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  1. There are repaints of Scarlett and Roadblock on the way in the Classified line. I don't understand that line at all. It just seems all over the place. Flint and Lady Jaye are ok I guess. Their faces could be better. With the release of the cartoon music on vinyl record, I guess I just want either bigger and updated versions of those old Joes. Or of course the Resolute Joes which I mention all the time.
  2. You guys might like this topic I just started. I'm still attempting to figure out all the comic and movie related books in the photo she posted.
  3. I know. I meant that CGC will open them anyway. So you should check before you send it in so you aren't surprised by the grade. Damn bags do more damage than I thought. I guess I better start taking them out of their bags. I'll still leave the Death of Superman bagged though. Just nostalgia. It's been like that so I'll keep that one.
  4. If this is her collection, she's even cooler than I originally thought. I believe that's a Mondo Black Panther poster behind her. We both own the same slipcased Fleming James Bond novel set. I see some Marvel movie artbooks. I'm still looking over the image. I know I need to get that Universal Monsters book.
  5. That's cool. I still need to remember and find a few old Game & Watch and a couple other tabletop systems. I don't remember Game & Watch as being that expensive back then. I know I purchased one at Disney World. I'm sure they weren't like the cost of cell phones or today's portable videogame systems. And modern portable systems aren't really the best for being portable anyway. I've played all my modern portables at home connected to speakers. The only game that I still need to finish is Boktai and that's because it forces you outside to play in the sun. Arcade 1Up needs to rele
  6. Just in case people missed this topic that's in the Original Art section.
  7. They should probably keep those dancer stories I've heard in a few places and videos private. But other than that, looking forward to the documentary.
  8. Ever since I read about the bagged Death of Superman causing damage to the actual comic, I've been wary about keeping comics inside poly bags. And even more since CGC opens the bags to grade the comics. What I do if I think a bagged comic will be valuable is I'll get two or three copies. That way I'll have both examples. I still have my Death of Superman bagged. But that's just for nostalgia.
  9. Do you have an image or link of the sold Black Canary piece? Probably top on my list would be a Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in those moving poses like the opening of Justice League Unlimited.
  10. I caught a headline somewhere that said low budget or low Box Office potential movies would get to home on demand quicker. I need to find that article.
  11. This reminds me that I still need to look into those vintage gas guzzlers and penny racers.
  12. Is that one of the Bottleneck Gallery portfolios? I was thinking about getting one of those if I need to move prints instead of rolling them back in tubes. Right now I keep the prints in a print box with acid free paper spacing. I did see some nice flat file displays on Expressobeans. People had glass files to see the stored prints.
  13. Ok. Are you talking the actual Disney Store? I never checked those. I was talking about the smaller souvenir shops at Disney Parks on the way in and out. Perhaps they had other shops that would sell cels. I found my vintage maps and I'll take a look. But I'm talking around the 70s or 80s. In the 90s was when I noticed specialized cel gallery stores. Those places were setup like professional art galleries with people in suits and desks like they were working out business deals. I only glanced in a few of those on my way to video game stores. I think I went to one in Coconut Grove. I never
  14. Where's the Spider-Man image? I think I cutout an image of a Japanese Spider-Man comic when I was a kid. But I didn't know it came from Playboy.
  15. Ok. They seem to be only in one state. With this virus thing, if anything it will make people get their setups right for the next possible one. Maybe movie release pricing will be more reasonable then as well.