable book,
  10. Thanks for the link, I read this article before and it did clear up some things for me.