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  1. Anyone interested? $800 shipped? Well below current.. guess thanos is dead and I didn't even see endgame.
  2. PERKS4ME $3 off. Not the greatest and I don't know when it ends but it works.
  3. Normal board rules. First I'll take it wins over all else Paypal for payment shipped priority with signature. Unless buyer wants alternate method Returns accepted up to a week No prob or hos Iron Man 55 CGC 8.0 signature series $900 shipped More pics upon request
  4. My kudos thread.thanks in advance.
  5. Made a great trade with bill.everything was super smooth. Thanks again!
  6. Price drop to $7000 shipped Open to some trade offers plus cash also. Looking for some Spidey keys or other marvel books.
  7. Normal board rules apply.payment by PayPal.shipped priority with signature.US only. First I'll take it in thread wins over PM's Returns shouldn't be needed on graded but will accept within 1 week. No probs or hos Since I have no sales history here(only purchases) my eBay Id is hwheels2 with over 1500 feedbacks. $7250 shipped More pics can be taken if needed.any questions ask
  8. Frank Brunner those 70s Dr stranges were great.
  9. Not sure the wave or what you have in Australia but ive seen these halo figs in walmarts in the movie sections.its where the funko pops are.
  10. Tim Vigil. Faust kept me interested in comics during the 90s even though there were like 3 issues released during that time :lol
  11. I didn't see it mentioned...I would put marvel spotlight 5-12 right up there.ghost rider exists because of his deal with a few other issues of ghost rider,if not the whole GR run 1-81.