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  1. Dude I had this ashida kim book! Ha ha
  2. Lemmie atter, lemmie att-errrrrr!
  3. Awesome books, Ed...some real lookers there. I so wish I had the $ to grab that TFTC 46, it's always been one of my favorites. Best of luck with your thread!
  4. Totally thought this thread would be on a different topic
  5. The Sad Sad Tale of Tom & His Bear....cannot be unseen
  6. I could not tell you a good reason why, maybe it's the books I've owned in this grade always had liiiittle things that bugged me....but 9.4 really rubs me wrong. No logical reason whatsoever
  7. If it is distributor ink/spray it should be allowable up to 9.8 IF just on the top edge of the pages, I think. I don't know if it could reach those dizzy heights above that.
  8. This HAS to be a case of letting a wrong colored label slip by.....I just can't wrap my brain around it if it isn't just a dumb mistake.
  9. Awesome books, my friend...if I had ANY money I'd be all over that BB 114. Best of luck with your thread!
  10. I'm thinking 3.0 or 3.5-ish here. One of my absolute favorite PCH books.