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  1. I caught a headline somewhere that said low budget or low Box Office potential movies would get to home on demand quicker. I need to find that article.
  2. This reminds me that I still need to look into those vintage gas guzzlers and penny racers.
  3. Is that one of the Bottleneck Gallery portfolios? I was thinking about getting one of those if I need to move prints instead of rolling them back in tubes. Right now I keep the prints in a print box with acid free paper spacing. I did see some nice flat file displays on Expressobeans. People had glass files to see the stored prints.
  4. Ok. Are you talking the actual Disney Store? I never checked those. I was talking about the smaller souvenir shops at Disney Parks on the way in and out. Perhaps they had other shops that would sell cels. I found my vintage maps and I'll take a look. But I'm talking around the 70s or 80s. In the 90s was when I noticed specialized cel gallery stores. Those places were setup like professional art galleries with people in suits and desks like they were working out business deals. I only glanced in a few of those on my way to video game stores. I think I went to one in Coconut Grove. I never went into Disney Store looking for cels. Never checked out WB Store either. Speaking about Disney cels. I see Van Eaton has some in their upcoming auction.
  5. Where's the Spider-Man image? I think I cutout an image of a Japanese Spider-Man comic when I was a kid. But I didn't know it came from Playboy.
  6. Ok. They seem to be only in one state. With this virus thing, if anything it will make people get their setups right for the next possible one. Maybe movie release pricing will be more reasonable then as well.
  7. I need to get a Bruce Timm piece. Every time I see one I want, I'm always too late and it's sold.
  8. Around what year did you see these $3500 Little Mermaid cels? I can't remember seeing the cels at stores on the way out of Disney myself. I was too young for art type stuff. I believe toys, stuffed animals, and small video games were the things I would get at Disney back then. The only art I remember getting at Disney was at I believe either at the entrance or in the Contemporary Resort arcade. The artist there drew a caricature of me. Sadly, I don't have it anymore.
  9. I like covers too much to cut down on boxes. Even if the comic isn't that good. If the comic is really good, I'll get the hardcover as a reading copy. I see a lot of posters. This reminds me that I need to search for some old vintage comic posters. Crazy number of boxes though. That's like some comic shops number of boxes.
  10. Personally I believe all artwork signatures should be on the corners. Or in a subtle place. It's about both the signature and artwork. You don't want one taking more prominence over the other. If you want an upfront signature might as well get one of those signature plates or just get a blank piece of paper signed. But I'm not into those.
  11. I remember looking up Courvoisier when Heritage mentioned it a bunch of times in their artwork auctions some years ago. I posted this Disney cel museum video I think when we were talking about Dragon's Lair. The link works but the site says it can't be embedded. I got this D23 magazine back then when I was looking into Disney cel stuff. It's oversized with a replica Snow White cel that you see on the cover. I wish I was earlier getting into cels. I keep hearing stories about cels for sale on the way out at Disney Land and World. Also, there were cel gallery stores in malls. Comic and anime conventions with prime cels. Condition is also a concern as cels degrade if they aren't stored properly. The really old Disney ones were flammable. But more modern ones depending on the material used and storage conditions can get vinegar syndrome similar to film. Here is video tour of Disney's storage place.
  12. Here we go. This is one of those home theaters. If I had something like this I would never go to the actual theater again.
  13. I found a site a year or so ago that showed all the closed classic designed movie theaters. I still need to go through that site. There were a bunch of reasons I stopped going to see the majority of movies in theaters. A big one was that I hate seeing bad movies in the theater. I remember seeing Die Another Day in the theater and just being disgusted at the end. I think that was the movie that started it. The Star Wars prequels continued the disappointment. Maybe I was spoiled by amazing movies growing up. Really good ones seem to be rare these days. Add in bad behavior in theaters and the experience is just not as good. Also, although you can't get the big screen at home. You can come close with the sound by having multiple subwoofers and good speakers. I've been in bad theaters that just had loud sound, not quality sound. Of course there are theaters with poor screens too. I read a few directors say that 3D presentation was better at home compared to the theater. I did save a few articles and TV shows with home theaters that have that classic design. But those people have a lot of money. One home on HGTV had an actual theater in the basement. I'm talking light display with the theater name, ticket booth, etc. I think it even had a little street that you walked up to get to the theater. I'm sure people have seen those Death Star and Batcave theaters too. Maybe it's all about community. I read that Tarantino owns a small theater and shows old movies. I would like to own a small theater like the ones I went to growing up. But then I want to own a comic shop as well. What's wrong with Johnny Depp? He's still one of the better actors out there these days.