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  1. Man, that's disappointing to say the least.
  2. I think it was more of a joke because the Transformers series was originally planned to be a 4 issue limited series, but because of the popularity it received, Marvel decided o give it the green light to keep going.
  3. Lot's of great Hellboy series to choose from. In Hell was a very fun read.
  4. Marvel's Transformers series. Only 80 issues!
  5. Pic? Can't seem to find one on google.
  6. Looks like JSC will have a cover.
  7. For reference. Looks like he went for less detail on 300. Honestly I wasn’t all that jazzed about the covers for issue 250. Kinda sucks cause I like Sean Murphy’s work, but I thought his cover for 250 kind of lacked. Looks like 300 gonna be more of the same.
  8. Love love the Vault of Evil 9. Great Russ Heath cover! I too feel like Jusko is a bit slept on right now.