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  1. deadleg


    @fullerjason I love the Miracleman #12!
  2. deadleg

    What’s your favorite bid?

    I’ve always wanted to see two people do something like this on an item and see someone get stuck with paying an obscenely stupid amount of money for a book.
  3. deadleg

    Vampirella's - Show 'em off

    Suydam’s work is amazing!
  4. deadleg

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    I got a couple more reader copies today.
  5. deadleg

    Collecting Re-Prints

    Added some more reprints to my collection last week. These make for great reader copies!
  6. deadleg

    Collecting Re-Prints

    Congrats! Marvel Tales 238 is probably my favorite cover of McFarlane’s run on the series.
  7. deadleg

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    You’re such a tease....
  8. deadleg

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    There was only one issue. There is an ad for the second issues inside which would have featured a really nice Joseph Michael Linsner cover, but sadly, it never came out.
  9. deadleg

    Collecting Re-Prints

    Purchased this one from @joeypost.
  10. I see a couple of the dvd volumes every once in a while at anime conventions or at this one comic shop in downtown Atlanta, but I’ve never seen the full set together. I know if they ever released the entire series on Blu-ray or I came across the entire dvd set, I would break down and buy it immediately.
  11. Been meaning to check out Urusei Yatsura, it’s just so many episodes. Just recently watched the second movie Beautiful Dreamer when it was released on Blu-ray. Was good fun.
  12. I would love to have a 9.8 copy of issue one. I've read about the first ten volumes so far. The story is fun, full of comedy, and Rumiko Takahashi's art is great.
  13. deadleg

    Heavy Metal Magazine

    I've been tempted to pick up some back issues of this series just for the Frazetta covers.