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  1. Crime Mysteries #4 (CGC 5.5 with off-white to white pages.) $2500: Sold! Comcav. Starting to send in some of my raw Gold books to get graded. Just got this back. What a gorgeous eye-popping classic blood-draining bondage cover! You don’t see this cover in this condition very often. And to add to the desirability, Frank Frazetta art inside. November 1952.
  2. Weird Tales of the Future #8 (CGC 4.0 with cream to off-white pages) $1600: Sold! Comcav. Gorgeous Bernard Baily classic horror cover! Have you ever seen such brilliant colors for a 4.0 that radiate like these? Hy Fleishman, Frank Frollo, Walter Palais, and Nick Frank art. July-August 1953.
  3. Red Seal Comics #16 (CGC 6.5 with off-white pages.) $1100: A Chesler you don’t see very often since only four exist in the census. Only one higher. Joe Beck and Otto Eppers cover. George Tuska, Paul Gattuso and Gus Ricca art. Used in SOTI. April 1946.
  4. Teen-Age Romances #39 (CGC 3.0 with off-white to white pages) $950: Stunning Matt Baker cover. Presents extremely well for the assigned grade. Love the pose and coyish look of the young lady. One of the more coveted Matt Baker runs. Difficult to find this issue in any grade as only four have changed hands thru auction in the last eight years. Only 10 in the census. September 1954.
  5. Horrors #13 (CGC 5.0 with off-white pages.) $600: Sold to Lookingforsamuel! Sensational L.B. Cole Horrors of Mystery cover. Classical Cole poster-looking cover with deep colorful inks. Very solid structure for a 5.0. June 1953.