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  1. Ok, attached the pics since bleepin Fotochuckit is apparently down forever now
  2. Yea apparently photobucket is down ATM
  3. Bump-a-rooney! A little ol' Crypty himself!
  4. Crime Patrol 15 CGC 2.0 LT/OW Universal - NOW $450!!! Bought this book slabbed as well so no idea about pressing. Tear up from bottom edge to lower staple. I would assume it's detached there but the upper one seems good. Good size bottom right corner piece of cover missing. Cover is pretty dirty with what looks like a big black ink stain on the back cover.
  5. Tales From The Crypt #20 CGC 7.5 C/OW Universal (says Davis Crippen "D" Copy on label) - SOLD! This is my beloved copy of TFTC #20 which I acquired here on the boards a couple of years ago. The label says "Davis Crippen D Copy" however I got no certificate with the slab when I purchased it. Case has some scuffing and areas of light scratching but no deep gouges or cracks.
  6. Hello again everyone! Got a couple of EC slabs for sale! I've been a buyer and seller here on the boards many times and I also have many satisfied comic customers on ebay (ebay id able-pawn). Check out my kudos thread: First in thread OR by pm trumps any negotiations or discussions (YOU MUST SPECIFY DESIRED BOOK OR BOOKS) . No HOSers or Probies. Paypal preferred but I may consider other methods (check, money order) if contacted first before taking it. Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt. Book must be returned in EXACT condition received. Shipping within the US via USPS Priority is included. No international shipping at this time...very sorry Please feel free to pm me with any questions or offers or if you need better pics...Thanks for looking at my stuff!
  7. Awesome wrap and great colors on that SS#4! GLWTS!
  8. Kinda looks like krapple...weird
  9. Yowza!
  10. Gotta echo the others here, Doc...that book looks GREAT for a 3.0! Better than my 3.5. Nice pickup!
  11. Atomik Mike #1? Augh, beat me to it!
  12. You're better than that Kav. Titties for tatties and all. , Hey I've got a load of tatties over here if anyone wants to reciprocate!