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  1. Weird Comics #1 (CGC 2.5 with cream to off-white pages.) $2100: bounty_coder. You're the man Aaron! Creepy and esoteric bondage cover by George Tuska, art by Joe Simon. Wonder what the fiend was going to do with that hypo. Voodoo Man, Birdman, Doctor Mortal and Typhon begin. Origin of Thor. Fox Feature Syndicate, April 1940. Nice presenting cover for a 2.5.
  2. Planet Comics #26 (CGC 5.0 with off-white to white pages) $1250: Love this cover! One of the richest color saturations for a 5.0 that I have seen. Nice structure and centering. Graham Ingels, Joe Doolin, George Appel and Lee Elias art. Beginning of Space Rangers. Gerber 7.
  3. Weird Mysteries #2 (CGC 4.5 with off-white to white pages. Small piece re-attached to cover with tape.) $800: bounty_coder. Thanks Aaron! Combine Weird Mysteries and Bernard Baily covers and you have some of the most sought after pre-code horror comics. Bernard Baily was a master of the eerie, creepy, grotesque and ghastly covers and artwork. Weird Mysteries #2 is one of those great covers. Add to that the haunting story, “Robot Woman” with artwork by Basil Wolverton and a ghoulish acid-in-the-face panel and you have a must-have comic for your collection. This 4.5 presents nicely for its grade. There is slight Newton Rings on the top center ghoul with the drool. Other than that, it’s a great looking book.
  4. Young Romance #1 (CGC 3.0 with cream to off-white pages) $500: Here’s your chance to own what is considered the very first romance comic- Young Romance #1. Created by the iconic Jack Kirby and the illustrious Joe Simon. This series ran for 124 consecutive issues by Prize Publications. Cover by Jack Kirby. Art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Published Sep/Oct 1947. Last sale was a conserved (C-1) 4.0 for $600 in October 2017. A steal at this offered price.
  5. Catman Comics #30 (CGC 1.5 with tan to off-white pages. Cover spine completely split and cover detached) $325: Nice looking L.B. Cole bondage cover for a 1.5. Doctor Macabre cover and story. Nina Albright, Rudy Palais and Lou Ferstadt art. Continental, 12/45. Gerber 7. Not sure how Kitten’s going to get out of this jam.
  6. My Experience #19 (CGC 3.5 with cream to off-white pages) $325: Stunning brunette in a red dress highlight this cover. Art by Wally Wood. Another difficult issue to own with only five in census.
  7. Authentic Policy Cases #9 (CGC 4.0 with slightly brittle pages) $285: Stunning Matt Baker cover. Very nice centering. Presents extremely well for a 4.0. Only 10 unrestored in census.
  8. Chilling Tales #13 (CGC 3.0 with off-white to white pages) $425: thehumantorch. Thanks Dave! Superb pre-code horror cover by Matt Fox. Better known for his covers of Weird Tales pulps from 1943-1951, Matt did not have a huge body of comic work; however, his pre-code horror work was noteworthy. This is such a creepy cover with the monstrous being (love the shorts) pulling a zombie from its grave. The details are just remarkable- skulls and bones in the foreground of the graveyard, a snake slithering thru a skull, bats flying overhead and a radiating yellow moon. Love the coloring. Just in time for Halloween!
  9. Terrifying Tales #15 (CGC 4.0 with off-white pages) $425: SamPool. Thanks Sam! Gorgeous L.B. Cole good girl art cover especially for a 4.0. Excellent centering and structure. Last issue in the series. Difficult to own with only five in the census.
  10. (10% Off Remaining Books- Post-Halloween Treats!) Lower Grade CGC Golden Age- Good Girl Art, Romance, Baker and Cole: Authentic Policy Cases #9, My Experience #19, Young Romance #1, Catman Comics #30 and Planet Comics #26. What’s for Sale? Lower Grade CGC Golden Age. Who can buy? No selling to those on the probation list. Payment: Prefer checks but will take PayPal. Returns: No returns on CGC books. Shipping: Free Priority Mail shipping within the U.S. Will ship to Canada- postage paid by the buyer. Winning: First unconditional “Take” in the thread gets it. Time stamp rules if multiple “Takes”. A “Take” in the thread trumps any PM negotiations until the post has been updated as “Taken”.