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    writer/artist- official former CGC witness
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    Slaving away on TIMESPELL and ZOOMIES (see issues of FINDER or the collected ZOOMIES comic). Wrote screenplay for Timespell, currently shopping ZOOMIES to Hollywood!
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  1. Rich_Henn


    Add this one to your block list. Tried to cancel the order minutes after winning. Claims his "grandmother bought it" as a birthday present. Seven feedback to his name. chao-comi
  2. Action Comics #1000 s/s Teri Hatcher, Kevin Nowlan & Jerry Ordway - $800 No upcharge if it goes higher than 9.8 (only 1 copy available) Excellent opportunity to add Dean Cain (I feel like there's an appearance at an upcoming show somewhere)
  3. Teen Titans #12 s/s Mirka Andolfo - $325 Two (2) spots (1st Batman who Laughs) Double signed s/s cps have been going north of $400+
  4. Here's a couple books at CGC ----typically I offer upcoming books in this thread, but these are pretty cool. NEW MUTANTS #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Claremont & McLeod - $235 Five (5) spots **(blue universal recent 9.8 went for $180) These copies are uncirculated file copies 1) littlebill 2) 3) 4)
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #800 (Frenz variant) s/s Ron Frenz, Brett Breeding & Dan Slott - $135 Six spots --- Frenz & Breeding this wknd, adding Slott at Baltimore next month.
  6. Rich_Henn

    taking subs for TERRIFICON

    @Ryan Randall If you've paid Fabok in advance-----because I don't have $600 to lay out for you.
  7. INVOICES littlebill Inv. 3368 NEW MUTANTS #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Claremont & McLeod
  8. Welcome to my AUGUST 2018 Pre-Sale thread----lots of great stuff to announce as we roll through the month. As with all my previous monthly pre-sale threads, all books are pre-screened and culled from the finest 9.8 candidates. The costs associated with each post is indicative of all expenses from cost of book, my time, any signature related fees, any pressing that may need to be introduced to bring it from borderline 9.6 to a full blown 9.8, shipping costs anywhere USA door to door, CGC invoicing fees, etc. I'll be posting ops for books that are physically in hand and pre-screened for 9.8 standards, as well as posting for books that may not have shipped yet, but because due to limitations of availability, I always need to get my orders in EARLY so as to ensure that I have enough for everyone, as well as some extra either for inventory or to make sure that everyone gets exactly what they ordered. My goal is to deliver 9.8 graded signature series books, prices listed inclusive of all costs associated with the op right down to shipping. Prices associated with each post is all inclusive of all costs right down to shipping anywhere USA. Outside the U.S., I charge additional based on weight of the box. I've been asked "Can you guarantee a 9.8?" I can guarantee that I won't be shipping you out a 9.6 , if that helps answer that question. I'm not a professional grader (meaning I don't get paid to grade, but I've got a really good eye), and I've been doing this for 15+ years and I'm pretty good at what I do. My reputation speaks for itself. That being said, anything can happen----a book could get damaged, a box lost, it's not an exact science but I am more than happy to grant full refunds if you're not satisfied or you can return the book. If anything goes wrong on my end, I'll call you directly to discuss which way you want to roll----credit, a discount, a different book or a full refund. There is just ONE (1) addendum that I want to throw out there----and that's special requests. I have no problem at all with special requests-----if you see something is coming up and you want me to try and work it, just LMK. Just because it's not in my thread, doesn't mean I can't/won't do it. It's just that it may not be something I am looking at. One other notation about special requests, is that sometimes I am asked to add special additional things to a book you're interested in from the pre-sale thread. For example, a remark, or an additional signature. I don't typically have a return policy for pre-sales since you are requesting an item/order specific with full disclosure of what you will be receiving. However, you are either 100% satisfied or we work together until you are! This month will feature more ARTGERM books, an Ed Brisson EXTERMINATION #1 launch party signing, some Bendis, some celebs, and three big shows that I am doing between now and October---you can carry books to add sigs from Cincy and Baltimore (both in Sept) and then NYCC which is the wknd following Baltimore.
  9. I don't think I added this till recently---booking a flight and letting you know this is an amazing list of creators who don't do shows often. Need books by Aug. 12th. Ron Frenz, Roger Stern (very rare), Denny O'Neil, Ron Lim & Starlin (double tap your Infinity Gauntlet books!!) , Roy Thomas, Alan Davis, Ryan Stegman (double tap your Venom books w/Donny Cates!), Kevin Nowlan (Doctor Strange, Batman, Man-Thing), Joe Giella (silver age DC artist), Brett Breeding, Jerry Ordway (lots of Superman ops there), Christopher Priest, Ron Wilson (Marvel - Two - One, original series), Mike Barr (Camelot 3000----super scarce), Mike Barron (another extremely rare op), Mike Zeck, Larry Hama, Paul Kupperberg, Joe Rubenstein and more.