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  1. @STEVEN ZINN I can take books. Hit me up with a PM with what you've got
  2. @DJones Congrats!!!! What was the prior grade on this one? I honestly forget.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #55 (2nd print 1/50 ratio variant) s/s Patrick Gleason - $245 Three (3) spots only at the moment
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #55 (2nd print variant) s/s Patrick Gleason - $155 Fifteen (15) spots available to start
  5. Welcome to my 2021 Pre-Sale thread----with no conventions on the horizon and only private events this year, I'm just going to condense from monthly to just one covering the year. As with all my previous monthly pre-sale threads, all books are pre-screened and culled from the finest 9.8 candidates. The costs associated with each post is indicative of all expenses from cost of book, my time, any signature related fees, any pressing that may need to be introduced to bring it from borderline 9.6 to a full blown 9.8, shipping costs anywhere USA door to door, CGC invoicing fees, etc.
  6. @jitasaw Please delete your posts from my thread. Can't believe I have to contact a moderator about this.
  7. Possibly. You'll want to consult with CGC first though.
  8. @Nic8612 The artists are provided a sign off sheet that states they're okay with CGC certifying their autograph. This policy works extremely well for artists that I use who are unable to do conventions much like Ed Hannigan or Frank Thorne. Additionally artists who have retired such as Steve Bissette and John Totleben.
  9. Okay, one final book for the year! Crossover #1 s/s Donny Cates -$135 Ten (10) spots