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  1. I keep them in box. Like a bag and board designed for it, so why not? Not like they're easy to store anyways. The box doesn't add any complication for a lot of upside. If anything the Chris Samnee Daredevil one I have came box-less, so that one sticks out as the oddity in my collection. Reminds me I need to go pull the Simonson Thor off the shelf and flip through it...
  2. I just don't understand the need to sexualize a cartoon character on a cereal box aimed squarely at kids. But hey, formative years and all that. Agreed, on the spectrum, quite harmless compared to some of the other stuff out there.
  3. The most particular one I've seen is the the seasonal Kellogg's Halloween cereal characters -- Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Boo Berry -- turned into topless pin-up ladies. I'm horrified but also applaud anyone who's found their extremely specific niche interest. Topless Count Chocula, who'da thunk.
  4. Couple others not to sleep on: -- Bridgit Connell -- Nick Cagnetti -- Matt Lesniewski
  5. As always comes down to supply and demand as others mentioned. This thread did remind me I was at Isotope in San Francisco not too long after moving here, looking to pick up comics for the week. I didn't have a pull list set up yet, and there was this dude standing in front of the comics wall rack totally in the way, thumbing through an issue of what I think was Hulk. And I'm trying to get a copy of the newest Thor. Guy turns around, and it's Erik Larsen. Couldn't have been nicer, even if he did block the rack for a bit.
  6. My partner's got an art history degree with a focus on 20th century modernism. She gets it. Her only request is we don't have comic art dominate the walls, and I stay within a reasonable budget that doesn't impact broader finances. So easy peasy on this front.
  7. I was always partial to Sal's Balder the Brave limited series he came in on during Simonson's run on Thor. And the stats show, man the guy did work.
  8. The Joe Kelly Deadpool run is the reason the movies happened. He's not Deadpool without that run, not to mention McGuinness and others art on that run, as others mentioned. I'd wager stuff from that run is more scarce and pricey. But yes, there's oversaturation too. As others mentioned, some unique circumstances but it ain't like there's no demand for it.
  9. 100% serial Batman. Which is both incredible for what it brought to the mythos -- Alfred, the Bat Cave, etc -- but ye Gods watching some poor schmoe whip a heavy wool cape around while trying to hit his marks in a fight scene was...tough to suspend the disbelief for a bit. TCM shows the serials from time to time. Great for a watch.
  10. Work work work. I do love the art from the earlier days of the series.
  11. Always easier at resale to flag for someone it's a weird size rather than explain that it was a weird size but you couldn't be bothered to buy the proper portfolio for storage and instead you cut it down to something you liked.
  12. 14th or 15th what everyone else has said. Mark even expedited a piece to me to get signed at a convention. Top notch.
  13. How has this gotten to three pages with no mention of Mike Allred? For the "who's doing the yeoman's work out there" question, tough to beat Chris Samnee for that imo. Guy just flat out works. Matt Kindt is another I'd throw out there for his watercolor work.