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  1. So weird looking...gotta love that end scene tho!
  2. Mmmm, a real favorite of mine....ditto on the colors......nize.
  3. I'm sure anyone on the fence about sending CGC a big mess o' high dollar books is having a moment of pause right now!
  4. Jeez CGC...miiiight want to check those big money boxes a little more carefully, huh? Thanks goodness for honest people....this could have been quite bad.
  5. Maybe it was just me, but I would've been pretty peeved if I just hooked a guy up with a deal for way more money than the was asking and then he had the gall to give me a price of 750 on the Batman when the comic guy said it was worth 850. Thanks a lot pal...a whole hundo.....maaaaybe. .
  6. Jeff was kind enough to relieve me of my Avengers 57 5.0! Great guy to deal with, had seamless communications as well. Looking forward to doing more business with him in the future. Thanks Jeff! Travis
  7. Greg just bought an incredible hulk 180 7.5 from me and the whole deal went incredibly smoothly. Easy guy to talk to and deal with. Great communication too...don't hesitate to deal with Greg, he's a nice dude! Preciate it man! Travis
  8. Not to be outdone by himself, Jeff also bought a Swamp Thing 37 9.4 from me and was even easier to deal with this time! Thanks again, Jeff! Travis
  9. Amazing...
  10. Longest non-sales thread I ever started....does that say something about how interesting my posts usually are?
  11. Loved 'em....before the latest craze zombies were my favorite genre of horror movies. Pop culture ruined it for me in the past 15 years but George Romero's work will always have a special place in my heart. RIP sir, you will be missed.
  12. Mike just bought am ASM 4 and ASM annual 1 from me and as always was a nice guy to deal with. Paid right away and was easy to communicate with...thanks Mike, always a pleasure! Travis
  13. So awesome...wish I had the money :-(
  14. At work, didn't remember posting so much! Good ish fo sho. Also not bad, I like a twinge more zang. Knob Creek is a favorite of mine as well...if it ain't 100 proof you ain't drankin'!