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  1. it's the nicest I've ever seen myself! hopefully there are some more out in the wild waiting to be found.
  2. Could you imagine if there were newton rings glossing over the grade itself on the label. What about CGC 9.5?
  3. For me personally, I still consider SDCC #2 Hellboy's first appearance. I don't considered prototypes and ads to be First appearances. While prototypes are cool, It falls one of those speculative grey areas. Some consider prototypes first appearances to hype books and some don't consider prototypes first appearances.
  4. Maybe. It’s mostly when I’m looking at bronze books. I just think ahhhh 9.0. I could easily upgrade that to a 9.2 or 9.4. I have House of Mystery 174 that’s an 8.5 and I’m perfectly happy with it. If it was a 9.0 I’d probably be looking for an upgrade. So, yeah, I guess it is the number in some weird OCD way. Raw grades don’t bother me unless I’m looking at submitting a book, but I rarely submit books to cgc. I’m mostly looking for reader copies and grading really isn’t as important to me in that aspect.
  5. 9.0. For some weird reason 8.5, 9.2, and 9.4 don’t bother me as much as 9.0 does.
  6. It’s not often I buy golden age but I love this cover.
  7. You gotta read Hellboy In Hell sometime. Very fun read!
  8. I know a guy too! in fact, I know lots of people in general.
  9. Never seen this one before! Very cool!