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    Slaving away on TIMESPELL and ZOOMIES (see issues of FINDER or the collected ZOOMIES comic). Wrote screenplay for Timespell, currently shopping ZOOMIES to Hollywood!
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  1. I'm very excited about this next book. It's the new DC BLACK label title, and the reviews are incredible. High concept fantasy. My signing with the writer is 2 weeks out. THE LAST GOD #1 (cover A) s/s Phillip Kennedy Johnson - $120 ten spots to start.
  2. I initially was not going to offer this one----but more than a few have been asking about it. Picking up copies this morning. The caveat (and why I initially wasn't doing it) is becaus convention season is over, and it won't get signed until early next year when Artgerm does his first show. With that being said, I'll put it on the table. NEW MUTANTS #1 (Artgerm variant) s/s Artgerm - $155 Ten (10) spots available
  3. UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 (Stephanie Hans variant cover) s/s Scott Snyder & Charles Soule $175 super limited print run of just 750 copies worldwide. ten (10) spots 1) Bill1 2) 3) 4)
  4. UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 (Jock variant cover) s/s Scott Snyder & Charles Soule $155 ten (10) spots to start
  5. Re=posting this because there is A) a HUGE ammount of buzz behind this book B) Already been optioned C) Hit's shelves today. Here's a big one--- UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 (standard cover) s/s Scott Snyder & Charles Soule $155 Ten (10) spots to start 1) Taxmick1 3878 2) lj808 3877 3) ggovel 4) 5)
  6. It was also just brought to my attention that there is a thread over in Golden Age as well :-)
  7. Back to the Future #1 CGC 9.9 s/s Bob Gale, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson - $700
  8. Dragao Stranger Things CGC 9.9 s/s Millie Bobby Brown - $495 Print run only 100 cps. Back before her autograph fee was pushing that $200 mark too.