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  1. Please add Batman 318, Whitman Variant to the Batman/(Complete with Variants) set. Thank you. Slot Created. Thank you
  2. Yes, very common across the internet. It's called "drop shipping".
  3. I believe Rich Henn will be there facilitating.
  4. Point taken... I'm just not familiar with his reasoning. Does he think he's to good of an artist to be bothered with it? Is he opposed to slabbing comics? I'm wondering if anybody's asked him recently to reconsider his position. If I'm not mistaken, there have been other creators in the past who weren't keen on CGC signings but warmed up to it later.
  5. I wonder if he can be convinced to change his mind... anybody know whether he's been approached recently about cgc signing?
  6. Rich, I'm always interested in checking out the Bat books👍
  7. My cousin gave me this from his stack of books... It's one of, if not, the first comic i ever owned.