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  1. Pictorial Romances #14 (CGC 7.5 with white pages) $1950: SOLD to Comcav! Gorgeous classic Matt Baker cover and art. Excellent centering and alignment. No pencils, inks or other writing on cover. Highest graded with one other in grade! White pages to boot. July 1952.
  2. Catman Comics #29 (CGC 5.0 with cream to off-white pages) $1550: SOLD to Comcav! Stunning L.B. Cole cover with Fujitani and Palais art. Excellent eye appeal. Solid centering and alignment contribute to this outstanding cover. Another Gerber “8”! August 1945.
  3. Tomb of Terror #16 (CGC 7.5 with cream to off-white pages.) $1400: Creepy, haunting and mesmerizing cover by Lee Elias. Love the contrast in colors below and above the water. Gorgeous clean cover with great centering and solid corners. One of my favorite pre-code horror gems. Collectors are finally starting to give this comic the attention and appreciation it’s due. July 1954.
  4. Teen-Age Romances #18 (CGC 3.0 with off-white pages.) $850: Spectacular Matt Baker cover. Classic Baker pencils with gorgeous colors. With only 13 in the census and only 3 sold thru auctions in the last 10 years, this is an extremely difficult Baker to own. Front cover presents extremely well for a 3.0. October 1951.
  5. Wonder Comics #18 (CGC 7.0 with cream to off-white pages) $700: Outstanding Schomburg airbrushed cover. One of many he did for the Wonder Comics series. Art by Gene Fawcette, Ken Battefield, Al Camy, George Roussos and Everett Kinstler. June 1948.
  6. Tomb of Terror #11 (CGC 6.5 with off-white pages) $500: SOLD to gunsmokin! Creepy skulls cover by Lee Elias. Note the distinctive skull expressions. Clean cover with radiant colors and solid structure. Some nice art work by Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand and Joe Certa. September 1953.
  7. Catman Comics #18 (CGC 3.0 with white pages. Cover re-attached with 2 extra staples added after manufacturing.) $1500: SOLD to Comcav! Nice looking Charles Quinlan cover. Presents nicely for a 3.0. Art by Quinlan, Bob Fujitani, C.R. Schaare, Alan Mandel and Herman Browner. Published July 1943. Note the “Buy War Bonds” poster and the swastika tattoo on the Nazi’s hand. Difficult to find with white pages. Hard book to pry out of collectors’ grubby claws as only 7 have sold thru auction in the last 13 years. Gerber “8”!
  8. Planet Comics #47 (CGC 7.0 with cream to off-white pages.) $525: Solid mid-grade book. Art by Lily Renee, George Evans, Murphy Anderson, Bob Lubbers and Rafael Astarita. Decapitation panel and letter from sci-fi author Lin Carter. Love the artwork by Lily Renee- see attached. March 1947.
  9. War Fury #4 (CGC 7.0 with off-white to white pages.) $750: SOLD to Comcav! Superb Don Heck cover and art. Some great stories in this one. Published by Comic Media (think Horrific and Weird Terror). Single highest graded with next highest at 5.5. Only three in census! March 1953.
  10. (PRICE REDUCTION- 10% OFF OR 12% OFF IF YOU BUY 2 OR MORE!) Pre-Code Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, War and more! Planet Comics, Wonder Comics, Captain Science, Pictorial Romances, Tomb of Terror and more! Matt Baker, Alex Schomburg, Don Heck, Lee Elias and more! Who can buy? No selling to those on the probation list. Payment: Prefer checks but will take PayPal. Returns: No returns on CGC books. Shipping: Free Priority Mail shipping within the U.S. Will ship to Canada. Postage over U.S. priority mail cost will be paid by the buyer. Winning: First unconditional “Take” in the thread gets it. Time stamp rules if multiple “Takes”. A “Take” in the thread trumps any PM negotiations until the post has been updated as “Taken”. Hopefully you’ll find a nice addition for your collection! Enjoy!