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  1. DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1 (Artgerm variant) s/s Artgerm - $155 Eight (8) spots 1) Pacino408 2) M. Sasoni 3) Noah Howard
  2. Batman 108 (Artgerm variant ) s/s Artgerm - $155 1st appearance of Miracle Molly Eight (8) spots
  3. @LandonHulkVenom No longer available, spots closed last month.
  4. I've got four spots left for the following Patrick Gleason variants: Amazing Spider-Man 55 (2nd print) Amazing Spider-Man 55 (3rd print) Avengers Curse of the Man Thing #1 (1st print) Carnage, Black, white & Blood #1 (1st print) Amaz. SM #55 (2nd print) is no longer available.
  5. CARNAGE: Black, White & Blood #1 (Patrick Gleason variant) signature series signed Patrick Gleason. - $155 shipped, eight (8) spots available. This will be a tough one down the road. REMEMBER----price point for any and all of my 9.8 signature series pre-sales are in and out the door. No hidden costs, shipping is included anywhere USA. If you're outside the US, please inquire for additional shipping costs.
  6. Teenage mutant Ninja turtles Last Ronin 1 s/s Kevin Eastman. Issue 1 (2nd print) -$195 (5 spots) Issue 1 (3rd print) -$175 (10 spots) Director cut 1 -$155 (10 spots) 1) Issue 1 (2nd print) - Tommy Kawel Inv. 4278
  7. Amazing Spider-Man 61 Signature Series signed Pat Gleason, $155 Featuring Spider-Man's new costume 10 spots available
  8. Amazing Spider-Man 62 Signature Series signed Pat Gleason, $155 Featuring Spider-Man new costume 10 spots available
  9. @Mspina29 No, long gone. This thread is almost a year and a half old, sorry Look for my upcoming 6th annual Tax Man sales thread sometime in the coming few months.
  10. Final ALIEN #1 variant pre-sale---- ALIEN #1 (Third Eye Comics variant by Ryan Stegman) s/s Phillip K. Johnson - $125 15 (Fifteen) spots available
  11. Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing #1 (Gleason "Web-Head" variant) s/s Patrick Gleason - $145 Ten (10) Spots available 1) Taxmick1 2) Ivydyer 3) Jon Goradoff 4) 5)
  12. Announcing three major industry artists ready to sign your books for Signature Series! Announcing private signings with three huge creators, Matt Wager (Batman, Mage, Grendel), Terry Beatty (Batman Beyond, Batman Adventures) and Steve Epting (Detective Comics, Batwoman, Avengers, Velvet). This event will be the first signing op for Wagner and Epting in over a year. For Beatty, this will actually be one of the first in recent years due to rare convention appearances. Pricing as follows, $45 per book, which covers autograph fee, prep work (including cracking slabs), shipping &