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  1. It was 9.6 before. Thanks for trying with the press anyway.
  2. Picked up this Golden Age Sandman (Wesley Dodds) from Bo Hampton...
  3. Picked up this Cully Hamner JLA Pinup. He produced a limited number of color prints from it and sold them at cons. There may be a possibility this was used as banner for some of his appearances as well. If anyone has a pic of the banner out in the wild I'd like to have a copy. Thanks for looking.
  4. Big thanks to @Rich_Henn for my latest sig acquisition...
  5. Garage sale with multiple long boxes. I pulled only 50 $1 books. Below are the highlights. The Supergirl is the biggest score I've ever had out in the wild...
  6. I wonder what would have to motivate cgc to consider adding a night shift to accommodate the business they take in? Have they not raked in enough money to reach that point? Discuss...