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    writer/artist- official former CGC witness
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    Slaving away on TIMESPELL and ZOOMIES (see issues of FINDER or the collected ZOOMIES comic). Wrote screenplay for Timespell, currently shopping ZOOMIES to Hollywood!
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  1. Uncanny X-Men #1 (LCS day Deodato variant) s/s Mike Deodato - $135 Eight (8) spots available
  2. Jessica Jones #1 (Deodato variant) s/s Krysten Ritter --crack and add Deodato - $435 Just one spot here, as pictured
  3. Hulk #709 (Deodato lenticular variant) s/s Mike Deodato (and quite possibly Greg Pak as well) - $125 Four (4) spots Planet Hulk homage cover
  4. Infinity Wars: Infinity #1 s/s Mike Deodato (and probably Duggan too) - $135 Five (5) spots
  5. Infinity Countdown Prime #1 (Granov variant) s/s Adi Granov & Mike Deodato (interior artist) - $135 four spots (good chance I'll be able to add writer Gerry Duggan too)
  6. Rich_Henn


    Five days now since I refunded p.sales his money, today he files a dispute with paypal regarding the transaction. WTF. Paypal has told me not to worry about it, as has eBay but just a heads up----I'm not sure what the long con is with this guy.
  7. Detective Comics #1000 (Midnight release variant) s/s Jim Lee, Doug Moench, Tom King, Joelle Jones, etc, no less than 5 sigs - $255 virgin widescreen vertical of Jim Lee spread variant Ten (10) spots
  8. One more ANT-MAN #1 variant!!!! Ant-Man #1 (movie variant cover) s/s Paul Rudd - $395 One (1) spot only (picked this one up years ago when it came out, and forgot all about it !)
  9. Rich_Henn


    Another to add to the list. taskmastersinstitute Only something like 4 or 5 feedbacks, so clearly new. Anyway, won an item for $100, no payment after a week, no response to repeated messages. Opened a non-paying bidder report. Yay.