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  1. Black Panther. Unless you are joking. Although some could guess Superman since Monfils dives around on hard courts at times.
  2. Personally, I hate the increase in comic prices when a movie or TV show is announced. But that's just because I'm behind on comics.
  3. Why would CGC ruin it? Even though the majority of my collection is in mylar and full backs. For me, once you start talking about old key comics in high grade, which is usually 8 or 8.5 and up. Then I tend to say get them graded and slabbed. Or display them separately in the mylar so you don't run the risk of any sort of movement damage. But perhaps he reads them and they are all reading quality. I know I still have my reading copy of many old comics. But when I upgrade, they will be in slabs. Also, I remember reading something in the Overstreet Guide once that talked about the potential for flip damage. Although that example was with comics in a box. Still when you are talking old, high grade comics, why take the risk?
  4. I'm looking forward to getting that book. I have the one released I think a year or so ago that came in a deluxe slipcase version. These two should go well together. There was a Frazetta TV episode I think on CNBC that I still need to find. Someone posted about it here or perhaps on the Statue Forum. But back then it wasn't online. Hopefully someone put it up by now.
  5. I just saw a quick peak of Gael Monfils' Avengers collection. I remember when Black Panther came out, he would do the Wakanda greeting after his matches. It starts at the 3.25 minute mark if the direct time link doesn't work. He has his comics in bags and boards on shelves. That's old school, I would do that too back in the day. Looks like he might have back to Avengers #1 though. Someone should introduce him to CGC. And perhaps Hot Toys as well unless he has those somewhere else. I see those small cute version figures in boxes that people like to display for some reason. Naomi called them "dolls."
  6. I'm attempting to figure out how to watch the show. They have times listed I think coming up this week. And it seems to be on sites that require a sign up. But I can't just watch it now on youtube, vimeo, or some other site. I am curious about the artwork that they will show. I know I would draw the box art to covers like Genesis Ghouls n Ghosts and Thunder Force II in school. And yeah that Deadly Towers is something else. I think what made it worse is that we purchased it from a Toys R Us that was far away. So I would look forward to playing games when I got home. I played great ones like that. Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Zillion, and many others that I can't remember right now. But Deadly Towers just sticks in my mind as something that I couldn't believe how bad it was. I played it again when I was older to be sure when I was selling and trading games and it was still bad. That Ys artwork is cool. I still have the remake of part 3 on PSP to play. I decided to just pass on playing it on PSP and purchase it again via download to play on a real screen instead of the small PSP screen.
  7. Yeah most likely. Part of me wants to get the box for the artwork. There really should be a good game on the basis of exploring some towers. Ys Book I has that beautiful Darm tower exploration. I still haven't played Ys Origin yet. I probably should get around to it.
  8. Kind of a non story really. I think I was kind of slow back then or either realizing that I was meeting some girls of iffy quality. Kind of like developing a slow Spider Sense. There wasn't a Cheaters show back then so cheating was still something that I didn't really consider would be possible with decent people. And I surely didn't come across those you aren't the father shows on midday TV yet. My timeline memory isn't the best but I think I met her boyfriend once and made a joke about him. But then probably a few months later, she would tell me that she would go to the movies with me as I think I mentioned that I would go alone. Also that she would go grocery shopping with me on the weekend which I thought was odd. And a few times she asked if I wanted to go for lunch. But I never remember her saying that she broke up or anything. So I was a bit confused to why someone who had a boyfriend would want to spend time with someone other than her boyfriend. I believe she was a year or so older than me. A bit shorter. But she had nice legs. Told me how she would go to the gym and was surprised that I wasn't overweight. But with that, let me see if I can remember which Gen 13 cover she liked. I know it was an early one. Also, I remembered that I have a Gen 13 #1 Lingerie poster around here somewhere. I'll see if I can find that.
  9. I thought I had to be missing something when I was a kid. But that game was terrible. Everything from the music to the graphics and gameplay. I still feel that the box art was the biggest con. How could they use great artwork like that on such a poor game? How could they even release that game with the Nintendo seal of quality.
  10. That's funny. I didn't even notice when checking your gallery.
  11. Looking forward to that review. If this sealed thing continues though, you could see anything vintage with nostalgic feelings being sealed and graded. I wonder how many people have old unopened cereal boxes from back in the day when they came with extra toys? There were all sorts of odd flavors I remember trying. I would have cereal while watching Saturday Morning Cartoons.
  12. What's this Box Art Doc? Do they have a lot of episodes on video game box art? I guess this is the trailer. Thanks. Speaking about box art, you don't know how much the box for Deadly Towers pissed me off. I thought I would get a great game like Castlevania. Instead I got one of the worst games I've ever played.
  13. Cool. I would like a McGinnis painting one day. That one on Heritage recently was tempting. Out of curiosity, what poster got the warning? I didn't see anything bad in your gallery.
  14. That's a cool cover. I don't remember seeing that one back in the day. I liked Gen 13. But the delays killed it for me. At least I remember going in a comic shop and always asking if a few titles came out and they were always late it seemed. But I remember a pretty girl liking the cover to I think Gen 13 #2 or #3. I think that's the first and only time a girl said something about a comic I was reading. But that was in the 90s and comics were still very geeky I think.
  15. Thanks. I purchased games because of this guy's artwork. Too bad I don't remember much Spanish from those old classes...