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  1. Please add... Set: Detective Comics #934-#1000 Book: Detective Comics 1000 comic mint edition Book: Detective Comics 1000 suayan variant cover Thanks
  2. Agreed...I think the Keaton film moved the needle...
  3. Just received this today from Mike DeCarlo...
  4. Many thanks to everybody who voted for my piece. I'm surprised I won the PUBLISHED category, there was a lot of great budget art entered this year in the thread, very encouraging! I was certainly pleased to come across the Batman splash for sale locally on the OFFERUP app in the final days of 2018. I made a "hail mary" offer for a bit less than the original asking price and the seller accepted. The guy I bought it from acquired it directly from Nathan Massengill the inker some years ago at a con. With my tight budget, I didn't think I'd ever be able to own art like this but was in the right place at the right time I guess.
  5. Published. Detective 814 splash page and cover of City Of Crime tpb. Bought for $350.
  6. DJones

    Label updates?

    Hi, If applicable, Could you please include joe giella as a contributor for the the art on the detective comics 334 label? Thanks.