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  1. deadleg

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    1. Dave Stevens 2. Frank Frazetta 3.Terry Moore 4. Mike Mignola 5. Arthur Suydam 6. Bernie Wrightson 7. Russ Heath 8. Micheal Turner 9. Adam Hughes 10. Joe Jusko Honorable mentions: Todd Mcfarlane, Larry Welz, Bryan Lee O'Malley, the entire Kubert lineage, Hernandez bros., Phil Noto, Wally Wood, Phil Noto, Francesco Francavilla, and Dell'Otto.
  2. deadleg

    Wizard Mag Collectors?

    Wizard magazine started to fizzle when it started to focus more on movies and other pop culture stuff and less on comics.
  3. deadleg

    Fake labels/fraud books

    I actually sent the Hertiage Auctions FAQ video to an eBay buyer today to explain that it was a normal occurrence for the 1st generation slabs to only be sealed at the corner posts and that the slab being opened on the side was also normal. He accused me of tampering with the slab, so I asked him what I had to gain by swapping out a $30 book.
  4. deadleg

    Wizard Mag Collectors?

  5. deadleg

    The Frazetta Motherload

    Good reprint. great read and great art. Pretty cheap on mcs too.
  6. deadleg

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    Swamp Thing #20 CGC 9.8 from Spider-Man on Tilt.
  7. deadleg

    Well... 2018 kind of sucked.

    Kind of???
  8. deadleg

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    This particular issue, I would say yes. The white cover seems to stain easily from copies that I’ve seen.
  9. deadleg

    This Week Back From CGC

    Was Cadillacs and Dinosaurs a reprint of Xenozoic Tales or is it a separate series?
  10. deadleg

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    I won’t get to own the lone 9.8 copy on the census anytime soon, but this will do just fine.
  11. deadleg

    Oxford Comics. Atlanta, GA. ??

    Like @miraclemet said, not the best place for back issues but it is worth a visit overall. They have two small cases on the left in the back with some wall books in it, but it is mostly modern stuff. I usually get lost in staring at all the figures they have on their shelves when I go there.