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  1. I use DuckDuckGo when I search myself. Rey from the first movie Hot Toys figure. Rogue One was a nice surprise. I have the Mondo poster from that one and the Hot Toys Jyn figure. I remember people saying how if the Emperor was a clone or had clones, that would be bad for Vader's redemption. But now, the Emperor is back. Seems like those old books and comics weren't that bad after all. I keep thinking that they decided that those old comics and books are now unofficial for this.
  2. Don't the Complete Dave Stevens books have all the covers?
  3. People use grail a lot with statues too. But at least here with something like original comic art pages. Those are grail, one of a kind pieces. Sure not everyone wants some of those pages. But if you are looking for one and it's already sold. It becomes a grail hoping the person that has it will eventually sell it.
  4. Abrams? Never heard that before. I was hoping that I would want a Rey Hot Toys figure after these movies. But it's not looking like that now.
  5. I don't know if it's funny or sad that Abrams is responsible for the bad state of both Star Trek and Star Wars. Profitable movies but both series are basically going to be over for a bunch of years.
  6. I have to look into this some more. Thanks for mentioning the Superman. I found a Superman record without the sleeve a while ago and just stored it away. I didn't pay attention to the details. But I guess that is another I have. But no comic to that one.
  7. $400 to $800 for the ones with the glass top? I guess I just remember those type of files in school art class. Metal ones without the glass. I never thought they were that much. I only have a couple prints I'll probably never frame. If Mondo wants money from me, they can make a good Sister Night poster with a variant layer. I'm trying not to spoil the new Watchmen TV series. But those who have seen the show and know some of Mondo's variants, know what I'm talking about.
  8. The show was really good. I think I like it more than the movie. It's odd in that you can see the show as a sequel to both the comic and movie. It's definitely worth owning and a second watch to notice stuff once you know the secrets of the show.
  9. There are reprints of these record sets? I know I found a few from when I was a kid. That Spider-Man one. Also one for Hulk and Batman. I thought there were a lot more.
  10. I thought the nude or superhero sex was mostly a Japanese anime / video game thing. I remember hearing that the last Japanese warrior girl video game release was one of those nude things. I didn't want to see that at all. Also, I stumbled on to some Japanese anime heroes in a manga or other book that were nude. I think I was just looking for character art or books. I know many Japanese figures are sexually posed. But I haven't seen any American stuff like that. I thought the majority of artists wouldn't cross that line. The only examples of comic art that are close are Ed Benes commissions from a while back. He would draw someone like MJ in bed and Spider-Man would be in the doorway. I remember Gail Simone saying something about the type of shots Ed Benes would use in Birds of Prey. I guess she wasn't storyboarding the comic as well as writing it. Or Ed Benes would just ignore her notes. But still if you are drawing women basically in swimsuits, you can't get upset about low angles or rear shots. It's almost the same as going to a swim or tennis match and saying don't look at the women that are wearing revealing clothing. Also I remember the blowup over that Spider-Gwen or Spider-Woman cover with her butt sticking out even though she was in a Spider type pose. Frank Cho made a whole drawing series about it. Perhaps because I've seen pinup art that is in good taste versus sex pose art / photos, that I can usually tell the difference in what is going on.
  11. Ask Comiconart for more details I guess. Ed Benes art is really good. Some Red Sonja pages sold quick.
  12. They just had a Pixar show and still have posters from that on their site. Those would have sold quickly years ago. I think they had a few Disney / Pixar galleries back then. I have a Rocketeer poster from one of them. And I'm considering getting one from Peter Pan but I need to see the movie again. I don't remember it that much. The ExpressoBeans site had a topic with people showing their poster storage and some had nice flat files with a glass on top display. Others had coffee table type flat files. I'm ok with movie poster sized prints and smaller ones. I have a TMNT print from the old NES game that's a nice smaller horizontal size. Mondo worked in that size too. As long as the artwork is cool, I'm pretty much fine with whatever size they come up with. I'm struggling to remember the last great Mondo released poster.
  13. I read the Doctor Manhattan spoiler somewhere and couldn't believe it. I watched a bit of the most recent episode and it seemed ok. Kind of like the movie which I thought was good. I did see the movie before reading the comic though. After reading the comic, which I thought was ahead of its time, I still thought the movie was good. In many places just about frame for frame with the comic. And I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the comic as much as a kid anyway as I was into the true superhero comics. Anyway, I decided to check the show out from the beginning and it's pretty good so far. I'm only a few episodes in but I might need a Hot Toys figure of Sister Night. I understand it's ending tonight. So I'll probably be caught up by next week.
  14. Mondo Tees also seems to want to make more toys and other type of stuff today too. I think their art direction is bad as well now. There are still many movie and tv show properties that they haven't worked on. Or could make better. That Conan 1 & 2 should be a possibility. I'm not crazy about the Mission: Impossible series but they did reveal that they were working on that but it was cancelled. Making a bunch of so so Alien and other movie property posters will eventually wear out. Especially when they seem to be variations of the same theme without characters. An Alien and Aliens set like Flash Gordon should also be an easy idea but we don't have that either.
  15. I'm curious about these smaller arcade units. I'm after a few of the real deal myself. But I think someone hinted that they might make the big Konami X-Men game. And I would get that. No way I'm getting the original. But some of these arcade games to me are actually better as their home console versions. The games are more balanced. I know I prefer Final Fight on Sega CD to the arcade version. Soundtrack is awesome. Also, I had this remixed version when I was a kid on cassette tape! It came with a Street Fighter soundtrack. I want to do something cool with Final Fight as I have this Kotobukiya figure. I still find the after the fact made up backstory hilarious. Absolutely no one when we were playing the game in arcades thought of what they came up with. You would punch Poison and see what is now called under boob. There wasn't even that term back then that I knew. There is this too that came out recently. Cody doesn't care about gang girls in this either. I didn't know they made these as separate releases. I only had the full robot releases for both of these. I know they just released a Chogokin of the Vehicle Voltron. I too was never really fond of that cartoon. I tried to get into it. The teams seemed cool. But everything was so much better with the lion Voltron cartoon.