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  1. Look who decided to finally show up. I posted about him in the Figure topic.
  2. I think the statue topic is almost dead around here. But as there is a lot of G.I. Joe stuff here, Prime 1 Studio Snake Eyes statue finally showed up. I didn't expect him now as usually these statues from Japan tend to show up in that territory first. And he's a surprise as at first I thought Sideshow sent me the wrong item. The box is huge. Way bigger than any quarter scale statue I've ever seen. I just had to do an inspection as I didn't expect this taking that much room and need to make more space for my display and for Scarlett. People that ordered the exclusive are in for a treat as we get an improved first headsculpt for Timber and a second alternate growling headsculpt. I don't know if these are both included in the normal version. Sideshow and Prime 1's sites don't show the new or extra Timber in their images. I prefer the alternate more closed mouth myself. Another thing some have mentioned on the StatueForum is the base. It's amazing. The snow has a sparkle to it. And also, what I didn't see people mention is the wet effect on the rocks like the snow melted from them. It's pretty cool. The only fault I could say is the fact that when you pose him with his guns, you can't sheath the swords. And when you use the guns, the other guns are still in the holsters. Altough you can remove the one gun on his back. I guess it would have been more money to do those additions. But still he's expensive already and I'm surprised that they didn't do those small extra bits. As it is, I'm posing him with both swords as I like the ninja Snake Eyes more anyway. Overall, this is the Snake Eyes statue to own. He's really a grail piece. With 350 of the exclusive, he is a statue that will go up in price. I don't see anyone coming close to making another Snake Eyes like this. It's a shame that the line is probably over. They did a good job on making Snake Eyes and Scarlett go together with the bases. Storm Shadow is pretty odd with his base. I don't know why they couldn't make a Baroness. Strange that they have Destro but no Baroness. Perhaps they still will since so far everyone likes Snake Eyes that I've seen. And of course they should have made Duke. At least to go against Sepentor. Duke could have that fist in the air pose from the cartoon's opening. Plus a version with his rifle and switchout bomb from the opening of the cartoon movie. Perhaps wearing a jet pack too. Face sculpts could be a normal and switchout modern Resolute version. We'll see if there are any surprises after Scarlett's release. If not, the pieces they show in the ad will be it.
  3. I probably wouldn't carry an expensive comic book in any backpack. But this backpack does seem good if you are carrying all that stuff like Jim Lee. I think a lot of people carry too much these days. I believe people call them Mall Commandos or something like that. They have their phones, flashlights, knives, lighters, first aid kits, moleskine/field notes, bored flipping things, and all kinds of other stuff.
  4. Seems like something is trying to tell them to stop production and reboot the series.
  5. I think I saw one somewhere once. But not the one I was looking for. I asked him and he said he sold it. I was too late in reading the comic.
  6. He was probably one of the first original art dealers I came across. Cool guy and always helpful. I did notice his updates were slowing down.
  7. I would always wait for the discounts to order at Mile High myself. That puts the prices back in reasonable level.
  8. Thanks for that Comicartads site. Something to check out. Back then it probably didn't even cross my mind that I could own original comic artwork. It was enough trying to get a bunch of comics and a few video games or systems. And there wasn't a comic shop that I went to that had original artwork. Honestly, I don't think those shops were the best at creating excitement for comics or their business. They had some expensive comics like many other shops on the wall and the weekly stuff around the shop. Some branched out into anime VHS and manga. A few had some toys and models. But no one was talking about key comics, high grades, or original artwork. That's probably the reason I don't go to comic shops anymore and everything is online. The one good comic shop I remember was a small place right next door to an arcade, go kart, batting cage place. They got into anime before any other shop and always had the lower numbered Amazing Spider-Man issues. But they closed down.
  9. I'm going to need those covers. Maybe a print too.
  10. I found a few of my old comic book record sets. I think I used to listen to them on a small suitcase type record player. But I've heard those are bad for records. Still I'm thinking about setting something up as I used to listen to those records a lot.
  11. I posted my idea for Bond future actors in that upcoming Bond movie topic. But I wouldn't be against Idris Elba as Bond. I haven't seen him in a bad role yet. I think the new Luther series is supposed to come out over here soon. That's a good show. But I would think the next Bond will be a reboot and that would make Elba too old. I thought the guy from X-Men TV show Gifted with the light powers could make a good Bond too when he was in Incorporated. He's British and young too so he would be high on my list. It just depends on what they decide to do. Are they going to really focus on book Bond? Or are they going to keep picking stuff from the books and modernizing Bond? It doesn't matter to me if we get good movies.
  12. I would want the creator / writer to sign the comic they created. The artwork not so much.
  13. Carbon isn't included. I got the deluxe version of Portfolio. It's a really nice book. I should probably get his Artist Edition but I'm waiting to see what his next Kickstarter will do.
  14. A new Vampirella comic is coming in a few months. The Frank Cho cover looks nice.
  15. Seems like everything about that commercial is awesome except for the fact that it's a car commercial. But it does still work. I always wanted to see the group make it back. I still haven't seen all the episodes since it was a early Saturday morning cartoon. But I want to get the DVDs. I know there are a few different sets. One of which is out of print and expensive. I think the group made it back once but couldn't stay for some reason. I downloaded the -script of the final episode or conclusion but still haven't read it. I love that conclusion in the commercial though. One of those old 80s scary moments.